PC Update Friday 1/18/02



Port Charles Update Friday 1/18/02

By Kathy

Rafe is at the Recovery Room writing in his diary about how much he loves Alison and that she still loves Jamal.

Jamal and Alison are at their apartment making up. They proclaim their love for each other.

Casey tries to persuade Ricky to take her to the fountain in the park because he is now a limo driver. Ricky resists because he is Amanda Barrington's new chauffer. Amanda calls for Ricky to take her home. While he helps Amanda into the limo, Casey sneaks into the front seat. Ricky finds Casey and is annoyed.

Paige is upset that Lucy has hired Dr. Gordon to do a skin test on her. She tells them both to stay away from her. Lucy apologizes for upsetting Paige, but says it's a misunderstanding. Kevin comes into the studio to see what is going on. Paige assures Lucy there is nothing special about her skin, but still refuses to submit to a test. Kevin tells her she doesn't have to take the test. Dr. Gordon leaves. Lucy again apologies to Paige. Kevin suggests they all go down to have a glass of wine. Paige tells them she can't join them because she left her pocketbook at the Recovery Room. She leaves, and Kevin gives Lucy a bit of hell. She says she understands why he's upset, but there is something about Paige's skin. She tells Kevin that Paige's skin is not the weird thing. The weird thing is that Paige's purse is sitting right there in the room and has been the whole time.

Jamal and Alison begin to make love when the phone rings. It's a doctor, telling Jamal that Valerie is fine. Alison decides to go get them some dinner to bolster them for their coming bout of lovemaking.

Rafe is still at the bar of the Recovery Room remembering all his time with Alison in flashback. He turns around and Alison is behind him.

Kevin suggests that Paige wanted to be somewhere where she didn't feel like a science project. Lucy says she knows, but she figured Paige knew a skin sample would be involved. Lucy wants to discuss Paige's weird behavior, but Kevin dissuades her. They have a short kissing session and Lucy leaves. When she goes out into the hallway Dr. Gordon is waiting for her with information. He tells her that she won't believe what he found.

Ricky is furious that Casey is in the car, but she won't leave until he takes her to the fountain. Ricky starts to take a series of wild detours. He tells Amanda that he's going an alternate way so that Amanda can enjoy the view. Amanda is not interested. All Amanda wants is to go home. Ricky sweet-talks her into enjoying the park, while Casey escapes.

Rafe sees Alison and tries to get away as quickly as possible. He goes outside and leaves behind his diary. Alison picks it up and is tempted to read it.

Kevin has done a pencil sketch of Paige that he's fairly pleased with. He begins painting.

Dr. Gordon tells Lucy he couldn't get over the texture and look of Paige's skin and when he shook her hand, he got cell samples. His equipment was in his car, he says, so he did the tests. He tells Lucy not only does Paige look 25 years old, her skin is actually 25 years old. Lucy speculates that Paige has figured out a way to stop the clock.

Alison is way too tempted to read Rafe's journal. She begins flipping through. She finds out that not only did Rafe ask to come back to earth, he's in love with her.

Rafe is sitting on a bench outside of the Recovery Room. He takes out his pocket watch and takes a look. It's the same type of watch as the three women have. The hand moves from 11 to 10.

The three women have convened at the fountain. Paige and Amy want to know why Casey has called them together. She tells them they are not the only ones of their kind in PC. She's seen another.

Previews for Monday, January 21: Alison is reading Rafe's journal (Rafe's voiceover): "The real reason I gave it all up was to just be with Alison because I'm in love her." Lucy to Kevin: "Doc are you sure Paige is who she says she is?" Casey to Amy and Paige: "I know what I saw and I know what it means too. Big trouble for all of us."

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