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Port Charles Update Thursday 1/24/02

by Dawn

Ali is packing to go away with Jamal while Livvie is trying to talk to her. Livvie realizes that Ali is in a hurry to be along with Jamal for the first time in a long time. When Ali demands to know what that means, Livvie meant Val. But Ali admits to having read Rafe's journal and finding out that Rafe is in love with her. When Livvie is confused that Ali wants to get out of town because Rafe is in love with her, Ali admits to Livvie that she's beginning to care about Rafe.

Val is crying to Jamal that they aren't going to let her go anytime soon. Jamal tries to calm her down, but he can't help her. Val blames Ali for Jamal giving up Hope and leaving her in the hospital.

Chris asks Ian about Amy, who hasn't returned his calls. Ian suggests that maybe Chris's reputation proceeds him. Not amused, Chris suggests that Ian likes to rescue the damsel in distress and marry them. Ian isn't amused when Chris asks him if Amy's next on his list.

Frank is telling Victor about Casey's record. Victor assumes she fell between the cracks. Sometimes the kids even die and no one knows it. Ricky enters, and Frank thinks he might have answers. Not believing Ricky when he says he doesn't know where Casey is, Frank grabs him and jerks him to his feet.

Kevin enters the Recovery Room and asks Victor about Paige. When Victor stammers, Kevin lets him know that Lucy admitted to having Victor check her out. He shows Victor the passport with the picture. Kevin thought she looked young, but after seeing this picture, he's beginning to wonder if Lucy's right about time standing still for her.

Victor asks Kevin what he thinks it might be. Kevin can't come up with a rational explanation. Victor throws a few irrational explanations at Kevin. Aliens are only one suggestion. A walk in could be another. When a higher being takes over a human body that's gone as far as it can go. Kevin doesn't pretend to understand that, but he's convinced Paige is who she says she is. Everything is familiar about her except he's aged and she hasn't. She gives new meaning to ageless. But what's really confused Kevin is that she's came back, then left again.

Frank asks Ricky where Casey is again. When Ricky tells him to back off, he refuses. All Frank wants to know is where Ricky saw her last. . He wants to know where Ricky saw her last. Finally Ricky admits to Frank about Casey kissing him in the alley and begging him to get her out of there. Frank isn't about to believe this, but Ricky tells him to ask Amanda Barrington, whom he drove through the park because Casey jumped into the limo. Frank grabs Ricky again, but Ricky refuses to allow Frank to bully him. He had enough of that in prison, but Frank isn't about to back down, and demands that Ricky take him to the park where he dropped Casey.

Ian thinks Chris is sick. Amy will see right though him. Chris accuses Ian of getting chummy with Amy is a very short time, but Ian refuses to discuss it with Chris. Colleen tells Ian that she paged Amy again, but she still hasn't answered. Ian can't believe she's just disappeared.

Victor doesn't know what to tell Kevin about Paige. He has a lot of supernatural theories, but nothing solid. Kevin wants to know why Paige opened up all of this if she was only going to leave again. Victor thinks Kevin is having feelings for Paige, but Kevin denies it. Livvie had the same idea, and Kevin thinks it's funny that Lucy is the only one that hasn't thought that. Lucy seems to understand that this isn't about Paige, it's about Kevin. Paige put him in touch with a past that he thought was gone and offered him a glimpse of the version of himself from back then. He has to admit that he liked it. Now it's like a mirage to him, and he doesn't understand. Victor admits to Kevin that his sources have suggested that they're all overreacting to what's going on. So his advice to Kevin is to ask Paige, not him what's going on. As Kevin decides to do that, Ian enters on his cell asking about Amy. Kevin hears him and asks about her. There seems to be a lot of disappearing going around.

Jamal is leaving Val. Nothing's changed as far as he can see. Val is still blaming the rich girl for her and Jamal not being a family. Jamal is tired of telling her that they never had a relationship. They slept together once and at least one of them was smart enough to give their baby a chance to have a real life. Val repeats her theory that Ali forced Jamal to give up Hope and put her in there. Jamal can't help her and he has to go. Attempting suicide was more then he can handle. Val admits that she only wanted attention, but it's too late. She apologizes, but it's not going to do any good. After he leaves, Val promises to get him for it.

Livvie reminds Ali that Rafe is an angel. She knows that, but she can't help how she feels. Jamal doesn't know, but he'll suspect soon. Ali admits that she couldn't make love to Jamal because she felt like she was betraying Rafe. Livvie wants her to realize that she and Jamal are real. But Rafe can't give her what she wants. Ali knows, but she read his feelings for her. Livvie advises her to let it go. Knowing she's right, Ali is determined to reconnect with Jamal. Livvie agrees to help Jack look after the shop so they can get away. Ali thanks Livvie for not judging, but Livvie remembers that she has no room to talk. Ali felt like loving Jamal was forever, and she knows if they spend time alone, it will come back.

Ali finishes packing as Jamal enters. He gives her a brief run down of his visit with Val, but Ali tries to understand. He asks her if she's sure this is what they need. They don't have to leave town to be alone. Ali wants their own time to be alone and reconnect. Jamal finally agrees and promises her that they'll be fine. He kisses her and pulls her into his arms.

Val opens the door to her room and leaves. As she walks out, a nurse is on the floor of her room, unconscious.

Frank and Ricky are at the park, and Frank can't believe that Ricky left Casey there alone. As Frank goes to look around, Ricky finds a cell phone on the ground.

Kevin admits to Ian that Victor now thinks they're overreacting. Kevin thinks it's possible that after everything, they're all thinking too much. Ian has to concede that Kevin might be right. After Kevin leaves, Ian calls and leaves a message for Eve to kiss Danny and he'll be home soon. He dials Amy's number again, and is shocked when Ricky answers. Ricky tells Ian that it's a wrong number and hangs up.

Rafe, Casey, Amy, and Paige are all surrounded by white. The three women thing they've been recalled. Rafe has been recalled before, but he's never seen anything like this.


Ian tells Mac that a woman disappeared, and asks if she has to turn up dead before the police will do anything about it.

Jack and Livvie tell Jamal that he did the right thing. Val was getting out of control.

Ali backs into the apartment telling Val that she thought Val was in the hospital. Locking them both inside, Val admits that she was in the hospital. But she's not anymore.

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