PC Update Monday 1/7/02



Port Charles Update Monday 1/7/02

By Kathy

In the park, Rafe and Alison have been ice-skating and having fun. Rafe can't get over how great real life is. Alison asks him what he wants to experience next.

At the Recovery Room, the crowd is still around Victor and the watch. Eve asks Victor if he's joking about aliens. Serena has a "light bulb" and excitedly says the light was a space ship that dropped someone off and this person lost their watch. Lucy shoos Serena away. Victor thinks aliens are plausible. Everyone "pooh poohs" it. Lucy states that nothing can be ruled out after what has gone on previously in PC. Still no one wants to embrace the alien theory, Livvie says she doesn't think it's hard to believe. Casey then says she saw the space ship and that was why she ran into Amy with her bike. Livvie flips a bit, but Jack and Kevin tell her to relax. Lucy walks over to Paige and intimates that Paige is indeed an alien.

Rafe tells Alison he doesn't have any secret fantasy from his old life. He says that his whole life was geared toward what he was there to do, slaying evil forces. He says he never realized what he missed out on until now. Alison tells him they'll just have to make up for it, especially since there are no evil forces for him to fight. She tells them they'll have fun.

Lucy demands to know where Paige came from.

Kevin asks everyone to be rational about this whole situation. Livvie wants to know how they can be rational when they know something out there is after them.

Paige tells Lucy to listen to her husband. Lucy tells her she's not through with her yet and walks over to Kevin. She also tries to calm Livvie down, telling her the aliens might not be out to get them. She says she would love to meet the little "ET's". She reminds Livvie how well they handled the last problem. Casey walks over to Livvie and tells her "ET" is a fantasy, and that the space visitors are probably like the creature in "Alien" and jump out of people's stomachs. Jack tries to shut Casey up. Amy walks over to Livvie and tells her since she's blind she has a sixth sense and she doesn't sense any danger, nor does she think there are aliens about. Amy tells Livvie that she should have a great deal of courage knowing that they survived whatever ordeal has happened. It calms Livvie down. Kevin asks Amy exactly who she is.

Lucy asks Paige who she is. She knows Paige lied. Paige sarcastically says she landed on a spacecraft. Lucy tells her if she doesn't tell the truth she will let everyone know that Paige is a liar. Paige admits she did lie. She came to Port Charles to find Kevin because she needs him.

Rafe asks Alison what she dreamed about. Alison says she was a very materialistic girl and wanted a "Beamer." Now, she says, she just wants to build a life with Jamal. She wants to have a family, and a home and to grow old together with Jamal. Rafe tells her she pretty much has that in the bag, the stuff between her and Jamal is temporary. Alison doubts it, because she and Jamal haven't been handling problems together very well. She says she's selfish because she doesn't want to share Jamal with the others who need him. Rafe tells her she is the most unselfish person he knows.

Lucy insists Paige tell her the truth. Paige tells Lucy that when her husband died, she went home to England to her ancestral home. She says the mansion is filled with paintings of the family. She tells Lucy that she feels she has nothing to leave behind when she is gone. She has no children, but wants to leave a testament. something behind. She tells Lucy that she wants Kevin to paint her.

Eve asks Victor why there is only one hand on the watch. Victor says he doesn't know, but that the hand hasn't budged since they found it. Karen puts her two cents in about the watch. Eve says she doesn't want to talk about it anymore. She goes to check on Danny. Casey walks up to Frank and asks if she can see the watch. He tells her no, she's tried that before AND he wants to know why she was trying to scare Livvie. Casey smarts off again.

Frank tells Karen that Casey reminds him of Lark when he first took her in. Jack goes up to Casey to tell her to stop being such a pill. Casey jive talks them again, telling them they are no fun. She tells them she's leaving town and exits the Recovery Room.

Kevin guesses Amy is a pro the way she handled Livvie. Ian asks Amy what she studied. She tells him she got her PHD in Psychology at Berkeley. Amy tells Kevin and Ian that she likes the people in Port Charles, but doesn't know what to make of the alien talk. Ian goes to take another look at the watch. Amy asks Kevin what is between him and Ian. She tells him she noticed that they both talked to her but not to each other. Kevin sidesteps the issue. There is a scream from outside and something crashes into the building. Casey has bottomed out on her motorcycle. Everyone wants to check her out, but she tells all around her to leave her alone. Jack asks her why she doesn't know how to ride her motorcycle. She makes an excuse and tries to get back to the bike. Frank stops her and tells her she is going to have to pay off the damage she's done to the Recovery Room. She tells him she doesn't have any money, so he tells her she'll have to work it off. She doesn't have a place to stay and Jack and Livvie won't take her in again, so Franks tells her she can stay with him. Casey is not happy.

Rafe and Alison are back at Alison's apartment. They are kidding around and he hefts her over his shoulder. She's giggling as they walk in the door to find Jamal sitting on the sofa.

Paige asks Lucy to not to tell Kevin about the portrait. She tells Lucy it's too much of an imposition. Lucy tells Paige she thinks maybe she misjudged her. Paige tells Lucy she's often mistaken for a space alien. Lucy tells her she is too. Lucy says she wants to help Paige get Kevin to paint her. She tells Paige she will make sure he does. Paige asks for the job Lucy offered her back at the Lighthouse.

Kevin and Ian ask Amy if she would like a job at the Port Charles clinic. Amy accepts.

Victor puts the watch down on the bar as he reads the CIA report.

Previews for Tuesday, January 8, 2002: Ricky to Casey: "I'm with security. You just pick something up that doesn't belong to you." Lucy to Kevin: "I just told Paige you'd paint her portrait." Jamal to Rafe: "what are you doing here or do I already know the answer to that question."

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