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Port Charles Update Tuesday 2/12/02

by Dawn

Kevin is asleep and dreaming about seeing Paige in the tunnel. He wakes and finds Lucy laying beside him. She'd been watching him sleep and mentions how restless he was.

Paige can't find Amy, and Casey is afraid Amy got called back. Paige doesn't think that's what it is, but she needs Amy's help. Casey doesn't want to hear it. They only have a few weeks left, and Paige needs to deal with it. Paige's problem is that someone is about to find out who she is. Now Casey is listening.

Chris finds Eve sitting at a table in the Recovery Room. She can't find Ian, and Chris is happy to point out to her that he was last seen with Amy. Eve doesn't appreciate Chris's suggestion that Ian is up to it again with the new girl.

Amy and Ian are still in the wrecked car. They both have bruises, but nothing's broken. Ian can't move his leg, and he tires to call 911 on his cell. The operator picks up, and he tries to reports the accident, but the phone goes out again.

Amy thinks fate is telling her something. She mentions having an affair and they crash. Ian struggles to free himself, and she tries to calm him. It suddenly hits him that she's not afraid of dying. To Amy, there are worse things then dying in the arms of a handsome man. What she's afraid of is not living life to the fullest. Ian feels responsible for the accident, but Amy reminds him that she lied to get him alone. Teasing him, she underestimated how dangerous he was to be around.

Eve doesn't want to hear this from Chris. Eve tries to convince Chris that Ian is simply helping Amy with a consultation. Chris alludes there's more, but Eve gets angry. Chris suggests Eve worry about Amy. His feeling is that she's hiding something. Eve remembers the lies about her parents, and Chris mentions that there is no record of her anytime before now. Eve thinks Chris is acting this way because Amy blew him off. She's worried about Ian, and Chris agrees she should be.

Casey wants to hear about it, but Paige doesn't want to talk. Finally Casey hassles her until she admits it is Kevin. Paige tells Casey about Kevin's accident and how close he came to dying. When Paige admits that Kevin had a vision of her trying to help him cross over, Casey gets it. Casey has an idea that Paige was dragging a kicking and screaming Kevin into the light. The idea disgusts Paige, but she has to admit that there may be some truth to it. Casey asks her how Kevin reacted to her as an angel, she realizes that it brought Kevin closer to her. She was leaving Port Charles, and Kevin stopped her. Casey thinks Paige should make the most of the 6 weeks they have left.

Lucy wants to know about Kevin's dream, but he replies that it was just a dream. All he wants to think about is Lucy and going home. Lucy decides that they haven't had a proper honeymoon, and she wants to have one at home. She beats around the bush but finally admits that she thinks it's time for Paige to leave.

Kevin doesn't want Paige to leave. Lucy likes Paige, but she wants to be alone with her Doc. All she can think about is how long they've waited for what they have together, and it's time for them to be alone to bond as a family. Kevin reminds Lucy that it was her idea for him to paint Paige's portrait. When Lucy asks if Paige has to live with them, Kevin says that it would be easier for him. Lucy suggests that they invite her back for the summer. Finally Kevin admits that Paige was leaving, but he asked her to stay. Lucy is more confused when Kevin admits that he needs Paige.

Casey knows she hit a nerve, and it amuses her. Play with Kevin while you can. Paige isn't interested in playing with Kevin, but she's not sure what she wants. Casey suggests playing house with him for a few weeks. Paige realizes that she wants that.

Chris admits that he's the worst case scenario man. He's convinced that Ian won't do anything as long as he has Eve at home. Eve is through. First Chris bums her out, then tries to make her feel better. As far as Eve's concerned, everything that happened before was due to Caleb. Ian is honest and decent. Chris sarcastically suggests he's out helping an old lady. Eve knows he's not perfect, but he's not shacked up in a hotel with Amy.

Amy knows it was an accident, and Ian didn't mean to run off the road with her in the car. Ian remembers that he and Eve were almost killed in a car before. He tells her about Harris. Amy realizes that it's also the story of how Ian and Eve fell in love. She comments that some good can come out of worst situations. Ian admits that he killed Harris, and she asks about it. When he balks at her questions, she calls it Professional curiosity. Ian admits that he will never forget how it felt to kill him, but it was Harris or himself and Eve. Before she can question him further, he wraps his scarf and arms around her to keep her warm. He can't get his leg out, which means he can't drive. Amy suggests that she'll drive. Ian stares at her.

Paige remembers seeing Kevin and Lucy with Christina. She wonders if she's there to open a new chapter with Kevin. She's glad Kevin has children, and wishes she'd had children. It hits Paige that she might be there to fulfill her dreams of a family with Kevin. Filling Lucy's shoes. Paige realizes that she's talking about wanting to actually live Lucy's life.

Lucy stands and wanders around the room, trying to hide how confused and hurt she is. She wants to know what Kevin means by he needs her. He finally admits that he had a vision and it showed him how precious life is. He doesn't tell her what the vision really was, but he feels like he needs to finish the portrait now. He feels strongly that he has to do it now. Realizing how familiar that sounds to her, she can't argue with a man who has heard from the Universe. He only laughed a little at her when she followed the Universe, so she owes him. Kevin owes her everything, but he's getting a sign now. Seriously, he pretends to not understand until he finally says lock the door. Lucy doesn't get the joke and tries to decipher the message. Finally Kevin orders her to lock the door. Getting it, Lucy locks the door and gets into bed with him.

Eve admits to Chris that she can't get images of Ian and Lucy in bed together out of her mind. She's afraid it could happen again with Amy. Chris tries to convince her that it's okay. Eve decides that she has to trust her husband. Andy enters the Recovery room to tell Eve that Ian placed a 911 call and the phone went dead. Now Eve is in a panic. Neither she nor Chris suspected that Ian could be hurt.

Amy is behind the wheel of the car, assuring Ian that she learned to drive before she lost her sight. When she asks him to adjust the mirror, he falls for it. She laughs at him, and they agree to do this.


Ali tells Rafe that she's never felt anything like what she feels for him.

Eve tells Chris that she knows that Ian could be alone and hurt somewhere. She just prays that he's still alive.

Still driving, Amy tells Ian that she'll be fine as long as his arms are around her.

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