PC Update Thursday 1/10/02



Port Charles Update Thursday 1/10/02

by Dawn

Kevin is sketching in the lighthouse. He gives up and throws sketch to join the pile of other sketches on the floor. Victor knocks on the door, and he's excited about going to the impact site. He's had no luck with the missing watch, and he really believes the watch might be from another planet. At Kevin's amused reaction, Victor admits that he might be eccentric, but he's not crazy. He wants Kevin to profile the alien. If a new being came to Earth, would they form a cover, would they get a job? Victor needs a professional opinion on that one. Before Kevin can answer, Paige joins them and Victor stares at her.

Casey is furious with Ricky and they are arguing as the officer arrives to take them to booking. Casey refuses to take the key off her neck and Ricky angrily orders her to give it to the cop. Reluctantly, she does, but she is honestly afraid they'll take it away from her and she begs them not to.

Val begs Jamal to give her another baby, and he refuses.

Rafe and Ali are kissing in the park. He admits how much he wants her.

Paige wants to why Victor is staring at her, and Kevin almost hates to admit that Victor is looking for aliens. Paige is almost amused to hear that Victor believes it. Victor remembers Paige arriving in PC the same night as the light, and Paige shows him that she still has her watch. Victor inspects it, but Kevin makes him stop. Victor voices the opinion that if Paige is an alien, she will bring many more like her. After Victor leaves, Kevin apologizes for him. But the fact remains that the watch isn't from Earth, and PC has been like the Bermuda Triangle for the last year. Kevin admits he's not getting involved in Victor's hunt because he's still hoping for a reasonable explanation. Kevin admits to Paige that he's been trying to get back into the swing of painting, but he's not having any luck. He's convinced she needs to find someone else to paint her portrait, and he goes to get her a number of someone he knows. Paige panics and begs him to paint her himself. She tells him that it has to be him.

Val reminds Jamal that he promised to do anything to help her. He didn't mean that, it's not right, and it won't replace Hope. Val admits that giving up Hope was a big mistake, and having another baby would be the best thing for them. Furious, Jamal tries to explain to her that there is no them, and he's with Ali. Feeling that she is nothing without Hope, she asks him how she is supposed to deal with it.

Ali and Rafe continue to kiss. Finally they break apart and Rafe begins to unbutton her blouse and kisses her chest while she holds him. Ali pulls away and tells him she can't. Apologizing to him, she admits that she made a mistake. It embarrasses her to think that she actually threw herself at an angel. As if trying to convince herself, she reminds him that she's in love with Jamal, and Jamal is her entire life. Crying, she apologizes again and leaves. Alone, Rafe tries to call her back, but finally gives up and lies back in the snow.

Casey is pacing in the holding room and Ricky tries to calm her. She's freaking about the key and he wants to know what's so special about it. She refuses to tell him, and he promises that he can get it back for her. She needs the key, but still won't tell him why. He wants her to admit that she lifted the necklace. When she refuses, he admits to her that shoplifting will send him back to jail. Ricky argues that her first offense will be a light sentence. Casey agrees on the condition that he gets the key back for her.

Kevin wants to know why it's so important he paint her. Paige admits that he was her first love, the man she thought she was going to be with forever. He remembers that he felt that way, too. They were young. He can remember the first time he met her. Paige is quiet as Kevin recounts the story of their love. She lost a scarf and he chased it down for her. One look at her smile and he was in love. She was beautiful, and he thinks she still is. But Lucy is still determined to find out why. Paige admits that she's known other artists, but there is only one first love. Hers happens to be a talented artist who promised to paint her. It has to be him because she wants someone who knows her heart and soul and will put it in his work. An email arriving takes Kevin to his laptop. It's Lucy, and he goes upstairs to see what she wants. After he's gone, Paige moves to the purse and she holds up the watch that Victor is looking for.

Jamal puts Val in his bed and promises to not leave her. Ali comes home and they face each other. Ali states that they're in trouble and Jamal can't argue. Crying, Ali tells Jamal that she feels like she's losing him. Jamal reacts to her fear but before he can say anything, Ali sees Val in their bed. Jamal didn't know what else to do with her, but Ali is furious. This convinces her that it's never going to end. Taking a suitcase, Ali informs Jamal that she's leaving.

Pounding on the door, Ricky wants to talk to the officer in private. When the officer allows him to come out, Ricky thanks him for treating him with respect and dignity. When he hugs the officer, the officer freaks and puts him back in the holding room. Smiling, Ricky shows Casey her key, but refuses to give it back until she confesses. After a brief standoff, Ricky hands her the key. But Casey has a better idea. Starting a fire with newspaper and the coffee pot, she screams for the cop. As soon as the cop runs for the fire extinguisher, Casey urges Ricky to run with her. Finally he agrees and they run out of the room.

Rafe enters the Recovery Room. A brunette approaches him and introduces herself as Smokey. She tries to make small talk, and at first Rafe isn't interested. But he decides to try to forget about Ali by dancing with her. His mind goes back to dancing with Ali at the wedding, and he realizes that he can't do this. Smokey is confused, but all Rafe can tell her before he runs out is that he shouldn't have come back to PC.

Jamal tries to stop Ali from leaving, but she's had enough. Val opens her eyes and listens to them fight. Jamal begs Ali to stay. When it starts to look like Ali is about to give in to Jamal, Val begins to scream for Hope and Ali jerks away. Jamal goes to Val and Ali leaves. While Jamal is talking to Val, Ali slams the door behind her.

Kevin finds a trial of red arrows on paper and follows them to the bedroom. Looking around, he wonders what Lucy has done.

Looking at the watch, Paige admits the Victor was right about the watch not being of this world.


Amy knows that Ian hit the ground running when he came to PC, and Ian wants to know how she knew that. He wants to know how she knows so much about everything.

Ricky informs Casey that she's in a lot more trouble because he isn't taking the fall for anyone. Especially her.

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