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Port Charles Update Friday 2/8/02

By Kathy

Paige enters Kevin's hospital room. He tells her he's glad she came by. She tells him she is leaving so that he and Lucy can spend more time together. He tells her she can't go.

Amy and Ian are in the car going to visit her patient. She tells Ian she heard him and Eve arguing. He tells her that he and Eve haven't done so well in facing their recent challenges.

Jamal tells Jack and Livvie he's leaving town. Livvie and Jack insist he not leave.

Rafe builds a fire in the stove in the barn (stove in a barn full of hay?????) to keep Alison warm. He and Alison discuss how long he has left (seven weeks). He shows her his pocket watch and explains how it tells him the time he has left. He tells her when he's gone he will never come back. Alison realizes that it's no time at all. She asks Rafe if it was worth coming back. He tells her it hurt loving her and knowing he will never have her. He tells her it hurt more than anything that ever happened when he was alive, even dying.

Kevin explains his afterlife experience to Paige. He tells her she was there as if she was to help him cross over. She asks if he wanted to go with her. He says he was drawn to her, but he heard Lucy's voice and knew he had to go back. He tells her she looked like an angel and she freaks out. She tells him to never call her that.

Alison confesses that she read Rafe's diary. She tells him she was running from his feelings for her and her feelings for him. This opens Rafe up and he tells her everything he has wanted to say to her. He says he never wants to apologize for his feelings. Alison tells him she doesn't want him to. He says he thought he was coming back to help her and Jamal stay together, but maybe in some way he, Rafe, is her destiny. Alison kisses him.

Livvie and Jack continue to try to convince Jamal not to leave Alison and/or town. Livvie uses that fact that it could have been Alison who died and he would be putting flowers on her grave. Jack asks him what has made the biggest difference in his life. Jamal replies "Alison."

Alison and Rafe are hot and heavy in the barn. Rafe pulls away and tells her it's not fair to her. She tells him he doesn't have the right to make that decision alone anymore. She tells him she has feelings for him as well, that she wants to be more than just his friend.

Paige tells Kevin she is not an angel, she turns to leave, but Kevin stops her. He asks her to sit with him a while. They chat. He tells her he has found something he lost a long time ago - painting. He asks her not to walk away now, he wants to finish her portrait.

Amy points out that the thing between Ian and Eve is a trust issue. He tries to change the subject. She tells him to stop the car. She tells Ian she's been lying to him. Amy tells him that she only said yes to Chris' offer of a date to distract herself from Ian. She also confesses there is no patient. She says she lied so that she could spend time with him alone.

Kevin makes Paige promise not to leave town. She promises to stay until he's well enough to go home. She takes off her coat to reveal the dress she was wearing when Kevin saw her on the other side. Kevin is shocked, he now knows it was no dream. He wants to know how she came to be in the tunnel of light with him.

Livvie and Jack are still trying to convince Jamal to stay. Livvie suggests he go and talk to Alison. She gives him the address where Alison said she would be waiting. He takes the paper. They've possibly/probably convinced him to talk to Alison before he goes.

Rafe clarifies what Alison means by being more than friends. They kiss and begin to make love.

Previews for Monday: Kevin to Paige: "People who you see in that tunnel are already dead" Amy to Ian "I want to have a passionate affair with you Ian." Alison and Rafe: Kissy, Kissy, Rafe and Alison are naked!!!

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