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Port Charles Update Friday 1/11/02

By Kathy 

Victor packs up his "positron" for his trip with Frank to the scorched place. Frank is questioning Victor about the strange goings on. As they leave the Recovery Room, a bright light flashes. They notice there is no thunder and Frank sees that there are no clouds in the sky.

Casey is walking in the woods when the bright light goes off. Ricky steps out and stops her. Ricky is upset that Casey went back on her word to take the rap for the jewelry store. She asks him what his problem is since he did walk. But Ricky points out that she started a fire at the precinct and they'll get in trouble for that. He tells her they're going back and she going to tell them that she started the fire. He tells her he's not taking the fall for her.

Paige sees the bright light, looks at the watch and puts it back in her bag. Kevin meanwhile is following the red arrows through the house. He opens a door and Lucy is standing there in a smock. She has set up a painting studio for him. He hugs her. Paige comes in and tells them she can't start the sitting.

Amy comes out of the bathroom all gussied up. Ian and Eve tell her she looks beautiful. She tells them she has a date, but won't tell them who he is. Ian asks who it could be since she just got there. Amy teases Ian about hitting the ground running when HE first came to Port Charles. He jokingly asks how she knew and how she knows so much about everything else.

Ricky tells Casey that he just got out of jail and he's not going back. Casey tells him she'd like to help him but she can't. She says she has to get to New York City. He tells her if she goes back to the cops and gets a slap on the wrist that he will take her to the bus himself. She starts flirting with him to distract him and kisses him.

Ian helps Amy on with her coat and she tells him they've already discussed her abilities, but Ian tells her she knows things that really have nothing to do with those abilities. A taxi horn saves the day and Amy departs. Ian and Eve discuss the fact that Amy's abilities intrigue him. Eve asks him if he thinks Amy is a witch or fortuneteller. He says after everything that has happened in the recent past he wouldn't be surprised.

Kevin and Lucy ask Paige if everything is okay. Paige insists that it is, but she knows she has taken up all of Kevin's time since the two got married and she wants to get out of their hair. She takes no arguments and leaves. Kevin and Lucy get down to it.

Paige removes the watch from her pocketbook to take a look at it, puts it back and leaves the Lighthouse.

Ian and Eve are still discussing Amy. Eve's take is that Amy interests Ian because he thinks she's a damsel in distress who needs protecting. But he's wrong, Eve says. She tells him Amy is a strong woman who can take care of herself. Ian points out just like the woman he married. Eve says she's jealous of the camaraderie that he has with Amy because she doesn't have time to have fun with him. They decide to have fun. Eve blindfolds Ian and they sit close together. Ian kisses her. They switch and Ian blindfolds Eve and does the same "find me by my voice" exercise he did with Amy. Eve bumps hard into the coffee table.

Kevin tells Lucy about his insecurities about painting Paige. Lucy tells him she knows he can do it. She tells him it's important to finish what he began years ago. Lucy suggests he paint her.

Casey and Ricky are kissing. Casey suggests they meet at a hotel. Ricky sees through her game. He tells her he's not going to let her out of his sight. Casey trips and falls. Ricky tells her to get up and goes to grab her. Casey decks him.

Victor is regaling Frank on Carl Sagan's theories. His "positron" starts beeping and they come to the area that used to be charred. It's flush with flowers and plants. The rest of the surrounding area is covered in snow. Victor asks Frank if he still thinks he's crazy.

Lucy takes off her clothes and Kevin to paint her. They go at it again.

Eve is putting ice on her knee as she and Ian banter. They start making out and decide to retire to the bedroom. Eve leaves while Ian picks up what they need, and the bright light flashes, taking Ian off guard.

Victor and Frank continue to search the woods, the light goes off again. Victor tells Frank they are dealing with something or someone not of this earth. They hear a noise. It's Ricky with a big headache.

Paige and Amy are waiting for Casey. Paige berates Casey because she's late and lost the watch. Paige has stolen it back and gives it to her. Amy tells Casey to hold on to it this time. She tells her that because she lost the watch, everyone has seen it and knows something strange is going on. Paige says the people of PC think they're visitors from another planet. Casey asks what's wrong with that as long as they don't know who they really are.

Previews for Monday, January 14.

Frank to Ricky: "You better tell me what happened to Casey or I'm going to haul your sorry ass down to jail."

Kevin to Christina: "No honey, I'm not mad at you."

Christina: "Go away."

Paige to Casey: "We can't let them find out the truth about who we are or why we're here."

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