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Port Charles Update Friday 2/1/02

By Kathy

At the Recovery Room, Casey is complaining to Rafe that just as they were used to being back on earth they were yanked back up again. Rafe tells her they all begged to come back, so they're all lucky. Casey doesn't think someone close to them dying is lucky. She states the obvious; if anyone else finds out they're angels they'll be pulled back in a snap. Rafe look uncomfortable.

Amy runs into the Ian at the hospital talking to Danny on the phone. She tries to make a funny about Ian making her feel bad by him talking to his infant son while she hasn't talked to her dad in years. Eve and Chris come by and Eve introduces Amy to Chris. Chris recognizes Amy from his past.

Alison tries to convince Jamal that Valerie's death is not their fault, but Jamal blames Alison for turning him from Valerie when she needed him.

Lucy searches outside of the Lighthouse for Kevin. She finds him electrocuted in the snow. She asks Paige to call 911, but Paige just stands there and stares. Lucy takes the phone from Paige and calls 911. Lucy turns on Paige and asks what kind of friend she is for just standing there and letting Kevin die.

Chris tries to discover how he knows Amy, but she denies knowing him. They agree to the date and she leaves. He finally figures out how he knows her.

Casey asks Rafe who he thinks will die. Rafe says he thinks Ed was just trying to prepare them all to help the person cross. Casey tells him she has no ties in PC and therefore it couldn't be anyone she knows. Rafe asks about Frank. She tells him no, Frank won't get involved, she'll just be obnoxious to him. She does mention Ricky, but tells Rafe she's already spelled out to Ricky he can have sex, but to leave his heart at the door. She asks Rafe what sex is like and is shocked that he doesn't know. She asks why he came back since it wasn't to party. He tells her he came back to help a friend. She asks why he hangs out at the Recovery Room and not with his friend.

Jamal makes an ugly break from Alison. He blames her and their relationship for Valerie's death. He tells her he should never have come begging to have her back. He tells her there is no reason for them to be together anymore.

Lucy comes in to the hospital with Kevin. Ian and Eve work on him as Lucy rails at Paige for distracting her and doing nothing. Paige leaves and runs into Amy. She's upset because Lucy is blaming her for Kevin's condition. She tells Amy she didn't hear him calling out. Amy asks if she's sure that subconsciously she didn't ignore him so that he would die.

Casey tells Rafe to be with whoever his friend is because it (life) goes to fast. Casey says they were all given a second chance. Rafe says staying away from his friend is the best thing he can do. Casey asks how he knows his friend doesn't need him anymore.

Alison tries to talk Jamal into not leaving her. But it doesn't work. She tries to get him to listen, she goes over to him and puts her hand on his arm. He pushes her away and she falls.

Ian and Eve continue to work on Kevin and stabilize him. Paige is figuring that maybe she is there to help Kevin pass over. She tells Amy she does want to be with him. Amy offers to have a chat with her, but Paige turns her down. Paige is now thinking perhaps she did try to end Kevin's life. She wonders if he indeed is the one to fill the fifth chair.

Chris has bribed an orderly to find a box of his things. The orderly supposes that Chris will fix the schedule for him, but he is mistaken. Chris takes the box and looks through it. He finds a photo of him and Amy with a group of people.

Amy is out in snow talking to the air, to her father, telling him she will never forget (what, we don't know). She tells him Paige may be confused, but she knows why she's really there.

Rafe enters the apartment to find Alison on the floor with Jamal standing over her. He goes for Jamal and tells him if he ever hurts Alison, he'll kill him.

Lucy is looking for confirmation from Ian that Kevin will be all right. He tells her Kevin is looking better and improving. Just at that moment Eve calls him in. Kevin has taken a turn for the worse. They decide to give him a cat scan. Lucy begs God to make him well.

Previews for Monday: Chris to Amy (Chris is holding the photo with Amy in his hand): "Figured out where I've seen you before, it was in Philadelphia." Amy to Chris: "Oh, I've never been to Philadelphia." Chris to Amy: "Really?"

Jamal to Alison: "I don't love you anymore."

Lucy holding on to Livvie with Jack in the background: "We've come to far and worked to hard to have him in our lives. We're not going to lose him now."

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