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Port Charles Update Wednesday 2/6/02

By Dawn

Amy finds Paige in the chapel and assumes Paige is upset because Kevin is alive. Paige was so sure Kevin was meant to go back with her, she feels like she actually wanted Kevin to die. Amy tries to reason with her, but Paige can't stand the person she's become as an angel. Amy can't argue with that, she feels the same way.

Ricky finds Casey in front of the Recovery Room. He explains the plan to get the necklace out of Amanda's purse, and Casey is ecstatic. As they discuss how easy it's going to be, Amanda demands to know what they're whispering about.

Rafe is alone in the Recovery Room, trying to convince himself to let Ali go. But he can't stop remembering what it was like to kiss her.

Ali finds Jamal rummaging through the apartment. He's looking for Hope's baby book to send to the Hartmans. After she gives it to him, he heads for the door. She tells him that he doesn't have to go because she is.

Ricky and Casey convince Amanda that they're discussing tea because it's cold outside. Smiling, Amanda goes inside. Ricky is in a panic, but Casey is amused. Almost getting caught is half the fun for her. He's afraid of going back to prison, but Casey teases him about being afraid to play. They're going to live it up. Ricky wants her to be quiet, but when she dares him to make her, he kisses her. She returns his kiss and leads him inside.

As Casey goes to the kitchen, Ricky approaches Amanda. Rafe overhears Amanda telling Ricky that Ali is moving back into the mansion with her. Ali has finally come to her senses concerning the hooligan, and Amanda is going to make sure that Ali only sees the right kind of people from now on. When Amanda and Ricky move to a table, Casey appears with the tea. Deliberately, Casey spills it on Amanda.

Ali is leaving the apartment because she can't stand to be there anymore. Jamal accuses her of moving to better digs. Ali thinks he's talking about Amanda, so she goes on about how nice it is to be wanted and how nice it will be to be treated the way she was before. Jamal accuses her of moving in with Rafe and rubbing it in. Shocked, Ali informs him that she's moving in with Amanda. Jamal is shocked to hear that Rafe was the one that kept telling her to not give up on him while he was gone. But it's over, and she can't stay there. Rambling, she runs through their entire relationship. From making love for the first time, to starting the bike shop, to Val dying there. She finally believes him that it ended when Val died. Ali credits Jamal with saving her from Amanda in the first place, but Jamal now feels that he was wrong, and she needs to go back to the mansion. She's going to pack a few things and go. As she moves away, she hears the door shut. After she's alone, she allows herself to cry.

Paige admits to Amy that part of her really did want Kevin to die so he could be with her. Amy agrees with her how confusing it is to be back to finish a journey that neither of them know what their journey's are. Amy admits to Paige that Chris saw her the night before she died and he has a picture of her. Amy is going to do whatever it takes to keep Chris from stopping her, which means she's going to sleep with him to stop him from checking up on her.

Casey is apologizing to Amanda and distracting her while Ricky is grabbing her necklace. Jamal is watching the whole thing from the bar. Amanda is furious with Casey.

Ali remembers being with Jamal in the apartment. How at home she felt with Jamal. Making love to him, and hugging him. Rafe shows up and asks her if she's really moving back in with Amanda. He reminds her how unhappy she was there before, and he wants to help her find another place. He argues with her, but she reminds him that it's none of his business. Rafe won't give up. She fought so hard to get away from Amanda, he's not going to let her run back and give up.

Amy intends to finish what she started. But Paige is leaving. She wanted her portrait painted, and she wanted to move past Kevin. Instead, she fought with his daughter and almost got him killed. It's time for her to stay away from Kevin. Paige wants to know what Amy's hiding. Her advice to Amy is to call Chris's bluff, not to sleep with him. Unless she wants to. Amy is convinced that she can handle Chris, but Paige asks her why. She'll never get another chance to do what's in her heart, and time is running out. After Paige leaves, Amy calls Ian and asks if she can see him.

Casey and Ricky continue to distract Amanda. Finally Casey moves to the end of the bar and Ricky yells at her to stay away from Amanda. Casey shows Ricky the necklace and they agree to split up for the moment. Jamal interrupts them. He saw everything and they are going to give the necklace back.

Ali is trying to leave, but Rafe is still arguing with her. She wants him to leave her alone. He has no right to tell her where to go or what to do. Desperate, Rafe tells her to do something. Kick the wall, scream, yell at him, anything to let it out. Ali tears into him. He's an angel, and he's supposed to help people, but he's bugging her. He has no power over her. He has no power at all anymore. Taking the bait, Rafe reminds her that he has common sense, which is better then she has right now. Ali reminds him cruelly that he's just an angel that has been grounded. Rafe does have one more trick up his sleeve, and he picks up Ali, carrying her over his shoulder as she's screaming at him.


Rafe accuses Ali if wanting to live in a high priced cocoon. All Ali cares about now is that it was pretty painless.

Chris is telling Eve that he intends to get very lucky tonight as Ian and Amy approach them.

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