PC Update Monday 1/21/02



Port Charles Update Monday 1/21/02

By Kathy

Lucy tries to puzzle out mystery of Paige and her 25-year-old skin. Kevin comes into the studio and Lucy asks him if he's sure it's Paige is who she says she is.

Eve and Chris are talking at GH. Ian walks by and Eve tells him that Amy packed up and moved out. Ian tells Eve he might have upset Amy a bit by accusing her of being an alien.

Casey is with the other two girls in the park. She is agitated and tries to convince them she has seen another of their kind. They don't believe her and think she's crying wolf.

Alison is shocked at what she is reading in Rafe's diary. She reads that Rafe gave it all up to be with her because he's in love with her. Rafe walks in on her reading his diary. She tells him she wasn't reading it. She says she found it and didn't want anyone to take it. Rafe asks why she is looking at him funny. It's a very awkward conversation. They discuss that though they want to be friends, they know they can't really hang out together. Alison excuses herself and leaves. Rafe takes a look at his diary, then asks a waiter to throw it in the trash.

Kevin tells Lucy that Paige is Paige. He tells her he knows Paige is the woman he knew in the flesh. "Twenty five year-old flesh," Lucy mutters. Kevin says Lucy is buying into the PC paranoia with Victor and Ian. He mentions that Ian accused Amy of being an alien and a light bulb goes off for Lucy. She comments that Paige and Amy arrived in Port Charles exactly at the same time. Kevin finds it hard to believe that they were together and that there's something mysterious about it. He tells Lucy if she can prove Paige and Amy are not of this earth he'll believe her. Lucy picks up the challenge and says she will prove Paige is 25, not 40.

Amy and Paige are railing at Casey. She argues with them and convinces them to go to the Recovery Room to see Rafe for themselves.

Eve tells Chris she wants to fix Amy up with him. Chris and Ian both tell her "no."

Lucy tells Kevin that she has Paige's skin cell samples and the tests prove that the skin is from a 25 year old. Kevin still doesn't believe her. He accuses her of being jealous of Paige.

Alison comes back to the apartment with dinner. Jamal has the place lit with candles. Alison tells Jamal that they need to spend some time just on them. They kiss. Alison is distracted. Jamal notices, but she says she thinks she's coming down with the flu. She goes to take a bath.

Rafe is at the Recovery Room and he feels the three women's presence. Outside the Recovery Room Amy senses Rafe. Paige looks in and she recognizes him. She tells the other two she thinks he feels them and, therefore, knows they're there.

Ian comments that Chris and Amy are completely mismatched. He says Amy is a caring sensitive woman and Chris is, well, Chris. Ian asks Chris to stay away from Amy and walks away. Eve, however, will not take no for an answer. Chris thinks it's too soon after Julie, but Eve thinks it would be good for him. Chris agrees to Eve's delight.

Colleen gives Ian a note from Amy, who apologizes for the way she acted. She also forgives him for his "alien" nuttiness.

Lucy backs down because Kevin refuses to believe her. She tells Kevin maybe she is jealous. Kevin offers to stop the painting, but Lucy tells him she wants him to continue. She leaves to make Kevin some coffee, picks up the phone, and calls Victor. She asks him to meet her in the park to talk about Paige.

Alison is lying on the sofa in Jamal's lap. Jamal strokes her hair, as Alison thinks about what she read in Rafe's journal. She sits up and asks Jamal if they can go off somewhere alone together.

Rafe goes outside to figure out what the sensation is that he is feeling.

The three womean are worried that Rafe is following them. It is revealed they are not yet angels, though they can sense he is one. Paige speculates he could even be a guardian angel. They wonder why he's there in a human form. They conclude he's there to report on them. They are all worried because none are ready to go back to heaven yet.

Preview for Tuesday, January 22: Livvie to Kevin: "Dad you and this woman. What's going on?" Casey to Amy and Paige: "I know exactly why you guys are really here." Rafe to Lucy: "What if what?" Lucy to Rafe: "What if this Paige person is not of this earth?"

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