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Port Charles Update Tuesday 2/5/02

by Dawn

Chris wants to know what Amy is doing. First, she denied being in Pennsylvania, then she tried to steal the photo that proved she was. She tries to tell him she wanted to borrow it, but Chris wants her to know that he’s going to dig if she doesn’t fess up. Moving closer to him, she reviews her options for him. She could tell him everything, or she could kill him.

Victor is anxious to hear something. Livvie knows that if Kevin doesn't wake up soon, it's not good. Ali and Rafe arrive and Livvie tells them that it doesn't look good. What Kevin needs is a miracle. Ali turns to Rafe, demanding that the angel tell them that there's going to be one. He can't answer them.

Ian is checking Kevin while Lucy watches. Eve is furious at Ian, but Kevin would be dead if Ian hadn’t put him in a coma. Eve’s not sure that's true. Lucy tells Kevin that he's not going anywhere because she needs him.

Paige tells Kevin to take her hand. She’s going to take him to the other side. He’s confused, but she’s going to help him cross over. She informs him that heaven always sends a guide. Kevin realizes that the guide has to be dead.

Rafe doesn’t know when or who is going to die. He has no powers. They realize that he can’t help. He offers to pray, and Livvie is grateful. Rafe remembers Ed sending him back to Earth after hinting that the person who died was going to be a friend. Rafe remembers Ed hinting that one of them could have something to do with the deaths.

Victor interrupts Rafe’s thoughts to be positive for Livvie. All Livvie can think about it how happy Kevin told her he was. He finally had everything he'd ever wanted with her and Lucy. Rafe tries to make her feel better by telling her that the life on this world isn't the end. The world is just a stop along the road. As he walks away, Ali confronts him. That wasn't to make Livvie feel better, it was to prepare her to lose Kevin and she wants to know what Rafe meant.

Ian and Eve discuss Kevin’s condition. Ian’s idea worked, but Eve wants to know how Ian’s going to wake him up.

Lucy knows Kevin might need more rest and might not be ready to wake up. She’ll stay by his side waiting for him to wake up. Lucy reminds him how much she loves him. She loves being his wife, and she can’t tell him enough. She's never been happier then she is now, and it's because of him. They’re going to go on being happy together. She begs him to wake up.

Paige offers her hand to Kevin and wants him to cross with her. He’s not sure it feels right. Paige tells him it’s right. Kevin trusts her, but Paige knows that he’s afraid. She’s there to take care of him. It’s wonderful there, and he’ll feel like he did when he was young and carefree. She asks him to remember how in love they were and that’s why she came back. She loves him, and she never stopped. She promises him all he could want if he takes her hand. He takes her hand.

Chris thinks Amy is warped, but he hopes she’s kidding about killing him. Amy's sure if Chris knew the secret, he wouldn’t ask. By day she’s a lonely counselor, but by night she’s an assassin for the mob. His silence makes her laugh. She’s not a killer, but she has her secrets and her reasons. He finds nothing amusing in her joke. She asks him what he wants to back off. With no money, the only thing she can offer him is her body. Chris smiles, but doesn’t answer her immediately.

Ali asks Rafe is Kevin is going to die. She knows there's something wrong. The other day at the Recovery Room he said that Jamal can't be the one to die. She knows he knew more when he spoke to Livvie. To Ali it sounds like Rafe is waiting for someone to die. Rafe denies it, but Ali doesn't believe his denial. He's an angel, and Ali wants to know if angels really help people or is that all a lie. When Rafe doesn't answer her, she decides it's a lie and leaves him standing alone.

Eve is still working on Kevin. Ian tells Lucy to continue to talk to him, and Lucy has no intention of leaving.

Ian tries to talk to Eve, who calls what he did an unnecessary risk. Ian calls it calculated, not unnecessary, and he misses the days that Eve used to support and trust him. Ian knows that it was personal the moment they brought Kevin in, and Eve thinks Ian killed him.

Lucy tells Kevin about the trip with the girls. She had a wonderful dream about their 40th anniversary. Their entire family was there and they had tons of grandkids. He took her hand in her dream and kissed it. She felt the kiss down to her toes, just like she did the first time he kissed her, and just like she does every time he kisses her. All Lucy needs is for him to wake up and make that dream come true. She begs him to wake up and come back to her.

Kevin hears Lucy begging him to come back to her and stops. Paige is waiting for him and tries to urge him to continue with her. Kevin turns back towards the sound of Lucy’s voice and hesitates.

Chris laughs, and thinks Amy is crazy. She asks him if he wants to sleep with her. As far as Amy is concerned, they have a deal. She'll sleep with him if he forgets everything. Happy that they're on for dinner, he appreciates the 'menu'. Before he leaves her, he warns her that he has an appetite. After he's gone, Amy sarcastically warns him that he should be careful about wanting to get closer to her.

Ali is in the chapel, trying to pray. Rafe enters and watches her. Unaware that Rafe is watching her, Ali continues to tell God that she used to have so much faith. But that was before everything she's ever loved was taken from her. She's trying to be strong, and she came there for Livvie to let her know that everything is going to be okay. Crying, Ali admits that she doesn't know that everything is going to be okay. She can't stop what's going on in her own life. Quietly, Rafe backs out of the chapel and leaves Ali alone.

When Ian and Eve approach Lucy, she tells them that she feels like Kevin can hear her. Somehow she knows that he's trying to get back to her, but something is stopping him. Eve tries to get Lucy to take a break, but she is adamant about not leaving her side. As Eve begins to argue with Lucy over how exhausted she is, Ian stops her. If Lucy wants to stay there, Ian thinks they should leave her alone. Sarcastically, Eve notes that Ian knows best, and she's headed for the lab.

After they're gone, Lucy orders Kevin to come back to her becuase she needs him.

Kevin is listening to Lucy. Paige demands that he goes with her now. Everything is waiting for both of them on the other side. Lucy’s voice echoes in his ears, reminding him of his promise to be with her forever. Paige begins to disappear into the light. Kevin continues to listen to Lucy tell him that if he loves her, he’ll come back to her. She cries as she begs him to come back.

Lucy is still crying beside him when his eyes flutter. He looks at Lucy and tells her that she brought him back.

Livvie, Victor, and Mary rush into the room to see him.

Eve and Ian check on him. Eve thinks Ian was lucky, but Ian thinks he was right.

Lucy thanks God. Paige is not happy, watching them gather around Kevin’s bed.


Casey tells Ricky that it's like stealing candy from a very rich baby. Amanda hears her and wants to know what they're up to.

Amy tells Paige that Chris has pictures of her. Paige asks her how she's going to stop Chris from checking up on her, and Amy's answer is to sleep with him.

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