PC Update Monday 1/28/02



Port Charles Update Monday 1/28/02

By Kathy

At the Recovery Room, Ian roughs up Ricky trying to find out how Ricky got Amy's phone. Gabby tries to intervene. Ricky finally tells Ian he found the phone. Ian doesn't believe him. Kevin is outside speaking to Victor on his cell. Neither he nor Victor has found Paige.

Up at the heaven way station, Rafe questions Ed about the fifth empty chair, speculating someone who is close to one of the angels-in-training is going to die. He wants to know who that person is.

Jamal steps up to Valerie who is waving her gun at Alison. He makes a grab for it, the gun goes off, and Valerie is shot. Jamal steps away and Alison runs to him. He walks toward Valerie and she collapses in his arms.

Kevin steps between Ian and Ricky and asks what is going on. Kevin reasons with Ian that if Ricky hurt Amy, he wouldn't have the phone because that would make him the dumbest mugger in the world. Ian asks if Kevin has heard from Paige. He asks Kevin if that isn't a strange coincidence. Kevin responds by telling Ian that it's a bit of a stretch to think that someone kidnapped them both.

Rafe continues to question Ed about the person who will die. Ed comments that they will be helping that person cross over. He also volunteers that it will be someone that is close to one of them. Paige is happy to help out. Rafe demands to know who the person is. Ed tells the girls to go back and fix the problems they have created. Rafe asks Ed if they can stop the death of the fifth person. Ed answers cryptically. The girls are sent back, leaving Rafe to ask Ed what it is he's not telling him.

The kids have called 911 and Frank/paramedics arrive. They take Valerie to the hospital and the kids follow behind.

Ricky finally admits to Gabby that he found the phone in the park. Gabby asks him why he can't be honest; she says she doesn't know why he bothered to come home at all. He tells her he wanted to be close to his family, to her. He says maybe he made a mistake, and that he should have known he wouldn't get a fresh start in PC. He tells her he's leaving town.

Ian is insisting there may be a connection between the disappearance of Paige and Amy. Kevin tells Ian that Lucy has found some strange things out about Paige and that he found her expired passport. He comments it's odd that anyone could get in to the country nowadays without a valid passport. Ian tells him he's going to the park to check it out.

The girls are thrilled to be returned to the park. Paige reminds Casey that no one can know they are all connected. Amy wonders how she's going to explain her missed hospital shift. Paige agrees that Kevin is going to be wondering where she has been as well. Casey tells them if they all get yanked back it won't be her fault. She tells them they got too involved with too many people in PC and brags that she has no attachments. Amy points out to Casey that Ed said the person who died would be close to one of them, not one of them except Casey. Casey reiterates that there is no one close to her, no one cares about her and she's going to keep it that way. She skips off. Paige is about to leave when Amy stops her. She questions Paige as to why when Ed mentioned someone close to one of them would die Paige wasn't upset. Amy wonders if Paige knows who it will be. Though Paige denies it, Amy tells her she sounded anxious to be the one to help the person to the other side. She tells Paige that she thinks Paige wants Kevin to die. She reminds Paige that she begged to come back down to earth to spend time with him, but Amy believes she actually wants to spend eternity with him. Paige leaves Amy at the park.

Ed tells Rafe that Alison is in trouble. He shows Rafe on a video screen what is going on. All the kids are at the emergency room and Detective Garcia questions them. Rafe realizes that Valerie tried to kill Alison. He asks Ed if Valerie will fill the fifth chair. Ed tells him no, but what has happen will affect Alison's destiny and his own. Ed offers to let Rafe stay in heaven, or go back to see what his destiny is.

Ricky and Gabby are still in discussion about Ricky's future. Gabby gets paged and leaves for the hospital. Ricky looks down in his hand. He has a credit card with the name Ricky "Barrington." How he got this card so quickly is anyone's guess. He has decided to leave and the credit card is his ticket out.

Frank returns to the Recovery Room just as Casey arrives. He asks her where she's been. He tells her he has been in contact with Children's Services and they tell him she just dropped out of the system 10 months ago. She tells him it's none of his business. He tells her he cares about her. Casey freaks out and tells him he shouldn't care about her. She says doesn't want him or anyone else to care about her. He tells her she doesn't get to decide who he cares about. In her parlance, she's "flippin'!"

Amy is searching the snow for her phone. Ian happens upon her and asks her where she was. She tells him it's none of his business and he's being childish. He tells her she's being evasive and demands to know where she was.

Paige is in the studio remembering what Amy said to her in the park about wanting to take Kevin back with her. Kevin walks in and is surprised to see her. He tells her he thought she left town. She says "No, I'm very much here."

Garcia tells Livvie and Jack that it looks like self-defense and that there shouldn't be any problems. Karen and Chris try to save Valerie, but she dies, they come out and tell the kids. Alison tries to comfort Jamal, but he shrugs her off and leaves.

Rafe watches all this and asks Ed why it's all happening. Ed tells him there is a plan for everything and asks Rafe if he has the guts to go on living as "they" do, knowing that the fifth chair will be filled with someone he knows.

Previews for Tuesday: Kevin to Paige: "How did you get into the United States on an expired passport?" Livvie to Rafe: "You don't belong here." Rafe to Livvie: "No, Livvie, I'm exactly where I belong." Amy to Ian: "You spoke to my father?" Ian to Amy: "I wanted to make sure you were all right." Amy to Ian: "You had no right."

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