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Port Charles Update Thursday 1/15/02

by Dawn

Jack and Livvie are eating breakfast. As they playfully wrestle over the syrup for the pancakes, and are interrupted by Ali knocking on the door. She asks them if she can stay with them for a while because she left Jamal.

Taggert leads Ricky into the holding room with Frank following. Ricky is still claiming he's innocent, but no one believes him. Taggert threatens to put him away for a long time. Casey enters the police station, swearing that she doesn't care what Amy and Paige told her to do, she isn't going to help. She remembers starting the fire and escaping the PCPD, then she remembers arguing with Paige and Amy. She remembers Paige telling her that all their futures depended on her getting out of trouble. Entering the room, Casey calls Taggert 'Sipowitz' and admits that she was the one that stole the necklace and started the fire.

As Amy is reading in the Recovery Room, her watch face falls off. Disgusted, Amy tries to put it back and talks to herself about what a pain it is, but no one can see what it really is. Ian enters, but doesn't hear what she's saying. He apologizes for all the questions last night, but Amy interrupts him to tell him that she's glad things are going better for him and Eve. Ian is confused that she knows, but he also knows that she will say that something in his voice told her. Victor enters with a bag and tells Ian about going into the woods and finding all the blooms. Amy listens to Victor explain his equipment and as he tells Ian that the sensor reads some wave length, it begins to go off next to Amy. Victor is so shocked that he drops it, and Amy catches it.

Ali apologizes for interrupting Livvie and Jack, but she tells them about Jamal seeing Rafe carry her into the apartment. Then in a matter of a few seconds, she finishes with Jamal dropping her to run to help Val. Jack tries to defend Jamal for helping Val, but Ali feels like Jamal refused to take her feelings into consideration when he went running to Val's rescue. Livvie and Jack try to reason with Ali, but she takes that to mean that they are taking Jamal's side and she decides to leave. As they try to convince her that they want her to stay, Jamal knocks on the door.

Jack goes outside to talk to Jamal and tries to stall him. Jamal knows that Ali is there and he needs to see her.

Taggert asks Casey for details, but Frank wants to know where she's been. Casey's story is that Ricky was trying to get her to give the necklace back. She tries to convince them that Ricky left to follow her to help her. Taggert doesn't believe her, but he goes out to check her story. Casey begs Frank to help her avoid spending the rest of her life in jail. Agreeing to try to help, Frank leaves the room. Alone, Ricky wants to know what's really going on. He wants to know why she's confessing now, after there was no chance she would come back in the woods.

Victor turns the volume down on his machine, and he explains that it's temperamental. He tells Ian all about him and Frank going back to the woods. Victor took samples of everything, but he's still convinced that it's from outer space. Amy wonders out loud if Victor is right, and Victor is grateful that someone is willing to at least hear his theories. She pretends fascination, but she has to leave. The sensor is going berserk, and Amy knows it's her setting it off. Victor moves it around the room until it leads him right to her. Ian finally realizes it's Amy.

Livvie looks out the window to find out Jamal isn't leaving. Ali doesn't want to see him. She confesses to Livvie that she kissed Rafe again. Rafe is back without his powers and one chance to discover what he missed when he was alive. Ali started crying on his shoulder. He tried to make things better, and one thing led to another, which led to Ali coming on to him. But this time the kiss was intense, and she really liked it, which confuses her. The only thing she knows is that she can't see Jamal right now.

Jack tries to stop Jamal from going inside. Jamal is adamant that helping Valerie has nothing to do with Ali, but Jack tries to explain that he promised to help Ali. Pushing Jack out of the way, Jamal pounds on the door, begging Ali to talk to him.

Casey tries to convince Ricky that she came back to be nice, but Ricky isn't buying it. Finally he realizes that's all he's going to get, and he thanks her. Frank enters, he worked it out with the cops, but she won't like the conditions of her freedom.

Amy tries to tell Victor that he needs to work on his machine. Victor realizes it's her watch setting it off. Amy explains to Victor and Ian that it's a normal watch, except the numbers are in Braille. Ian suggests that Victor compare readings of the soil sample and recheck the results to the watch. Victor asks Amy if he can do that, and Amy doesn't answer.

Jamal is still knocking on the door while Livvie offers to tell him to leave for Ali. Jamal tries to apologize to her through the door, and Ali listens to him. The only thing he's ever done right is love her, she's the only one he cares about and wants to be with. Slowly, Ali approaches the door. He reminds her about Cedric. He remembers being with her and being the only one that could help her, and he wants to always be that guy. He needs her, too. He's caught in the same nightmare and he needs her. He loves her and begs her to talk to him because he's nothing without her. The both cry on either side of he door. Finally Ali opens it and faces him.

Casey wants to know what the catch is. Frank lied to Taggert for her. He promised that he would keep Casey in his custody. She's not happy about that, but Frank threatens to tell Taggert she won't go for it. He begins to lay down the rules of his house. She can't go near Ricky, which is okay with Casey and Ricky. She agrees to go with Frank and stay out of trouble.

Victor thanks her for allowing him to see the watch. Pretending to be fighting with the clasp, she knocks over a dish. Her uncoordination confuses Ian. Finally he goes with Victor, and Amy tries to think for a way out of this. Finding the instrument on the table, she tries to dismantle it. Ian catches her and wants to know what she's doing and why.


Amy laughs at the fact that Ian thinks she might be an alien. All Ian knows for sure is that she's hiding something.

Ali wants to be honest with Jamal about Rafe.

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