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Port Charles Update Thursday 1/8/02

by Dawn

Ali is shocked to see Jamal in the apartment, but not as shocked as Jamal is to see her with Rafe. He wanted to surprise her, but he was the one that was surprised. He tried to call her, couldn't reach her, and come home. Trying to change the subject, Ali asks about Hope and Gabby. But it doesn't work, and Jamal wants to know what changed Rafe's mind about leaving town. He thinks he already knows the answer and glares at Rafe.

Casey is whining about Frank dragging her to several different hardware stores to save her money on the repairs. Finally he decides to go home, and offers her a ride. When she declines, he mentions the thought that she might be planning to run, but she reminds him that he kidnapped her bike. Making the planet a safer place is what Frank chooses to call it and he leaves her. Alone, Casey enters a jewelry store next to the hardware store. While the clerk is busy, Casey holds up one necklace pretending to look at it while putting another one in her pocket. Putting the one the clerk sees in her hands down, she leaves. As she pats herself on the back outside, Ricky grabs her. Claiming to be security, Ricky accuses her of stealing.

Kevin is giving Lucy a message on the sofa at the lighthouse. Complimenting him on his hands, Lucy talks about how happy she is to have her girls and the man of her dreams. Paige had to run errands, and Lucy feels sorry for her. She wants to help her. When Kevin agrees, she mentions how much Kevin would do for a good friend that he hasn't seen in a long time. When Kevin finally gets suspicious, Lucy admits that she promised Paige that he would paint her portrait. Not happy with her, Kevin advises her to unpromise Paige. Lucy tries to talk him into it, but he is adamant that he won't paint anyone, not even Paige. As he says this, Paige enters and hears him.

Rafe tells Jamal that someone had to look after Ali while she was in the hospital. This doesn't help and Jamal is even angrier that Ali was hurt and she didn't tell him. When Rafe tries to help, Jamal pushes him and tells him that Ali is not available. When Ali gets in the middle, Jamal can't deal with all of this and tells Rafe to go home. Ali and Rafe say goodbye and Ali turns to face Jamal. Ali doesn't want to hear Jamal's attitude after he dissed her.

Frank asks Victor if he's learned anything. Nothing on the light, but the hand moved on the watch. Victor put up fliers, but no one could describe it. He wonders if the owner won't claim it because they don't want to reveal their identity.

Paige thinks Kevin is angry, and he swears that he isn't. Not at Paige. Lucy knows he gave up painting. Paige is sorry to hear that. Lucy reminds him that he painted not so long ago to get through memories. But he's not comfortable doing it. Paige tries to let it go, but Lucy won't. He doesn't want to paint. Paige didn't mean to cause trouble. Lucy goes to Kevin and begs him to share his wonderful gift. She's willing to leave him alone with a beautiful woman because she's not afraid or jealous. She asks him what he's afraid of.

Rafe is writing in his journal. Ali thinks he's back to enjoy life, and he can't tell her that he gave up his job to help her patch things up with Jamal. He'd forgotten a lot about being human. Some things were good, and he's experiencing new feelings. But he can't lose track of why he's there. Finally he admits that he's no angel.

Ali informs Jamal that she called him and he never called her back when she got hurt. He doesn't even remember her calling. When he goes on about Ricky and papers he signed, Ali wants to know what he's talking about. When she hears about Jamal giving up his rights to Hope, she sits next to him. It really hurt him to do it. But he really missed her and he didn't mean to blow her off. The phone rings and Jamal answers it. After a few shocked moments for him, he hangs up. Val is at the maternity ward staring at the babies and she won't leave. As he goes to get her, Ali grabs her coat to go with him.

Casey doesn't believe Ricky is a security guard, but Ricky convinces her. She offers to sell the necklace and split the cash. When he doesn't answer her, she gets closer and stares into his eyes, asking him if there is any way they can work this out.

Taking Lucy's hands, Kevin tries to convince her that fear has nothing to do with it. He just doesn't want to paint, especially her portrait because he can't give it the attention it needs. He begs Lucy to let it go, and Paige wants to talk to Kevin alone. Kissing him goodbye, Lucy decides that she's going to take the girls ice skating. After she's gone, Paige observes that Lucy is a force of nature. Kevin agrees. Paige apologizes for asking him such a huge favor. He wants to know why it's so important, and Paige tells him the same thing she told Lucy about her heritage. She wants to leave something behind, but she promises him she's not sick. But she's learned to not put anything off, just in case. She reminds him that he made her a promise that he would paint her portrait. It's a low blow, but Kevin remembers.

Victor jumps to his feet, shouting that his watch is ready. Running into the kitchen for a moment, he rushes back to inform Frank that the watch is gone.

Angry, Casey finally gives Ricky the necklace. As she tries to walk away, the cops arrive and arrest both of them.

Kevin finally agrees to paint Paige's portrait. Lucy logic did it. If he's that afraid to do something, he should do it. He needs to keep a promise. But now he's late for an appointment and he has to go. As he leave, Paige thanks him. After he's gone, Paige apologizes to him, wishing she could be honest with him. He'll know the truth one day.

Val is standing at the nursery staring when Jamal and Ali arrive. As Jamal approaches her, Val wants to know why they won't give her the baby. She wants her baby. Jamal tries to talk to her. Ali watches them for a moment, and leaves. Val is acting, but Jamal doesn't realize it.

Lucy is yelling instructions at Serena to hold on to Christina when Rafe approaches her. After hugging him, Lucy realizes something is different. Finally she guesses that it's a woman. He protests too much and she makes him sit down. It confuses her that she can't see into his mind, and he blames the fact that there aren't any vampires. They don't need the protection. When he asks her how she is, she can't tell him how happy she is. Life and love are all that's happening for her. She advises him that if a woman is why he's still there to go for it. Distracted by the girls, Lucy has to take them inside. Kissing his cheek, Lucy tells him again how glad she is he's there. After Lucy is gone, Rafe hears Ali behind him. Going to him, Ali hugs him.


Jamal tells Val that she lost it because of him and he's sorry.

Pouring a glass of water on Chris's head, Eve tells him it's time to sober up.

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