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Port Charles Update Wednesday 1/16/02

By Dawn

Kevin is sketching Paige in the studio, but the lighting isn’t what Kevin wants. It’s too formal. Paige remembers a café in Paris where he was so absorbed in his sketching of her that he wouldn’t answer her. Kevin gets an idea. It’s not Paris, but it will do. Taking Paige’s arm, he leads her out of the studio.

Livvie and Jack leave Ali and Jamal alone. Jamal enters the house and Jack and Livvie think it’s a good sign. Livvie can’t get over the fact that she brought Val back to PC, and she got them into this mess. Jack has an idea to make it better.

Jamal apologizes to Ali for things being the way they are. He wants to work it out, but she’s not sure she can.

Rafe is calling Ed loudly, He made a mistake and he wants to go back. After several tries with no response, he informs Ed that if things get worse, it’s Ed’ fault. Suddenly Ed appears and want to know what Rafe wants.

Amy is still trying to dismantle Victor’s equipment. Ian catches her and her excuse about seeing things doesn’t completely work. He remembers how bothered she was about her watch setting it off. Ian mentions Victor’s theory of aliens, and Amy jumps to the conclusion that Ian thinks she is one. Ian doesn’t believe she’s an alien, but he does think she’s hiding something.

Amy asks Ian what he’s suggesting, but he’s not sure. He wants to know why she took Victor’s equipment apart. If she broke it she’s sorry, but she’s angry that he accused her of being a liar. Furious, Amy accuses him of thinking she’s a poor little blind girl. He’d rather believe she’s an alien then believe she’s independent. Ian tries to stop her from running away and she yells at him as Kevin and Paige enter. Kevin guesses that everyone needs a minute to calm down, and he wants to talk to Ian outside. 

Ian tells Kevin that Amy is hiding something.

Paige yells at Amy for drawing attention to herself. But Amy had no choice because Ian was beginning to suspect something. Paige insists that they have to keep their cover. But Amy’s convinced that someone is going to figure it out and soon it will be over for all of them.

Jamal admits that Ali was right about him allowing Val to come between them. Val is hurting, and Jamal wants to help, but it’s out of control. He apologizes for making Ali feel like she doesn’t come first with him. The thought of her walking out on him really freaked him out, and he begs her to come home. Ali wants to leave with him, but she has to be honest with him about Rafe.

Rafe apologizes to Ed, but he wants to go back. He’s only made things worse by being there. Ed knows that  Rafe is falling for Ali and it’s too tough. When Ed informs him that he saw Rafe and Ali making out in the park, Rafe admits that it was amazing. But then he catches himself and wants to explain. He doesn’t have to explain anything to Ed. Rafe got what he wanted and now he has to get himself out of it. Rafe came back to reunite Ali and Jamal, but all he’s doing is pulling them apart. Ed teases Rafe about how difficult it is to be a regular human. As an angel, Rafe had a chance to fight his emotions. But as a human, he has no control. Ed asks him what makes him think he’s supposed to have control.

Ian thinks something is weird about Amy he wants Kevin to check with is friend at Berkley that Amy studied under. Kevin refuses because of what they’ve all been through. Caleb started it, but Kevin ran with it, and he knows he’s never really apologizes for what he did. Ian feels it’s all behind them, but Kevin is sorry for what he caused. It’s not completely behind them, they’re all still on edge. Anything out of the ordinary sends them all into a tailspin. Kevin offers the opinion that they should do the one thing he couldn’t. Take people at face value and give them the benefit of the doubt.

Paige lectures Amy on making a scene, but Amy still insists that she had to so something about Victor’s instrument going off on her watch. Paige reminds her what happens to them in the shower and she wants Amy to move out of Ian’s. Amy is adamant about the fact that no one would know what happens to them in the shower unless they were in the shower with her. Making a point, Paige states how carried away with Ian she thinks Amy is. Again, Amy is angry. She wants to know who put Paige in charge of where she lives and how to act. Paige snaps that the way she’s been acting, someone has to tell her.

Kevin and Ian hear this and are surprised that two people who just met would be so irate with each other.  

Jack and Livvie go to Jamal’s apartment to talk to Val. Val is despondent over Hope, but Jamal’s been taking good care of her. She doesn’t know what she’d do without him. Jack and Livvie try to gently remind her that Jamal and Ali are going through a rough time as well, but they’re getting back together. Val is not happy to hear this, and it’s obvious. Jack and Livvie offer Val a place to stay, and she comes up with excuses to refuse them. Telling Val to come stay with them so Ali can come home is the wrong thing to say, and Val nearly throws Livvie out of the apartment. As she shuts the door behind them, Val swears that Jamal will go back to Ali over her dead body.

Livvie and Jack realize Val wants to break up Ali and Jamal. The both know it’s important to get her away from Jamal.

Rafe can’t control his emotions. He’s learned his lesson and he wants to go home. Ed is almost amused to tell Rafe that it doesn’t work that way. Admitting Ed was right, Rafe begs him to not leave him and if Ed takes him home, he’ll never ask for anything again. Ed shakes his head. A deal is a deal, and Rafe needs to deal with it. Ed vanishes and Rafe is furious. Why would Ed do that when he knows Rafe is falling in love with Ali.

As Ali tries to explain that what happened between her and Rafe happened because Jamal blew her off for Val, Jamal stops her. All he needs to know is that if he’d paid more attention to her it wouldn’t have happened. Jamal never stopped loving her and he wants her to come home with him. They both begin to cry.  

Rafe is alone in the park mocking Ed’s reply to his plea for help. He can’t do what he came to do, but an idea occurs to him. He wasn’t sent back to help, he was sent back to have another chance to experience life. Rationalizing, Rafe knows there had to be a reason, and that reason could be good for both of them. Happy, Rafe decides that he’s doing to do it. He’s going to tell Ali how he feels.  

Jamal knows Val needs help, but she’s going to have to deal. He wants Ali to come home now, but Ali can’t. Jamal needs an hour to get rid of Val so she can. Hugging her, Jamal can’t wait to have her all to himself. They kiss before he leaves, and Ali shuts the door behind him.

Ali doesn’t get far from the door before someone knocks on it. She’s surprised to see Rafe, who wants to talk to her. Ali invites him in, and he tries to say what he’s feeling. As he begins to tell her the real reason he’s there, Ali interrupts him to tell him that she can’t see him anymore.

Jamal gets to the apartment and looks for Val. She’s lying on the sofa with empty bottle of pills, and doesn’t respond when Jamal tries to wake her.

Paige covers by telling Kevin and Ian that they were discussing being new in town. Paige accepts the blame by saying that she’d overheard Amy and Ian and she said things it wasn’t her place to say. Amy accepts the apology, and Ian apologizes to her as well. As the mood at the table relaxes, a waiter spills water on Amy. As her arm disappears, Amy and Paige panic.


Stirring, Val only wants to wake up enough to make Jamal care.

Paige reminds Amy that if anyone figures out what they are they’ll have to leave without accomplishing what they came to do.

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