PC Update Monday 1/14/02



Port Charles Update Monday 1/14/02

By Kathy

Kevin and Lucy are talking, post lovemaking, comfortably wrapped in a sheet on the floor of the studio. They are speculating on Victor and his beliefs. They continue lovemaking.

Victor and Frank confront Ricky in the woods. Victor thinks Ricky is an alien. Frank informs Victor that Ricky is of this world, but Victor continues to question him as if he is an alien. Frank gets a phone call from Taggart who lets him know there is an APB out on someone matching Ricky's description who escaped with a girl.

The three "weird sisters" are in deep discussion. Amy and Paige are reading Casey the riot act. Paige states that it's just as well the people of PC think there are aliens about to throw suspicion off of them. She hands out magnetic watch faces to cover the strange faces of their "magic" watches. Paige tells the two no matter what they can't let anyone know who they are or why they are in PC. EVER!!

Lucy brings Christina into the studio to see Kevin. Kevin steps on Christina's doll, upsetting the little girl. Christina walks over to some brushes and knocks them over. They tell her it's all right, but she tells Kevin to go away.

Ricky claims he doesn't know Casey, but Frank doesn't buy it. Frank tells Victor about the robbery and the fire. Ricky tells them Casey clocked him on the head just as he was about to tell the police everything. He asks that Frank not turn him in, that he won't make it in prison again. He asks Frank if he knows Emilio and Gabby. Frank starts to rough him up about Casey. Ricky threatens Frank.

Casey doubts the magnetic face will fool anyone, but Paige tells her if they have nothing else to wonder about, suspicion will be off of them. Amy tells Casey to stay out of trouble and do whatever it is she came for. Casey tells them she was hoping once they got to town that she wouldn't have to see them again. They tell her she wouldn't have had to see them again if she had just stayed out of trouble. Casey tells them she's going to New York. They tell her "not so fast."

Frank and Ricky continue to argue about Casey. Frank turns Ricky in.

Lucy fixes Christina's doll and Kevin tries to make nice.

Amy and Paige stop Casey from leaving. They talk about a deal they made to go their separate ways. They tell her now, because of her actions, they need to keep an eye on her. She tells them she has to leave because she got into trouble with the cops. Paige tells her to fix it immediately. All their futures depend on it.

Taggart shows up in the woods and arrests Ricky. Frank asks Taggart to find Casey. Frank leaves with Taggart, but Victor stays behind to continue to explore the area.

Kevin shows Christina how to mix paint colors. Christina asks Lucy if she can read a book up in her room with Lucy, not Kevin. Once Christina and Lucy leave the room, Christina tells Lucy that she doesn't like Kevin. Kevin overhears and is upset.

Victor is talking to a bird of paradise. He's working out the mystery. He asks the flower to take him to its leader.

Paige tells Casey that she wants her to swear she won't run or do anything crazy. Casey tells her she's already promised twice to stay in the boring old Port Charles. Paige thinks they all need to keep track of what the citizens are saying and doing and meet regularly to discuss. This annoys Casey, but Amy reluctantly agrees. Paige reminds them no one is to know the three are connected. They start to leave, but Amy stops them. She says her watch moved back. The other two check and theirs have moved as well. Paige tells the other two, "Well you both know what that means don't you?"

Preview for Tuesday, January 15: Casey to Frank and Taggart: "You're arresting the wrong perp you geniuses." Ricky to Frank and Taggart: "See, what did I tell you." Casey: "I lit the fire, I snatched the jewelry, if you're going to arrest someone who is actually guilty for a change." Alison to someone we can't see: "Can I just stay with you for a little while. I just left Jamal."

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