PC Update Friday 1/25/02



Port Charles Update Friday 1/25/02

By Kathy

Alison and Jamal are packing for their trip. Alison asks Jamal to get some sandwiches for the road. He goes to pick some up at the Recovery Room. Alison remembers her first kiss with Rafe, reading his diary, and telling Livvie about it all (flashbacks). She decides she belongs with Jamal. There is a knock on the door. It's Valerie. She barges her way in.

Mac meets Ian at the Recovery Room. Ian tells Mac his fears about the missing Amy. Mac thinks Ian is overreacting.

Gabby and Ricky come into the Recovery Room for lunch. Ricky defends his recent bout with bad behavior, but Gabby finds Amy's phone and wants to know where he got it.

The four angels have been taken to a white room. Rafe has never seen it before and they are all worried. Ed appears and asks them to sit at a round white table encircled with five white chairs. Casey tries to talk her way out of trouble; she blames Amy and Paige. Paige and Amy complain about Casey. Ed asks Rafe if he knows what's going on. Rafe tells him he doesn't know, but if it means they're back in heaven he's all for it. The girls start arguing with him. Ed tells them all if they don't shape up, an innocent will be hurt.

Gabby asks Ricky where he got the cell phone. He lies and tells her Amanda gave it to him. Gabby believes him and turns the phone on.

Ian is trying to convince Mac to help him find Amy, but Mac resists.

Jack and Livvie come into the RR and meet Jamal. He thanks them for looking after the shop and tells them Valerie isn't doing so well. Meanwhile, Valerie is railing at Alison. Alison tries to reason with her, but it does no good. Valerie pulls out a gun and aims it at Alison.

Mac asks Ian about Eve and Danny, inferring that something might be going on between him and Amy. Mac agrees, however, to have the police look for Amy.

Gabby asks Ricky what is going on between Casey and him. He tells her they "get" each other. Gabby tells him Casey is trouble, but Ricky tells her he likes trouble.

Ed tells the four angels that their behavior on earth has been appalling. He tells them that it seems as if they don't care about the consequences of their actions. He tells them they might as well where signs around their necks that say "angels." Paige apologizes. Ed tells them it's not just the girls. Rafe is causing trouble as well. Ed tells them he went out on a "cloud" for them because he believed they were all taken too early and hadn't finished what they were there to do. They thank him and apologize again. He tells them to band together, stop fighting and not lose their watches. The watches are their connection to heaven. The watches also tell them how long they have left on earth. The girls promise to do better. He reminds them anything and everything they do has a ripple effect on other people's lives. Rafe asks Ed why he brought them to this particular room. Ed tells him it is where they will all meet at the end of their journeys. It is a portal to heaven. Rafe says that if that is indeed the case then there is something Ed isn't telling them because there are four angels and five chairs. He asks if someone is joining them.

Valerie has her gun trained on Alison. Alison is trying to reason with her. Valerie blames Alison for everything. She tells Alison she wants Jamal to suffer the way he made her suffer. Jamal, Jack, and Livvie come in. "Oh good, you're back," says Valerie, "Now you won't miss watching your girlfriend die."

Ian is remembering talking to Chris about Amy. He dials on his cell phone. Ricky's phone rings. He picks up and Ian snags him. Ian asks him where he got the phone.

Rafe tells Ed he knows he doesn't do anything without any forethought and care. Ed tells him it's none of his affair. Rafe guesses they will be helping someone cross over. Rafe is upset because he figures out someone from PC will die and the chair is for them.

Jamal tries to stop Valerie. He steps between her and Alison. She tells him to get out of the way. He walks up to her and grabs for the gun. "BANG!!!!!"

Previews for Monday: Ian to Kevin: "Two people have disappeared, they're just missing. Does it make you wonder?" Rafe to Ed: "Just you and me now right? What is it you're not telling me?" Ed to Rafe: "Are you sure you really want to know?"

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