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Port Charles Update Tuesday 1/22/02

by Dawn

Kevin is looking at the sketch as Livvie enters the lighthouse. When Livvie sees the sketch on the table, she wants to know what’s up with him and the woman in the sketch.

Lucy is in the park and Victor scares her half to death. He is sneaking around to help her quietly. She isn’t ready to tell the entire story, but she needs his help and she needs it quietly. Reminding her that he’s never said no to her, he asks her what she needs. As Victor goes to dig into Paige’s past, Lucy turns and runs into Rafe. They’re both out early. She realizes Rafe might be help to help her with the mystery of Paige. She asks him if he knows anything about stopping the aging process.

Paige and Amy have been out all night trying to figure out what to do with the other angel. The three of them are back to complete their journey, and he could be too. Casey doesn’t buy that. He’s there to cause them trouble, that’s it. Paige tries to convince Casey that they can’t panic until they know the entire story. They all have valid reason to be there, but Casey give their excuses- Amy wants to prove that a blind girl can do anything, and Paige wants her portrait painted. Casey knows they’re both lying, and she knows the truth.  

Lucy finishes telling Rafe about Paige’s mysterious arrival in PC. Paige not only looks younger, Lucy admits to having her skin tested, and she informs Rafe that Paige has the skin of a 25 year old. Rafe still doesn’t get Lucy’s point. Giving up on Rafe, she tells him that Victor is checking into Paige’s story. Rafe is almost amused about Victor possibly thinking Paige is an alien, but Lucy is not amused. Her theory is more of a time traveling dimension thing, but Rafe tries to make her see that things aren’t always the worst. He wants her to calm down, but Lucy wants to know how Rafe can be so sure it’s not the worst.

Casey taunts them with their phony reasons for returning to Earth. At least Casey is honest about it. She admits that she wasn’t finished partying. But all Amy and Paige have, as far as Casey is concerned, are lame excuses. Wanting her first love to paint her portrait is just a cover for wanting to get in Kevin’s very married pants.  Amy leeched on to Ian and moved in with him. When Amy argues buy reminding them that she moved, out, Casey accuses her of simply playing hard to get. On a roll, Casey informs Amy and Paige that they wasted their lives when they had them, and she’s tired of hanging out with losers. If there is a real angel there to take them back, she’s not spending one more minute with them. As she runs away, Amy asks Paige if any of what Casey said concerning her and Kevin is true. Paige is offended, but Amy doesn’t buy it. She demands to know if there is another reason that Paige is there.

Kevin admits to Livvie that it must look strange to her, but he tells her that painting the portrait was Lucy’s idea. Lucy’s not sure about Lucy’s reasoning, but Kevin tries to explain why it’s important to him. He wanted to be an artist when he was young, and the desire is still there. It feels good to paint. Livvie thinks Paige is strange. Kevin tries to give Livvie an idea of what the relationship was like. He was alone growing up. He had no contact with Ryan or Melanie, and Victor was very distant. Paige showed him what it was like to not be alone. A long time ago she asked him to paint her portrait, and he owes it to her. Livvie tries to understand, but to her it still sounds like he has feelings for Paige.

Amy continues to question Paige’s motives. She wants to know if Paige still has feelings for Kevin. Amy denies being in love or lust with Ian, but Casey is right about another angel being there. All three of them have to know the truth about each other. Paige continues to deny Casey’s accusations. Deciding that she doesn’t believe her, Amy announces that the partnership is over, and they’re all on they’re own. Before Amy can leave, Paige stops her. 

Lucy accuses Rafe of knowing something, and he snaps at her. Whatever it is, is has nothing to do with ghosts or aliens. All Rafe knows is that Lucy needs to relax for a change. But she has to figure out Paige doesn’t want to hurt Kevin. Rafe realizes that ‘stop’ isn’t in her vocabulary. Shocking Rafe, Lucy knows that whatever it is with the mystery woman is still bugging him. She harasses him until he admits that there was someone. As Lucy pounces on this information, Rafe is adamant about the fact that there is nothing there, and there never was. He refuses to tell Lucy her name, but Lucy thinks the girl is an idiot for letting him go. Smiling, he wants to hear more. As Lucy goes on about how great he is, Rafe feels something and stops her. Casey is in the trees watching them. Lucy is worried, but Rafe assures her that everything is okay, he wants to finish his run, and he’ll catch up with her later.

Lucy enters the Recovery Room to find Victor behind the bar. His people are working on this for Lucy, but he’s not sure what he’s looking for. Lucy’s explanation is too vague, and Victor wants more information. His cell rings, and he answers it. Paige’s background checks out except for the auto accident. Her husband was killed in it, but Paige was in the car as well. Lucy’s curiosity is piqued, but Victor continues. Since the accident, no one ever heard from Paige again. She vanished without a trace.

Kevin swears that he’s not interested in Paige. He was years ago, but not now. They broke up because he couldn’t give her what she needed. It was years later he met Grace. Hugging Livvie, he admits that he’s grateful to Grace for having Livvie. Livvie wants him to promise that he won’t have feelings for Paige. Smiling, Kevin informs her that Paige moved on and got married. All that’s left between them is a great friendship.

Paige admits to Amy that Kevin was her first and only love. She cared about her husband, but he loved her more then she loved him. Will, her husband, knew all about Kevin and they were on their way to Port Charles to get closure. All Paige knows is that she needs to spend time with Kevin alone. Amy gets it. Paige believes that if she’d followed her heart, she and Kevin would be together now. Paige wouldn’t have died in the car with Wil, or Kevin would have died with her. Paige wonders if they were meant to live and die together. Paige thinks she and Kevin were supposed to spend eternity together. It all comes together in Amy’s mind. She begins to accuse Paige of wanting to take Kevin with her when they’re time is up. Before Paige can answer, Casey interrupts by running to them, followed closely by Rafe. He knows what they are, and he knows that they know what he is. He wants them to start talking.


Frank asks Karen to move in with him.

Ian tells Eve that Amy is missing

Lucy tells Kevin that Paige has been lying to him.

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