PC Update Thursday 2/7/02



Port Charles Update Thursday 2/7/02

by Dawn

Casey and Ricky pretend to have no idea what Jamal's talking about until Amanda realizes the necklace is gone. Amanda thinks Jamal did it.

Rafe carries a kicking Ali into a barn and insists that she listen to him. She holds her hands over her ears and refuses.

Ian finds Amy in the cafeteria. Eve and Chris enter and sit on the other side, discussing Kevin's treatment. Eve thinks Ian putting Kevin in a coma was reckless, and if she had more staff, she would reassign him. Chris is taking Amy out tonight. Not seeing Amy and Chris approaching, he tells Eve that he's going to get very lucky. Amy and Ian let Eve and Chris know they heard every word.

Amanda knows Jamal was no good for Ali and now he has proven it. Jamal denies taking the necklace. Casey drops the necklace on the ground, kicks it to Jamal's feet, then pretends to find it. Amanda takes this as proof that Jamal stole it. Jack hears this and tries to step in. Jamal offers to call the cops, which makes Ricky panic. Ricky suggests to Amanda that he kicked her purse trying to help her, and the necklace fell out. Amanda isn't convinced, but Jack reminds her that there is no proof. Reluctantly, Amanda agrees to take the necklace and leave.

After Amanda leads Ricky out and Casey disappears, Jack asks Jamal what's up with him.

Ali is still singing to avoid listening, but Rafe isn't about to give up. Finally, frustrated, Rafe yells at Ali to go. As heads for the door, Rafe begs her to think about what she's doing. Ali has tried happy, and she's baked cakes that lasted longer. The mansion has been her home almost all of her life, and she knows what to expect there. She informs 'Angelface' that she's tired of being mature and thoughtful. Rafe wonders if lovable in in that category. All Ali wants to do is go back to being the selfish materialistic person. She was good at it. Rafe thinks it's a mistake, but Ali thinks her entire life has been a mistake. When she was shallow, she was never confused or hurt. Rafe accuses her of wanting to live in a high priced cocoon, and it sounds good to her.

Amy would pay to see the expression on Eve and Chris's faces. She suggests Chris take her outside so Eve and Ian can talk as privately as she wants to talk to him.

Eve's first response is to say that she didn't say anything to Chris that she hadn't already said right to Ian.

Chris tries to explain to Amy that he and Eve are friends and it was meant to be a joke. Amy wonders what Chris will think of her punch lines.

Eve agrees that they have to take risks, but it was a stupid risk that Ian took with Kevin. Ian should have waited for the test results, and Eve has every right to express that opinion without feeling guilty. Ian doesn't question her opinion, but he does questions her loyalty.

Eve denies that it has anything to do with loyalty or trust. But when she brings up the fact that he slept with Lucy to deny it had anything to do with it, Ian doesn't believe her. He thinks the job has gone to her head, and she thinks he has a problem with authority. He's a loose cannon in trauma, and he doesn't like taking orders from his wife. Ian's problem is Eve's lack of respect and second guessing of him in front of the staff. Ian doesn't want her to pin her problems on him.

Amy hasn't heard a guy talk that way about a women since junior high. Insecure boys talk trash about girls to hide ineptitude with the opposite sex. Chris admits that he's a rat, but if Amy wants to continue her scam, she'll drop it. He threatens to tell Eve and Ian that Amy isn't who she says she is.

Ricky and Casey are furious. The plan was perfect and Jamal blew it for them. Ricky blames himself, but Casey tries to convince him that he's a great thief. They had some bad luck, but she's willing to try again. It was great for her, and she can't get over how alive she felt. Ricky wonders if they might be good together.

Jack reminds Jamal that he's fought his entire life for everything, and wants to know why Jamal would give in to Amanda now. Jamal can't talk about it. Jack going to Ali, but Jamal stops him. Ali is not part of his life anymore, and it's what they both want.

Rafe chases Ali, who is standing right outside the door. He asks her if she really believes she can go through life with no pain. Ali thinks it's the best option for her. Not giving a damn about anyone or anything sounds great to her. Grabbing her, he pulls her to the ground and forces her hand into the snow. He tries to demonstrate how her hand will go numb, then the rest of her. She begins to cry as he yells at her about really wanting to go through life never feeling anything again.

Eve admits that Ian was right about keeping their problems to herself. Ian wants out of the line of fire. He intends to take himself out of rotation and work in the clinic. Eve can't believe that he's going this far because he doesn't like to work for his wife.

Amy decides that life is too short to waste on Chris. She'd rather spend her life in prison then sleep with him. She dares Chris to tell Eve and Ian everything. Ian already thinks Chris is a creep, and Eve has to see Chris for who he is. Amy leaves Chris alone, who looks forward to the game beginning.

Amy approaches Ian and asks to speak to him. Eve needs air anyway. Ian thinks they had a right to answer what Chris and Eve said about them. Amy wants to consult with a patient and needs Ian's help to get there. He offers to help her. He needs an excuse to get out anyway.

Chris and Eve compare notes again. Eve admits she was wrong. Chris thinks Ian had to be taken down a peg, but Eve doesn't think he wife should have been the one to do it. Deciding to apologize, Eve goes back inside, but Ian and Amy are gone.

Ricky knows Amanda is waiting, but he'll figure out their next move. Casey is loving the whole mission impossible thing. She wants to come up with code names and secret signals so they can save each other. She wants him to know that she'd never turn on him if she were caught, but Ricky knows she'd turn on him for a cup of coffee. It would be hard for her, she getting used to him. As he leaves, she grabs him and kisses him passionately. For her, it's to keep things interesting.

Jack is asking Jamal about Ali. He's tired of talking about it, but Jack won't let him walk away. Jamal announces the fact that he's leaving PC. When Jack asks him about the bike shop, Jamal congratulates him on being the sole owner. Shocked, Jack watches him leave.

Ali gets away from Rafe, but he yells at her. He'd give his soul for what she's throwing away. The world is hers, and she has all the time in the world. She's going to stand there and throw it away while he never had a chance to live. Now his time is almost up and he's trying to memorize everything. How snow smells, how laughter feels, and the warmth of another human being. He reminds her how lucky she is to wake up every morning and breathe. As he begs her to not throw it away, Ali begins to cry. If she can't do it for herself, he begs her to do it for him. As he begins to cry, Ali goes to him and hugs him.


Paige tells Kevin she's leaving.

Jamal tells Livvie and Jack he's leaving.

Rafe asks Ali if Jamal isn't her destiny, could he be.

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