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Port Charles Update Wednesday 1/30/02

By Dawn

Casey is telling herself that she’s there to have a good time, not to worry about who's going to die. It doesn't matter, because no one matters to her. She goes in the Recovery Room, where Ricky is booking a one way flight on the phone. Seeing him, Casey grabs the credit carde and reads the name Ricky Barrington imprinted on it.

Rafe watches Ali sleep on the sofa. He remembers Ed showing him that Val tried to kill Ali. Again, Rafe wonders who the 5th chair is for. Ali stirs in her sleep and he reaches out to touch her gently. Instantly she sits up and begins to panic. She wonders where Jamal is, she worries about getting the blood off the floor, she worries about fixing breakfast. Realizing how close Ali is to losing it, Rafe moves closer to her. He tries to talk to her. They can't fix what happened or put everything back the way it was.

Kevin is painting while Paige enters the studio. He’s been there all night because Lucy and the girls are out of town and he’s keeping himself busy. He just hopes Lucy gets back before the worst storm of the season hits. When Paige peeks at what he's done, he informs her that everything is coming back to him and it feels great. Paige asks him if he remembers what it was like when they were in love. Being young, dreaming about big houses, lots of children, and thinking they'd be together forever. Before Kevin can reply, Livvie enters the studio. One look at her and Kevin knows something is wrong. She tells him about Val and he's shocked. Paige listens to her as Kevin hugs her. When Livvie swears to Kevin that he's okay, he goes to check on some calls he needs to make. Livvie asks Paige if he's been there all night. Paige begins to tell her that nothing is going on between her and Kevin, but Livvie interrupts her. She trusts Kevin. It's Paige that Livvie doesn't trust.

Ricky demands that Casey give him back the fake credit card. He threatens to call the cops, but Casey knows the card is a forgery. He reminds her that she was leaving town, and accuses her of staying for him. Denying it, Casey admits that the boss man put her under house arrest, and after Ricky assumes it's Frank, she replies that it's someone much higher then Frank. She knows Ricky is going to scam Amanda. As she says it, Amanda appears and she heard her name.

Rafe is still trying to talk to Ali. She knows that she can't fix it, and it will never be normal. A few hours ago, Val tried to kill her and Jamal walked in. As she remembers, she looks at the blood on the ground and begins to fall to her knees. Moving to her, Rafe holds her. At first, she pushes him away. Jamal blames himself and always will. She begins to cry and allows Rafe to hug her as Jack enters the apartment.

Paige tries to tell Livvie to get to know her better. Livvie doesn’t need to, she has Paige’s number. Livvie doesn’t believe that Paige dropped back into Kevin’s life after all these years just for Kevin to paint her. Paige tries to explain that she and Kevin have a connection to the past, but Livvie doesn’t need to. Kevin finally got together with the woman he really loves, Lucy. And she’s not about to let Paige interfere. Paige asks Livvie if Lucy would have invited her in if she had any ideas about Kevin. Livvie has every intention of asking Lucy about it. Paige advises her to ask Kevin he how feels about it. Kevin hears this and wants to know what's going on. Livvie admits that she doesn't like Paige. Too many of her friends have lost the ones they love, and she's not about to allow Paige to come between him and Lucy. Livvie wants Paige to go back to wherever hshe came from.

Kevin finds Livvie's accusation insulting to him and Lucy. There is nothing going on between him and Paige. He knows that Livvie is upset about Val, but so is he. Kevin feels like he let Val down, she was his patient. He also understands that they've all been through too much heartache. Paige offers to go, but Kevin stops her. He wants Livvie to understand that they can't life their lives waiting for something bad to happen. He knows how close he and Livvie came to losing the ones they love, but it's not going to happen. He apologizes to Paige for Livvie, explaining to her that Livvie has been through a lot. Realizing that Kevin is right, Livvie apologizes for herself, and Paige accepts. When Livvie leaves, Kevin walks her to the car. After they're gone, Paige looks at the painting. Picking up his coat, Paige smells it briefly before going to the cd player and turning it up.

Holding the credit card so Amanda can't read it, Casey compliments Amanda on how generous she is to have hired her grandson. Amanda is shocked, but Ricky tries to cover that he never told Casey that. Amanda goes over the list of places she needs Ricky to drive her, and one includes the jewelry shop. Tauting Ricky, Casey asks Amanda if she's looking for something new, but Amanda is going to pick up a very valuable antique necklace that she's hoping will bring in a lot of money for a charity auction. As Amanda goes to get ready to leave, Casey mocks Amanda for a moment before accusing Ricky of trying to swipe the necklace. Ricky denies he's stealing anything, but Casey wants in on the action. When Ricky snatches the card from her hand, she demands to be part of whatever he's planning. Ricky knows that she's always getting him into trouble, and he's not giving her the chance again. She threatens to tell Amanda what Ricky was planning.

Ali tells Jack that Rafe is only being a friend. She's alarmed to hear that Jamal is missing. He sat by Val all night, but he’s gone. Jack thought he came home. Ali has to go find him. She runs in to change, and Jack accuses Rafe of spending the night now that Jamal is grieving over Val.

Paige puts his coat down and turns on cd player. She begins to dance alone in the studio.

Kevin is walking on the bridge. Electrical wires fall on him and he screams before he falls to the ground.

Casey catches Ricky in the alley and threatens him to cut her in or she’ll tell Amanda. Ricky grabs her and demands to know why this is so important to her. She admits that she likes the rush. Standing close to each other, they discuss how much they both like the rush. He dares her to show him, and she kisses him. After a moment they part, but Ricky pulls her to him again and they kiss passionately.

Rafe tells Jack that he spent the night there to make sure Ali was okay, and he's not going anywhere while she needs him. Whatever problem Jack has with that, Rafe demands that he live with it until Jamal returns. Livvie enters the apartment and demands to know why Rafe is there. Ali returns to the room, frantic to find Jamal and begging them all to help her look.

Kevin is unconscious on the ground. He wakes and tries to get to his feet, but the tree that took down the wires is on his leg. He screams for help.

Paige is still dancing in the studio and doesn't hear him.

He reaches for the tree to pull it off of himself, but he gets shocked and thrown down on his back in the snow.


Lucy is looking for Kevin, and Paige doesn’t know where he is

Rafe doesn't think they have time, Jamal can't be the one who dies. His outburst shocks Jack, Livvie, and Ali.

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