PC Update Wednesday 1/23/02



Port Charles Update Wednesday 1/23/02

By Dawn

Kevin is wondering where Lucy is when she enters the lighthouse. She kisses him and stalls on telling him what happened by asking about Christian. Kevin is not happy to inform her that Christina likes Lucy's hot dogs better. Lucy's preoccupied, not noticing how upset Kevin is about Tina. When Lucy asks Kevin where Paige is, Kevin informs her that Paige is out, and she's late returning. Kevin knows that Lucy's got something on her mind, and wants her to spit it out. She finally admits that she checked up on Paige and she found out that Paige has been lying.

Frank is looking for Casey, who has been missing since yesterday. No one is surprised that Casey booked except Frank. He's angry at Eve and Karen's lack of concern and walks away. Karen decides to go after him to apologize as Eve catches Ian and asks him if he spoke to Amy. He hasn't because Amy is missing.

Rafe wants to know what they're doing there. They know he's a guardian, and Paige asks him what's going to happen to them. Casey tries to kiss up in order to make a deal with him, but it doesn't work. They all start confessing the mistakes they've made. After listening for a few seconds, Rafe thinks they're bigger screwups then he ever was.

Ian doesn't have Amy's new address, and she missed work. Eve's wondering if Ian affected her more then he thought he did when he accused her of being an alien. Ian shows Eve the note she left him. Ian's convinced she isn't avoiding him, but that doesn't help him find her.

Kevin is not happy that Lucy was snooping, but she tries to explain. Dr. Gordon ran the skin test, and Paige has 25 year old skin. That made Lucy suspicious, so she got Victor to check into her story. Kevin is shocked, but he knows that she can't wait to share the results, so he finally asks her. Lucy shares Victor's news that Paige was in the accident with Wil. This shocks Kevin because Paige always referred to the accident like she was away and heard from it. Judging from Lucy's expression, Kevin asks her if the universe is telling her something. Lucy believes what the universe is telling her is that Paige isn't who she says she is.

Casey is angry, but Paige realizes that he's not on official business. This makes them happy, but Rafe wants them to stop celebrating that fact. As soon as anyone in PC figures out who they are they'll be gone. Paige asks Rafe to help them, but Rafe admits that he doesn't have any of his powers. Thinking about it, Rafe wonders if going back is the best thing for all of them. All of them. Angry, Paige informs him that no one is going to stop her from making things right. Rafe wants to hear her story, and she begins to tell him. She had a wonderful life with money, traveling, and a husband that loved her a lot more then she loved him. And he knew the reason she couldn't love him was Kevin. They were on their way to the airport to face Kevin so they could get on with their lives. For some reason, Paige was driving. Something ran in front of the car and she lost control. Wil died instantly, but Paige hung on for a few more weeks. Wil's last wish was that she carry on and put the past to rest so she could love Wil in death more then she'd ever loved him in life. Paige begs Rafe to try to help her.

Kevin admits how odd it is that Paige never told them everything. Lucy continues to tell Kevin that Paige completely disappeared after the accident. That makes sense to Kevin, Paige had no family, so she might hide to forget. Lucy agrees that it could be survivor's guilt, but that doesn't explain her skin. They know Wil was burned in the accident, so Paige had to have been as well. Kevin suggests skin grafts, but Lucy knows better. Getting aggravated with Lucy, Kevin suggests that Paige's secret agenda might be nothing more then forgetting a sad time in her life. Before Lucy can contradict him, he goes on to suggest that Paige isn't stupid, and the reason she hasn't come back might be because she suspects that Lucy doesn't trust her and checked up on her.

Karen apologizes for being so flippant about Casey being missing. Frank acknowledges that he has soft spot for kids, but he's okay. They kiss.

Eve isn't worried about Amy, but Ian wants to call police. Eve thinks he's overreacting. Ian remembers that she went to Berkley. If her parents were as overprotective as Amy said they were, they might live nearby Berkley. Against Eve's wishes, Ian calls them.

Rafe knows what it's like getting involved in lives in PC. Thinking he's about to say it's a bad idea, Casey announces that she refuses to go back. Rafe doesn't know if he can help, but he'll try. First he has to know everything. Casey tells her story. Her life was amazing, tons of friends, until some Burnout slipped something in her drink and put her in coma. Rafe knows she's lying. Cornered, Casey admits that there was a boy she liked. He took her to a crack house. She talked a big game, but it was new to her. She wanted him to like her so when he asked her to get high with him, she did two lines of Cocaine and Heroine. Her first time was her last, all because she wanted people to like her. Rafe moves towards her, but Casey doesn't want his sympathy, she wants him to help her get back what she lost.

Lucy suddenly admits that she was wrong to snoop. Kevin is surprised, but he knows that she's giving in way to easily. Lucy isn't giving up her suspicions, but she loves him, and it isn't worth fighting over. She decides to go apologize to Paige and bring her back. When she asks him to forgive her, Kevin replies that he doesn't have to forgive her, he understands her. It took them too long to get where they are, she's protective of that, and so is he. Smiling, Lucy moves into his arms. She realizes that they just had their first fight since they got married, and they did a great job. It's not over yet. Kevin reminds her that they haven't made up yet. As they begin to kiss, Lucy remembers Christina and runs upstairs to check on her. She finds Paige's bag on the landing, and realizes that Paige can't have gone very far. Lucy goes on upstairs and Kevin stares at the bag. Unable to restrain himself, Kevin looks in it. Inside the bag, there's nothing suspicious at first. Then he finds Paige's passport, which expired years ago. Kevin begins to realize that Lucy might be on to something.

Karen is sure Casey will turn up, but when she does, they have to make sure it doesn't happen again. Karen offers to help by living in the same place. This shocks Frank, and he asks her if she wants to move in with him. Afraid she's being too forward, Karen asks him if he's happy about it. It's all Frank wants, and he grabs her. As they hug, his cell phone rings. After speaking for a few minutes he hangs up the phone and turns to Karen. Casey had a file a mile long until 10 months ago. Then she dropped off the face of the Earth.

Ian doesn't want it to get between him and Eve, but he's worried about Amy. As they discuss it, Colleen tells him that Amy's father in on the phone. Her father informs a confused Ian that Amy has been missing for three years. Shocked, Ian hangs us and turns to Eve. Amy told them she was at her parent's house before coming to PC, but her father just told him she hasn't been seen for three years.

Amy tells a story of being determined to prove she could make it on her own. She got involved with a man that she thought cared about her, but only cared about her money. When she figured out he was scamming her, he murdered her. She was foolish and stupid, but not anymore. She wants to prove that she can make it on her own and accomplish anything. The three of them ask Rafe again for his help. He finally agrees to do what he can. They thank him, and Amy realizes she has to call in to the clinic. There is a bright light and they all disappear, leaving Amy's cell phone on the ground.


Ali wants to go away to be alone with Jamal. Livvie asks if it's because Rafe is in love with her, but Ali admits that it's because she's starting to care about Rafe.

Jamal apologize to Val, but after he leaves, Val threatens that he's not as sorry as he's going to be.

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