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Port Charles Update Wednesday 1/9/02

By Dawn

Ian is getting Amy acquainted with GH. She is counting paces from place to place. Almost running to Ian, Eve is excited to announce that she is the new Chief Resident. The amount of work she now has proves to her why Chris never had a life. Ian suggests that he had no life because he is Chris. Ian is not happy to hear that Eve will not be able to have dinner, breakfast, or lunch with him due to either Chief Resident commitments or her Mommy and Me class. Promising to make it up to him, she kisses him goodbye. Amy is grateful to them for being so kind to her, and she asks Ian if everything is okay.

Jamal moves Val to the sofa in the apartment. She's pretending to hold Hope and sings to her. Believing that it is all his fault for signing away the rights to Hope, he tells her he's sorry.

Rafe holds Ali while she cries. Every time she and Jamal get close, Val needs him and she's sick of it. Rafe is convinced that they'll work it out, but Ali is tired of hearing how much she and Jamal love each other and that they'll work it out. Suddenly furious, Ali orders Rafe to put away his halo and stop acting like an angel.

Karen asks Frank about the disappearing watch and jokes that the pod people that came in the light took it. As they kiss on the sofa, Eve finds them. In a rage, Eve yells at Karen about all the things she has going on with the CR position, Ian, and Danny while all Karen has to do is fool around with Frank. When Karen replies that she just came off a 14 hour shift, but she'll help, Eve apologizes. Eve has been looking for Chris, and Karen heard that Chris has been drowning his sorrows in martinis. Grateful that Karen is willing to put in a few more hours, Eve runs out of the room. Frank asks Karen if it's part of the job that CR's have no life. Karen hopes that Eve finds a way to balance everything.

Ian admits to Amy that they have problems, but they're working them out. Amy is embarrassed and knows it's none of her business. She's never had a real relationship, and she drove away the only man she ever loved. In college, her parents thought the man was after her money, and she listened to them. It was only after he was gone that she realized they were wrong. She blew it because she didn't have faith. She vowed that the next time she would listen to her heart, and Ian knows exactly what she means.

Eve enters the Recovery Room to find Chris drinking at the bar. She knows he's been doing that since Julie left. Refusing to take her seriously, Chris offers her a drink. Taking the drink, Eve pours it over Chris's head and informs him that it's time to sober up.

Chris isn't interested in her intervention. His future plans include the possibilities of being a kept man, eurotrash, or a future in food service. Eve is getting angrier at him, and she's there to offer him a job. If he helps her, she can fix things with Alan. When that doesn't get to him, she begs him to help her. Teasing, she informs him that she's nicer then the last CR. He's a brilliant doctor and he can't stop being that. It didn't make him happy or fulfill him. He has money and he could go anywhere. Eve is tired of listening and she's going back to work. She wants him to come with her. He refuses and she leaves. But he watches her go out the door.

When Amy lost her sight in her teens she was devastated. Eventually her other senses kicked in and she found that she could hear what people were feeling without them saying a word. She knows that Ian is staring at her with a mix of intrigue and skepticism. Being blind has advantages, it taught her to understand the sense of touch in new ways. She can tell someone's history from their face and she wants to prove this by reading his. Her description of a man that has seen horrible things, has a nice smile, sees the good in other, and has been hurt badly hit too close to home for Ian. As she notes that the pain hasn't gone away, he pulls her hands from his face. Challenging him, she doesn't think there is a reason to stop, and he allows her to continue.

Jamal holds Val and tries to make her understand. They brought a baby into the world, and it was their responsibility to give her the best life possible. Val continues to 'hold the baby' and hum. Scared, Jamal decides to call Kevin, but before he can, Val begins to scream that Jamal is the only one she needs. He wants her to hate him instead of punishing herself, and he will do anything to help her. Jamal can't see how pleased she is by this.

Rafe has never felt less like an angel. Ali wants him to put away the wings and do something that would shock her. Suddenly she realizes that he knows all about her and she knows nothing about him. When she tries to push him, he refuses to tell her. When he sits on the bench, she grabs his backpack away from him. When she gets to the diary and threatens to read it, Rafe finally dives at her. He misses and twists his ankle as he falls to the ground. Pain is new to him and he reacts by becoming angry at her. She begins to cry, apologizing for hurting and wanting the whole world to hurt. All she wants now is to make him better.

Karen is behind the counter at the hospital where Eve approaches her to apologize. She found Chris, but he's a lost cause. Frank arrives to get Karen. Victor is still looking for the watch and he wants Frank to go back to the woods to look around. Frank admits that if it hadn't been for the vampires, he would have thought Victor was crazy. Eve doesn't want to know if aliens are there to take over the world. All she wants is peace, quiet, and her family. As Karen and Frank leave, Karen hints to Eve that the 6th floor stairwell is a great place to scream. Chris exits the elevator and approaches Eve. He's got a few more years to kill and he wants to do it practicing medicine with Eve. As he walks away, Eve informs him that he's still a jackass, but he's her jackass. She tries to convince herself that she can work this out between work and her personal life.

In the On Call room, Ian has had enough of Amy's reading. She suggests he try it with Eve. But she's not finished proving her point to Ian. Blindfolding him, she challenges him to navigate a room he's been in a hundred times. She mentions the sounds and smells in the room, instructing him to let them be his guide. As Ian finally gets to her and grabs her arms, Eve enters. Almost sarcastically, she announces that she wants to play. Reacting to the tension, Amy shrugs and tells Eve that they're playing Blind Man's Bluff, but she always wins. After she escapes the room, Ian admits to Eve that he thinks she's strange. Glaring at him, Eve thinks she's pretty, and leaves him alone.

Alone in the waiting area, Amy berates herself for being stupid. Everything is right on schedule.

Jamal holds Val and asks her what she wants. She insists that he can't give her what she needs and he can't stop her pain. Dramatically, Val announces that she can't go on living without Hope. When Jamal repeats that he'd do anything to help her, Val gives him the demand. She wants him to give her another baby.

Ali is touching Rafe's ankle, and she thinks it's only a sprain. She doesn't like him like this, he's Earthbound and on her level. But now that she knows he's staying she wants him to close his eyes and tell her what he wants more then anything in the world. Opening his eyes, Rafe struggles to admit to her that he wants to kiss her. Asking him who's stopping him, Ali leans closer to him and kisses him. He reaches for her and their kiss intensifies.


Casey and Ricky are being booked at PCPD. Casey refuses to take the key off her neck and Ricky demands that she cooperates with the cops.

Val begs Jamal to give her another baby.

Ali and Rafe are still kissing in the park.

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