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Port Charles Update Thursday 1/31/02

by Dawn

Ricky and Casey are kissing. Casey remembers Ed telling her that someone close to one of them was going to die. In her memory, she realizes that she doesn't want anyone to care about her, and she pulls away. She tells him to not blow things by starting to care. He's not looking to marry her. Taking her hand, he leads her out of the alley.

Ali, Jack, Livvie and Rafe enter the Recovery Room looking for Jamal. Jack wants Rafe to leave them alone, but Rafe refuses to leave. As the men begin to argue, Ali asks them to stop and let her think for a moment. Rafe insists that they don't have a minute to find Jamal, and he can't be the one who dies. Jack, Livvie, and Ali stare at him in shock.

Paige is in studio remembering Amy accusing her of wanting to take Kevin back with her. Lucy enters looking for Kevin. Paige has no idea where he is.

Kevin is unconscious under the tree outside.

Ali demands to know what that means. Rafe tries to cover by saying he meant that this weather could be bad. Jack wants him to shut up, but his phone rings and he has to go answer it. Livvie demands to know what this is about. She and Ali know that he's an angel and they both accuse him of knowing more then he's telling.

Casey and Ricky are kissing in the limo. She mentions the antique necklace, and he reminds her that he hasn't asked her to get in on the antique necklace yet. She wants to know how much it's worth, and Ricky's best guess is about a million dollars. They begin to talk about what they'd do with all that money, and Ricky wants to open a club in Manhattan where all the rich and famous would beg to get into. Casey wants to be one of the select few. Ricky's first invitation is reserved for his family, after they all apologize. But she's next on the list. Casey wants to dream big and have a real future. He asks her why she can't.

Paige tells Lucy that Kevin walked Livvie to her car. Lucy's glad they're alone for the moment because she wants to talk to Paige. Lucy tries to apologize and falters. Paige knows that she's apologizing for checking into her background. Lucy realizes that Kevin told her. Paige is glad she brought it up, and she apologizes, too. Paige knows how young she looks, and they both behaved badly. Relieved, Lucy agrees to a cup of tea. As Paige pours tea, Lucy moves to the painting, and they both agree how talented Kevin is. Then they both move to the window and watch the snow come down. As Paige comments how beautiful the snow looks on the trees and wires, the lights flicker in the lighthouse. They both realize that Kevin's been gone a while.

Kevin is still unconscious under the tree covered in snow.

The lights flicker again, and Lucy realizes that something's wrong. She's going to get candles. Paige tries to stall Lucy by telling her how much her support has meant to her. Lucy doesn't understand. Kevin was nervous, but he's becoming more peaceful. Paige goes on to Lucy about how the painting has taken on a bigger significance. Lucy is curious about what Paige is talking about. Paige thinks it's the end of a journey in life. She's surprised to find that Kevin needed her as much as she needed him. Lucy isn't thrilled by Paige's logic, and she wants Paige to explain. Paige thinks she was the right push that Kevin needed to begin to paint again. Before Lucy can really react to this, she gets one of her feelings and she has to go look for Kevin. Something's wrong and she has to get to him.

Ricky wants her to know why Casey is so down on herself. She causes trouble, but Ricky likes it. They both want the good life and they have to take short cuts to get it. He wants to go for it all, and wants to know why Casey can't. It's different for her. Ricky doesn't understand her. He tries to tell her that they're all human beings. Casey tries to explain to him that she has no future.

Ali and Livvie know that Rafe knows something. Rafe finally tells that that yes, he's an angel, but on this trip he has no powers. He's a regular guy and he has no clue what's going on. Jack returns to inform them that Jamal was spotted in a bar. Ali wants to run to him, but he left on foot carrying another bottle. When Ali demands to go look for him, Livvie and Jack talk her out of it. After Jack and Livvie go after him, Rafe offers to stay with her. Ali realizes that she has to do this alone. Jamal and Rafe won't always be around to protect her. Rafe has no interest in protecting her, he wants to be her friend. Ali calls him a liar. They both know that he wants to be more then friends.

Rafe knows that they're just friends, but Ali knows he wants more. She can't believe she's saying it, but they need to talk about it. It's time for Ali to stop making excuses for what he's feeling and admit what she's feeling. She has feelings, but not for him. The only way to deal with it is for her to say it. It's never going to happen for them. Rafe tries to talk to her, but she begs him not to. She loves Jamal and she's going to be with him. Rafe understands. Beginning to cry, Ali tries to walk away. Rafe calls to her, but she leaves him. Alone, Rafe begs for a clue to if this whole thing is over.

Casey is laughing, and Ricky is confused. He doesn't understand why she thinks she has no future. If she's not sick, he wants to know what it is. Casey tells him that she's used up all her chances. Ricky doesn't believe her. As long as she has brains, looks, and she's breathing, she'll get all the chances she'll ever need. She doesn't believe him, but he tries to get her to trust him. All that matters is right now and how good it feels. Casey can't argue with him, she promised herself that she would squeeze every bit of good time out of every day and night. Ricky's motto is live large and everyone will remember you forever. Casey likes the way that sounds.

Ali enters the apartment and turns on the lights. Jamal is on the floor by the sofa, and he tells her that the blood is on the carpet. Ali knees next to him as he goes on about Val. She died right there and they did it. Now it's their turn, and Jamal believes they have to pay the price.

Lucy is outside looking for Kevin. She finds him and runs to him. Grabbing him, she holds him and screams for Paige. Paige stares at her while she begs Paige to get help. Not moving, Paige continues to watch Lucy cry. Lucy continues to scream at her that they're going to lose Kevin if she doesn't do something. Paige stands still and stares at Lucy.


Ali tries to convince Jamal that they didn't do anything wrong. Jamal listened to Ali instead of his gut.

Chris knows Amy from somewhere.

Lucy continues to scream at Paige, asking her if she wants Kevin to die right there. Paige doesn't respond, just continues to stare at Kevin while he lies in Lucy's arms.

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