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Port Charles Update Wednesday 2/13/02

By Dawn

Ali prays for Rafe, how much he deserves for someone to help him. She knows that he can't stay forever, but wants the boss to cut him a break, and give him some more time. She also prays for Jamal. Rafe finally sits up. He doesn't know if the boss heard her, but he did. Ali feels guilty for including Jamal, but Rafe understands. What they have is magical, but he knows Jamal is still on her mind.

Jamal is picking a fight with guys in the alley. He manages to beat one senseless, and the rest are afraid.

Eve questions Alex, who doesn't know much, but he promises to find Ian for her. Chris tries to calm a hysterical Eve, but it's no use. She's going to go look for Ian.

Ian isn't sure this two person driving is a good idea. Amy remembers the conversation with Ed and Rafe about the 5th chair being someone close to them. Ian takes the wheel, and Amy offers to drive completely. They both laugh as she hits the gas.

Proud of himself, Jamal begs the rest of the guys to take him on. None of them are interested, but from behind him, Gabby offers to take a shot.

Ali feels guilty for caring about Jamal, but Rafe knows this is tearing her apart. Jamal will always have a place in her heart. She's sad that they couldn't make it, but she won't let Rafe go. Being with him feels right to Ali, and perfect. They lay together and hold each other. Rafe reminds her of the ticking clock. Ali knows what they have left is what's important. They just need to make the most of it. Rafe loves her, but it's not fair to her. Ali stops him. She'll care for Jamal, but she's never felt for anyone the way she feels for Rafe. She's convinced she'll never feel this way again about anyone else. He stops her to tell her that after he's gone, he wants her to have love in her life. Their time is a gift, and Ali wants to experience it all. Agreeing, Rafe kisses her and tells her how grateful he is. She never wants him to go. She asks him what he'd wish for if he had one wish. 'Her' is his only answer, in his arms. Instead of verbally telling him what her wish would be, she pulls him down with her to kiss.

Amy is singing 99 Bottles of Beer until Ian begs her to stop. She's doing fine driving. It feels like they're going slowly to Amy, but Ian refuses to speed up. Ian mentions watching the road, and Amy agrees that she will. Ian's tired of her blind jokes, but Amy tells him that she'll be fine as long as his arms are around her. He moves away, thinking they're too close for comfort. She reminds him that she's not complaining. When he turns to stare at her, he misses something in the road and he has to swerve quickly.

Jamal and Gabby are arguing. Knowing that this is either over Val or Ali, she wants him to come home with her, but he wants action. Working the streets feels good. A guy tries to ambush Jamal, but he moves and Gabby takes a kick to her side. She falls and Jamal leans next to her.

Rafe kisses Ali and sits up, amazed that this is what happiness feels like. Rafe asks if she's the angel. Ali believes they can create their own magic. Rafe admits to showing off to her with the magic before. As far as Ali is concerned, the magic is the way he connected with her and the way his kisses feel to her. She tells him to close his eyes and picture them being anywhere together. All he wants is to be with her. It's just like heaven as far as he's concerned. But she wants him to think of a place he's never been and always wanted to go. Rafe's place is one perfect summer at the beach. When he can't even tell her what it looks like, Ali realizes that he's challenged in the fantasy department, so she takes over. She describes a white beach with a breeze, the smell of ginger, the water, and the blue sky. She describes it so vividly that Rafe can actually picture it. She wants him to imagine that she's rubbing suntan oil on him, and they're lying down in the sand. Pulling him down with her, they kiss. She continues to describe the scene while Rafe holds her against him. They both want to imagine that they have all the time in the world. Ali describes walking hand in hand for miles and falling asleep under the stars. They kiss again.

Ed appears and watches them, smiling.

The car is stopped, and Amy wants to know what happened. They missed the branch in the middle of the road, but the car stalled. They start the car again, but Ian sees a call box. Realizing they're saved, Amy and Ian hug as Eve pulls the door open. Eve is frantic, but Chris helps Amy out of the car before he leans down and helps Ian free his leg. Eve helps Ian out of the car and they hug. Eve explains that the police traced the call to the general vicinity, and Eve had to find him. Chris wants to know why they're out there. Amy admits that she asked Ian out there, and before she can continue, Ian tells Eve there was a patient, and the car slipped on ice. Ian's leg got stuck and Amy volunteered to drive. Eve wants to know about the patient, and neither Amy nor Ian answer.

Amy can't believe that Eve is asking the name of the patient. Ian explains that the patient never showed. Eve's scared, but Ian convinces her that everything is fine. Eve realizes that Amy has on Ian's scarf, and she gives it back. Chris suggests that body heat was the way to stay warm. Eve informs Amy that in the future there will be a car available to take Amy away from the hospital. Once she and Ian are out of earshot, Eve admits that she's upset that he left right after the fight. If what she had said had been the last thing she'd ever said to him she wouldn't have been able to live with herself. Chris taunts Amy about her many talents. He offers her his coat, but she wants him to keep his distance. Chris doesn't believe her, and he makes that obvious to Amy. Amy apologizes again to Eve. Chris offers to take Amy home. Over Ian's objections, Amy accepts the offer. Eve wonders why Ian is so interested.

Jamal helps Gabby to her feet. She came there to find him because she cares about him. Suddenly she collapses on Jamal, still swearing she's fine. Not believing her, Jamal is taking her to the hospital.

Rafe and Ali are kissing, but now they're on a blue towel and Ali is in a bikini. They both wonder if they're dreaming when they realize that they're at the beach that they were fantasizing about. Neither of them understands it, but Ali decides that if they believe in something and wish for it hard enough, it can happen. As they decide to enjoy it, Ed appears. Laughing, he admits that he couldn't help himself and wishes the kids happy Valentine's Day.


Rafe has never felt this way before, and Ali hopes she can make all of his dreams come true.

Eve asks Ian what he and Amy talked about while they were stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Paige sits beside Tina while she plays and admits that she's always wanted a little girl, and there she is.

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