PC Update Friday 1/4/02



Port Charles Update Friday 1/4/02

By Kathy 

Victor is talking to his contact about the watch. His contact doesn't have any answers yet. Victor talks about trying to find out what the white light is. He tells his contact that he's sure that a woman owned the watch because it's too small for a man's wrist. While Victor is talking, there is a shot of an empty shower stall. A woman's humming is heard, but she is invisible. Once she walks out of the stall she appears again. There is a shot of a woman's feet.

Livvie brings Jack some coffee. While they're kissing, Casey walks into the bike shop in her towel (obviously has just taken a shower) and drinks Jack's coffee. She calls Livvie Lizzie and tells them she's hungry. She starts "jive talking" to the both of them, asks if Livvie is into sharing her man. Jack tells her to get dressed and turns to embrace Livvie.

Eve and Ian are waiting for Amy to finish her shower and dress. Eve is starving. Amy comes out of the bathroom. Asks for lotion. Eve directs her back to bathroom and the lotion.

Kevin berates Lucy for snooping. Lucy explains she wants to learn Paige's secret for looking so young. She wants to find out so she can she can make use of Paige's beauty tricks for her cosmetics company. Paige comes out of the shower and asks Lucy if she's been snooping in her things.

Valerie pleads with Jamal not to sign over parental rights. He is convinced it's the right thing to do. He tries to convince her. He tells her that he's doing what he believes is right. He leaves with the papers. Valerie makes a vow to herself to take away the person Jamal loves since he has taken away her daughter.

Rafe and Alison are sitting in the park. Rafe tells her to call Jamal because it's clear she is missing him. She does, but Valerie picks up his cell. She pretends he's in the room with her and tells Alison that Jamal can't come to the phone. Alison hangs up and tells Rafe she is going to show him the time of his life.

Paige is angry with Lucy for snooping. Lucy tells Paige about her company and tells her she would like to hire her. Kevin comes in with Christina ready to go out for breakfast. Kevin invites Paige to stay, Lucy concurs. She invites Paige to breakfast. Paige agrees, and walks out the door with Kevin and Christina. Lucy picks up the phone to find out where Paige was going before her flight plans were canceled.

Karen and Frank are talking in the Recovery Room. Karen tells him a watch is a watch. But, Frank says, this one only has one hand, 13 numbers going backwards and Victor can't take it apart. He tells her it was found on the scorched ground where the beam of light hit. He suggests PC is some kind of vortex for strange happenings. Victor leaves, as Casey, Livvie and Jack enter. They order breakfast from Frank. Ian, Eve and Amy enter the Recovery Room. Amy states that Casey is in there. Eve wants to know how she knows. Amy's explanation is that Casey wears a distinctive perfume. She says she wants to speak to Casey. Casey sees this and moves over to the bar. Amy finds her way to Casey and tells her she knows what she did. Casey acts dumb. Amy tells her she has exactly five minutes to give it back. Casey still denies it. Amy tells her she will go to press and it will be in the headlines. She tells Casey her "time" is running out.

Eve tells Ian she's going to talk to Karen and leaves him at the table. Amy finds her way back to Ian. He asks what happened. She tells him she was mending fences. He tells her she isn't the only intuitive one. He tells her that he thinks there is something else going on.

Rafe and Alison are drinking hot chocolate. He tries to get Alison to call Jamal again. She tells him Jamal is busy and she doesn't want to bug him. Rafe continues to try to no avail. She asks him to be a pal and to help her keep her mind off Jamal.

Jamal goes to Hope's room and gives the signed papers to the Hartmans. They are grateful. He asks them to take care of Hope and to please let her know he didn't walk away from her like his father did to him. They promise. He says goodbye to his daughter.

Casey walks up to Amy and tells her she found her wallet. Amy gives Casey a $20 in thanks. Ian states that Amy knew that it was Casey who stole her wallet, but Amy says she doesn't want to make trouble for the kid. She tells Eve and Ian that everyone deserves a second change. They look at each other puzzled.

Kevin, Lucy, Paige, Serena, and Christina are around a table at the Recovery Room (now all three mysterious women are in the same room together). Lucy still can't get over Paige's skin. Victor walks in and Kevin introduces him to Paige. Serena asks Victor if he saw the strange light on New Year's Eve. She tells him that she saw it from her telescope. Victor shows everyone the watch. He tells them the watch is amazing and something that is going to affect all of them.

Valerie is crying in the waiting room. Jamal tells her he gave the papers to the Hartmans. He is about to call Alison, but she distracts him. He holds Valerie while she cries.

Rafe and Alison make snow angels. Rafe is thrilled that his angel came out perfect. He tells Alison if he could still do his magic, he would make the day last forever. Alison says she thinks he forgot what it was like to be cold and wraps her scarf around his neck. He says, no, he forgot what it feels like to be alive until now.

Serena tells Victor she just knew he saw the light. She tells him she thinks it's a UFO. Everyone gathers around. Victor tells them the light was seen only in Port Charles, that there was nothing weather related and that the government didn't know anything about it. Frank tells the group that he and Victor investigated where the light hit and all they found was scorched earth and the watch. Lucy's cell phone rings. She answers, listens and looks over at Paige. Victor continues his speculations, and the possibilities he has ruled out about the light. Lucy goes over to Paige and whispers that she knows Paige's flight was not diverted because of the white light. She tells Paige she knows she lied. Victor tells the group that he got the watch analyzed and the metal is nothing found on the earth. Serena speculates it's an alien's watch. Lucy takes in what Serena has said. Kevin asks Victor what the whole thing means. Victor responds that Serena might be right. There might be aliens in Port Charles.

Preview for Monday: Alison and Rafe: Alison, "Tell me your secret little wish and I will do my very best to make it come true." Victor to Everybody at the Recovery Room: "This object is not made of any element known on earth." Paige and Lucy: Paige, "Are you actually asking me if I'm a space alien." Lucy, "Yeah, that's exactly what I'm asking you."