PC Update Thursday 1/3/02



Port Charles Update Thursday 1/3/02

by Dawn

Jack is on the phone with Livvie and working on Casey's bike. They're discussing Casey's attitude. Jack used to be a smartass himself until Livvie got a hold of him. Telling Livvie he can handle Casey, he hangs up. Casey has been listening, and she wants to know if he can handle her kissing him, and she does.

Amy looks through her things, then stands to undress for a shower. As she unbuttons her blouse, Ian enters the room. Sensing him, she turns away and tells him he doesn't have to leave.

Kevin can't believe Paige is there, and he invites her in. Finally he introduces her to Lucy Coe, momentarily forgetting she is his wife. They both admit to Paige that they are newlyweds. It's been twenty years since they've seen each other, and Lucy is fascinated by the fact that Paige looks like she's still in her twenties. Paige's plane had to land due to the light. Lucy has to know Paige's secret to looking so young.

Jack pulls away from Casey and wipes his mouth, insulting Casey. He reminds her that he has a girlfriend, but it doesn't mean anything to her. Victor enters asking for a pair of needle-nose pliers. He tells Jack about the watch, and leaves. Casey wants to eat, and Jack tells her about the Recovery Room. Casey announces that she's buying, and Jack reminds her that she's broke. To prove a point, Casey tells Jack that she's loaded and pulls out a wad of cash. She pays him for the room and the bike. Knowing she's asking for trouble, Jack leads her out of the shop.

Paige swears to Lucy that there is no secret. She even washes her face with plain soap, which makes Lucy wince. More determined, Lucy tells her that she owns a cosmetic company, and she knows all the trade secrets. Paige still refuses to admit there's a secret. They all sit down and tell Lucy that they met in boarding school, and Paige was his first girlfriend. Paige was married, but her husband died in an accident several years ago. Kevin and Lucy are sorry, but Paige wants to hear about their wedding. Kevin admits that he and Lucy connected the day they met. He starts with Lucy being his patient, and she thought he was pompous, and he thought she was self-centered. While Kevin is telling the story of their relationship, Lucy is still wondering to herself how Paige looks so young. Her hands don't have wrinkles, either, so there has to be something, and Lucy wants to know what. Kevin calls her name, and Lucy is completely out of the conversation. Lucy insists that Paige stay with them, and Kevin agrees.

Amy doesn't want Ian to be embarrassed. She didn't mean to make him uncomfortable. He wants to know how she knew it was him and not Eve. He charges into a room, a woman takes in the room first. Ian is amazed, but more when she tells him she can read his mind. He'll wear high heels and tiptoe to confuse her. They both laugh and Eve enters to tell Ian that Danny needs to be changed. As Ian leaves, Amy wants Eve to know that she doesn't want Ian.

Eve is confused, and Amy repeats herself. She also apologizes for being so forward. But then she tells Eve to trust Ian. Shocked, Eve wants to know how Amy knows she doesn't trust Ian. Now Eve is angry, but she didn't realize that she's transparent about her feelings concerning Ian. Crediting her blindness for her insight, Amy tells Eve that she picks up on things and she is a licensed psychiatrist. Eve admits to Amy that something happened between her and Ian that got them off track. Amy offers to help.

Paige is not thrilled about imposing on Kevin and Lucy's honeymoon, but Lucy is adamant that she's not. But there is a catch. Lucy has to know what Paige's secret to looking so young is. Christina comes downstairs and Lucy goes to her. Paige is surprised to discover that Kevin has a daughter. She's even more surprised to hear about his three daughters. As Lucy takes Christina upstairs, Paige tells Kevin that he's made a great life for himself, and he looks happy. He admits that it took them a long time, but he finally is.

Victor and Frank are still studying the watch. Victor can't get it apart, and he can't budge what looks like the piece to wind it. Casey and Jack walk in, still bickering. Casey is attracted to the watch, and she asks about it. Victor tells her he found it at the base of the light, and she wants to forget about the light. She also wants to buy the watch, but Victor refuses. Taking Frank to the side, Victor tells Frank that it's heavier then it was when they first found it. While Victor's is talking to Frank, Casey tries to lift the watch from where Victor left it on the bar. Snagged by Jack, she claims that she wanted to look at it. Jack takes the watch to Victor and wishes him luck with it. After Jack and Casey are out of earshot, Victor wonders to Frank if it really is a watch.

Eve thanks Amy for the offer to help. Ian enters and Amy wants to go take her shower. He leads her out of the room, and goes back to Eve. They discuss how nice she is, but Ian is afraid of what Eve thought she interrupted. Eve claims to trust Ian. They discuss how Amy has adjusted to her blindness and how they could all learn from her.

Paige asks Kevin if she can use the bathroom. Standing, he offers to show her where she can take a shower. As he leads her to the bedroom, Lucy comes back downstairs and finds herself alone with Paige's bag. Unable to help herself, Lucy goes through Paige's bag looking for the secret to Paige's youthful appearance. Kevin catches her and demands to know what she's doing.

The waitress trips and spills a drink on Casey's shirt. Casey is furious, but Jack tries to calm her. Announcing that she's going to take a shower, Casey storms out of the restaurant.

Victor is going to hand the watch over to a friend of his at the CIA. Frank and Victor discuss the theory that the watch and the light are related. But if they are, who does the watch belong to.

A woman steps into the shower and the water beats down on her, but she is invisible in the water.


Val blames Jamal for losing her baby, and she's going to make him lose what he loves.

Lucy is going with Paige, but Paige stops to accuse Lucy of going through her things.