PC Update Wednesday 1/2/02



Port Charles Update Wednesday 1/2/02

By Dawn

(The First episode of "Secrets")

Ali is still questioning Rafe about how he came back and if he caused the light. Refusing to tell her how he returned to PC, he does deny being behind the bright light. Glad he's back, Ali grabs Rafe and hugs him again. Another light appears and they discuss what could have caused it.

Lucy and Kevin are enjoying being alone in the house since Christina went to sleep so easily. Lucy was afraid of the light at first, but the more she looked at it, the more beautiful it became to her. Kevin calls Victor and asks him what he thinks about the light.

Victor is at GH to see if he could help. Eve and Ian arrive, and Victor takes a few guesses at logical explanations. Ian convinces Eve that everything's okay.

Frank and Karen ran off the road in their car. When they get out to check the tires, Karen sees something in the trees that makes them both run towards it.

Ali is not convinced that Rafe got a vacation for doing a good job. He has no special powers, and Ali knows that it's a big adjustment for him. She explains that she slipped on the ice, and she didn't want to tell Jamal because he's worried enough about Hope and Gabby. She's eager to get started on whatever it was that Rafe missed out on the last time he was there.

Kevin is massaging Lucy's shoulders, and they snuggle while they discuss the miraculous things that have happened to them. As they both proclaim their happiness at Lucy being Mrs. Collins, she turns to him and they kiss.

Victor is trying to reach a friend of his at NASA as discuss the fact that he's been on the phone with every agency trying to find out what happened. Karen and Frank enter with two women with them. As Karen and Frank explain they found them when they ran off the road, the women begin to argue. One claims that the other one hit her with her bike, and the one on the bike is rude and obnoxious to the other victim. Eve checks out one and ends up having to split them up. The bike rider is more interested in where her bike is then how injured she is, but Karen attempts to examine her.

The victim that Eve and Ian took to a room is glad to see a husband and wife team together, which surprises them. Ian thinks she sees the love in their eyes.

Victor is still trying to get some answers on the phone while Karen attempts to take the jewelry off the other victim. She refuses to take it off, and Frank offers to help her. Livvie and Jack enter to check on Ali. The biker is very glad to see Jack, but ignores Livvie. Her name is Casey. She was riding along and the light blinded her, then the other victim got in her way. The other victim hears her and yells back that it's her own fault that the accident happened. Casey refuses to admit any responsibility for the accident, and the other victim just walked out in front of her without looking. When Casey sarcastically asks the other victim if she's blind, she shocks everyone by replying that she is blind.

Lucy enters the living room with a nightgown that she intends to go upstairs to put on. Wondering why she wants to go upstairs, Kevin moves to her and kisses her. As they begin to remove each other's clothes and get passionate, Christina calls Lucy. Welcoming each other to parenthood, they stop to go see their daughter.

Ali wants to know where they're going to start. There has to be things Rafe wishes he'd done differently. But first, she checks her messages on her cell phone. Jamal left her a message that everything is fine, he misses her, and he has to go. She's not thrilled by the message, but Colleen enters to inform her that it's time to go back to bed and Rafe needs to leave. When Ali begs, Colleen agrees to let Rafe stay, IF she gets back in bed. Climbing into bed, Ali asks Rafe to stay until she falls asleep.

Jack offers to fix Casey's bike, and Casey is more then thrilled to be staying in Jack's place. Livvie is very adamant about the fact that Casey will be staying in Jack's old apartment. Karen checks Casey's x-rays, as eager to get rid of Casey as Casey is to leave.

Eve is more curious about how the other victim knew Ian and she were married. She's more aware of things now then she ever was. She just wishes her parents could see that. Ian guesses that her parents are overprotective. She came to PC to open up her practice, having just received her degree in Psychology. Remembering her reservations, she calls the hotel and finds out the hotel didn't hold her reservations. Eve invites her to stay with them. She's shocked that they're inviting her to their home when they don't even know her name is Amy. Eve hopes she doesn't mind a little one crying, and Amy knows it's a boy, which shocks Ian and Eve. She covers by telling them that boys are always crying, and it feels right that they have a boy.

Victor asks Frank to go with him. A bird watching friend of his has a lead, but he needs radiation equipment, which means he needs an extra pair of hands. Frank agrees to go, but Karen's not sure that the light is worth all the trouble. After all the terrible things that have happened in PC over the last few months, if this is another, he wants to know as soon as possible.

Ali is asleep, and Rafe is remembering his last conversation with Ed. Rafe argues with Ed that Ali and Jamal are not okay, and it's his fault. Ed is adamant about the fact that it's time for Rafe to go on to his next assignment, but Rafe has read the rules. Ed can approve him going back to PC if he gives up his job as a guardian angel forever. Shocked, Ed wants him to understand that means no powers, no magic, no reading minds. He asks Rafe if Ali is worth giving all of it up. Back in the present, Rafe watches Ali and states that she's worth it.

Eve and Ian lead Amy into their apartment. Eve wants to go grab a bite, and Amy wants to treat. Amy thanks them for helping her. Leading her to the sofa, Ian follows Eve to the bedroom door. They agree that Amy is one of the most confidant people they've ever met. Amy goes in her purse and realizes that her wallet is missing.

Casey is ready to leave, and Jack tries to calm her down. When Casey calls Jack 'Yummy Boy,' Jack smiles, but Livvie is not amused. She's going to leave a message for Ali. Casey is more then happy to baby sit Jack, but he is eager to go with Livvie. After they're gone, Casey pulls Amy's wallet out of her bag.

Lucy returns to the living room. Kevin comments that the fire is almost out, but Lucy reaches for him and wants to relight it. Smiling, he reaches for her and kisses her. Someone knocks on the door. Kevin wants to ignore it, but after losing a year of their lives because they didn't answer the door last time, they make a pact to always answer the door. When they do, Kevin is shocked to find a blonde. As he hugs her, Lucy watches.

Victor and Frank are in the woods with a Geiger counter. They follow the signal to a round scorched spot in the grass. Frank finds a watch and Victor inspects it. It only has one hand, it goes to 13, and the numbers run counterclockwise. Victor doesn't believe it's a coincidence that someone that had this watch would be at that spot. Frank wants to know what kind of person would wear a watch like that.


Lucy insists that Paige stay with them.

Casey asks Jack if he can handle her and she kisses him.