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Port Charles Update Thursday 1/17/02

by Dawn

Casey and Frank approach the Recovery Room. He tells her that she's going to know it inside and out. She's not happy about it, but says she is. Not amused by her sarcasm, Frank reminds her that the cops agreed to put her in his custody, so she's going to stay out of trouble. Casey is furious to find out that her first duty is garbage.

As Ian is apologizing to Amy, the waiter spills hot water on her arm. Paige panics.

Jamal tries to wake Val, but she will only say she took enough pills to make him care about her.

Ali tries to explain to Rafe that she can't see him anymore. She and Jamal are going to work things out and Rafe understands. Trying to convince both of them, Ali reminds him that he's on Earth to enjoy life, not get messed up in her problems. Rafe tells her that he was coming to tell her that she and Jamal needed to connect. Pretending that they're on the same page, Rafe turns to leave. Ali reaches for his arm and he drops roses that he'd been holding behind his back on the ground.

Ali picks up the roses and asks why he was hiding them. First he denies hiding them, but finally thinks of the excuse that he was taking them to a date he has. She pretends to be happy for him, but asks who the woman is. All Rafe will say is that she's a friend of Lucy's. When Ali assures Rafe that his date will like the flowers, he changes his mind and gives them to her. He doesn't want to come on too strong for his first date with the other woman, and he'd rather give them to her as a goodbye gift. He knows she loves pink roses. Trying to avoid actually saying goodbye, Rafe tells her that all he ever wanted was for her to be happy. She tries to hug him, but he doesn't let her. They wish each other luck and he leaves her. After shutting the door behind him, Ali sits on the stairs and stares at the roses.

Amanda walks through the Recovery Room.

Paige puts towel over Amy's arm to hide the fact that it's invisible. As the men stand and begin to move to Amy, Jamal runs in, grabbing Ian and asking for help. After Kevin and Ian are gone, Amy realizes that was way too close. Grabbing their stuff, Paige leads her out.

Gabby enters to pick up dinner for Ricky, who is working at GH. Frank is not surprised to hear that Gabby is keeping an eye on him. Frank reminds her that Casey and Ricky together are a bad combination. When he asks her how she's doing, Gabby replies that the surgery was a breeze compared to dealing with Ricky.

Casey carries out garbage and drops it in alley. As she bends down to get it, Ricky approaches her. He teases her about her choice of hangouts.

Paige and Amy go outside, still hiding her arm. Amy knows she can't be walking around town with disappearing limbs. Paige is hard on her, but there is so much at stake, they can't let anyone find out before they do what they came there to do.

Amy realizes how close they came to Ian finding out. One more careless move and it's over for all of them. Amy answers Paige by telling her that Casey is the one that's been raising suspicions. They both agree.

Ricky advises Casey to leave the smelly stuff in the bag. Not amused, Casey wants him to believe that her dad is loaded, but he doesn't fall for it. Ricky claims that he opened a club with a friend and he invites Casey to come see it. She pretends that she doesn't care. Amanda Barrington approaches and calls for Ricardo. When Amanda orders him to bring the car around front, it's all Casey can do to not laugh out loud. The moment Amanda is gone, Casey loses the battle and laughs in Ricky's face. He has the new clothes because he's a driver. Ricky's only other choice was lugging bed pans at GH, and Casey realizes that garbage detail isn't so bad. Grabbing her arm, Ricky orders her to stop making fun of him. Finally she admits that despite the lame job and criminal tendencies, Ricky cleans up pretty good. It's backhanded, but it's a compliment, and Ricky isn't unhappy about it.

Ali remembers finding out Rafe is an angel. A flashback shows Rafe pulling the rose out of his sleeve for her and her looking for his wings. Finally, Ali makes a decision. She throws the roses in the fireplace and grabs her things to go home to Jamal.

Kevin promises Jamal that Val is okay. Jamal is shocked that she'd go that far, but Kevin tries to help. Jamal is having a hard time getting past it being his fault, but Amy enters and tries to get him to understand that Val isn't his responsibility. Ian and Val enter from the bathroom. Kevin asks her how many pills she took, but Amy asks her why she did it. Did she really want to die, or did she just want Jamal to rush to her side. Val is furious that Amy accused her of it and asks Amy if she's ever lost someone she loved. Amy admits to Val that when she lost her sight, she wanted to die, but she decided to live. Val has a wonderful life in front of her if she'll stop putting herself in another person's hands. Kevin and Ian decide to admit Val to GH for 72 hours. Val begs Jamal to go with her, but Jamal has had enough. She's in good hands and he's not going. When Amy tells Val to rely on herself, Val decides that she isn't going to GH. She wants Jamal to talk to Kevin and Ian, but Jamal refuses to help her. Ali gets to the outside of the door in time to hear Jamal refuse Val and Val threaten Jamal that it will never be over.

Ali continues to listen from outside. Val doesn't believe Jamal would care if she died. Jamal loves Ali and he's not going to lose her for Val. Angry, Val accuses him of wanting her locked up because she's messing up his life. Jamal is sorry for what she's going through, but he can't help her anymore. Accusing him of turning his back on his own child, Val turns to see Ali enter the apartment. Val wants Ali to enjoy the show and hopes that one day Ali will feel what Val is feeling. Kevin leads Val out the door. Ian goes to Amy and congratulates her for handling Val as well as she did. Amy wonders if Val really heard any of it. As Ian apologizes again for giving Amy the third degree, he offers to take a look at the burn on her arm, but it's healed. Joking, Amy informs Ian that aliens heal fast. He offers her a ride home, but Amy is not going home with him. She needs to find her own place to live. She has a meeting with a realtor, and she'll get her things later. She appreciates everything they've done for her, but it's time for her to be on her own. As she leaves, she remembers thanking Paige for helping. In her memory, Paige admits that she has been hard on Amy but so much is at stake. Alone, Amy agrees with Paige that Ian is getting too close, and it's dangerous for all of them.

Paige goes to Kevin's studio, studying the sketches. Things are on track with Amy, and they're going to handle Casey. There is a man in the studio who startles Paige. He's been waiting for her.

Gabby calls for Ricky, and Colleen tells her that Ricky isn't there. Not surprised, Gabby informs Frank that Ricky didn't show up for work.

Ricky wants Casey to define the compliment, and Casey admits that he's not repulsive. He invites her to go for a ride in the limo, but Casey knows that Frank will flip if they hang together. Ricky challenges her to not take orders, and she suddenly shocks him. With both arms, she pulls him to her to kiss him so Rafe, who is walking behind Ricky, won't see her. As Rafe goes inside the Recovery Room, Casey backs away from a stunning Ricky. She begs him to get her out of there.


Ali and Jamal agree that being together is all that matters.

The man in the studio is with Lucy, who wants to analyze Paige's skin. Paige orders Lucy and the man to stay away from her.

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