PC Update Monday 2/11/02



Port Charles Update Monday 2/11/02

By Kathy

Amy tells Ian she is leaving soon. She tells him she accepted a dream job and will be leaving in six weeks. She admits that she wanted to be alone with him and that she wants to have a wild passionate affair with him. Ian is nonplussed.

Kevin is vehemently questioning Paige as to why he saw her in the tunnel of light. She claims it was a dream. He tells her he knows it was "THE" tunnel of light. He knows he has never seen the dress Paige is wearing now, before -- only in the tunnel of light. Paige continues to avoid his questions; she tells him it was a hallucination. Kevin tells her everything he's read about the afterlife says that when a person enters the tunnel of light they see people that they love, who are already dead, and who help them pass into the next world. He looks at her questioningly.

Rafe tells Alison he can't remember a time when he wasn't loving her or wanting her. He lays her down in the straw and they begin to make love.

Amy tells Ian she has a fantasy life that he wouldn't believe. He tells her not to talk about it. She says okay, she knows what he's going to say - that he's flattered, that she's fascinating, but.... He tells her that isn't what he was going to say at all.

Alison and Rafe make love.

Paige continues to try to convince Kevin she's no angel -- Kevin doesn't buy it.

Ian tells Amy she's beautiful, sexy, smart and very bright, but even if their lives were different he doesn't think he could take her up on her offer because he would have asked her first. She thanks him and they promise Amy' offer won't compromise the time they have left together. She begins to feel his face; he backs off and turns the car around home.

Alison and Rafe are basking in the afterglow. They are jubilant. He calls her "Angel." Alison said she knows he's leaving soon, but they will make every second they have left together count. They kiss. Alison is examining her lover's body. On Rafe's back, she finds the scar made when Caleb killed him. She tells him she wants him to be alive. He tells her no one has ever made him feel more alive than she does.

Kevin has dozed off. Paige wakes him, but he's kind of fuzzy. She tells him to rest and heal, that they'll figure it all out in the morning. He starts to drop off again. Paige turns to leave, but he calls out to her. He says groggily, "Tomorrow, I want to finish your painting." She tells him to sleep, "Sweet Dreams," she whispers. Kevin drops off and dreams of his experience in the tunnel.

Amy and Ian are driving back. She tells him she is enjoying his scent and the sound of his breathing. Ian tells her it's been an unusual evening. They say it's been a nice evening though. All of a sudden the car hits a patch of ice and they skiddddddd!!!!

Previews for Tuesday: Chris to Eve: "Looks like your boy is at it again with the new girl in town." Lucy to Kevin: "Paige, I think she needs to go. I really think its time for her to move on." Casey to Paige: "You know you're still in love with Kevin. Now he doesn't want you to leave. Go after the dude."

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