PC Update Monday 2/4/02



Port Charles Update Monday 2/4/02

By Kathy

Amy is in the Resident's lounge. Chris surprises her. He tells her he has figured out where he met her - in Philadelphia. She tells him she's never been to Philadelphia. But he tells her he's holding a picture taken at a bar there and that she and he are in the photograph. He asks her why she would lie to him about it.

Alison pries Rafe off Jamal. Jamal tells her to stop he doesn't want anything from her. He tells her it looks like she has a new hero - Rafe.

Livvie and Jack arrive at GH. Lucy tells them they won't lose Kevin. Nurse Colleen brings in Kevin's cat scan. Ian reads that there is no bleeding, but generalized swelling and a closed head injury. Eve wants to order an EEG, but Ian decides to induce a coma. Eve is against it.

Rafe asks what he walked into. Alison explains everything and Rafe apologizes. Jamal tells him it's cool. Rafe offers to leave, but Jamal stops him and tells him to make himself at home. Jamal tells Alison they don't work anymore, that he doesn't love her anymore.

Eve is furious that Ian induced the coma. She doesn't think they took enough tests for it to be safe. Ian has taken away any other alternative treatments. Ian disagrees. Victor and Mary arrive at the hospital. Ian tells them Kevin has stabilized, that he made a choice to put him in a coma to prevent a seizure. Lucy fills Victor and Mary in on what happened. Livvie goes off on Paige because she knows Kevin told Paige where he was going. Livvie tells Paige if Kevin dies it's all her fault. Paige runs away from the group. She stops and thinks about the angels' time with Ed and decides she knows exactly why she was supposed to come back into Kevin's life -- to help him cross over.

Amy denies that she could possibly be the one in the picture. Chris tells her she's an exact match. She wants to know why it's so important to Chris. He tells her he likes to keep well informed and doesn't like surprises when he's going to take someone out. Amy breaks the date because he's giving her the third degree. Chris puts the picture in his locker. He asks when he should pick her up. She tells him his hearing is bad, that she just broke the date. He tells her to have a great life, that he'll see her in Philly and walks out. Amy knows she's got to get that picture back.

Ian and Eve are still arguing over Ian's actions. He asks if she's taking his decision personally, since it wasn't a consensus between them. She says yes she is. He says he made the right choice and she tells him he screwed up.

Livvie tells Jack she should have stayed with Kevin. She got mad and was a brat. She tells Jack how wonderful Kevin is and how he accepted her as his daughter without really knowing her. She tells him how Kevin has always been there for her and she hasn't been there for him. Jack comforts her and tells her Kevin knows she loves him. Victor and Lucy try to comfort each other. Ian tells Eve if she has no objections he'll go and tell Lucy et al that they can come in to see Kevin. Eve asks if it would matter if she did. Ian tells the family they can go in, but Lucy goes in to see him by herself.

Alison tells Jamal she has finally heard him. She knows it's over. She tells him she has put up with the way he was treating her because she knew he was hurting. She says she knew in the end he would look back and understand that Valerie's death is nobody's fault. She tells him he's being a martyr for something that isn't anyone's fault. She says that she never thought she'd see him this way and tells him to go. Rafe tries to comfort her, but she tells him she wants him to go too.

Amy feels the raised lettering that marks each of the lockers in the Resident's lounge. She opens Chris' locker and takes out the picture. Chris, nobody's fool, is right there to catch her.

Alison is upset. She says first Rafe attacks Jamal, then she kicks Jamal when he's down. Rafe tells her that's not exactly what happened. She doesn't care, she thinks it's awful and she tells Rafe to leave again. Rafe asks her if she really knows what she wants. She says she has loved Jamal for so long that she doesn't know what it's like not to love him or be loved by him. She tells Rafe he makes things complicated for her. Rafe tells her all he wanted was to be there for her. She says she doesn't want him there for her for the present situation. She tells him she can't deal with him. He prepares to leave when the phone rings. It's Livvie. She's crying and tells Alison about Kevin. Rafe and Alison run out of the apartment.

Lucy is talking to Kevin at his bedside. She asks him not to leave her. Suddenly he goes into a seizure. She calls for Ian. Eve and Ian run in. Kevin goes toward the light. He asks where he is and sees Paige. He asks her what's going on. She says it's his destiny -- their destiny.

Previews for Tuesday: Chris to Amy: "What could I possibly want from you." Amy to Chris: "My body, you do want to sleep with me don't you." Alison to Livvie: "Everything's going to be okay. He will." Livvie to Alison: "It's going to take a miracle." Alison to Rafe: "So tell her Rafe. You're an angel. Tell her there's going to be a miracle." Paige to Kevin: "It's time for you to leave this world and cross over to the next."

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