PC Update Friday 10/25/02

Port Charles Update Friday 10/25/02

By Beth
Pictures by Juanita
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Alison is very upset. Elizabeth only came to Port Charles to get her hands on Alison's inheritance. Elizabeth insists that she didn't want this to happen. Alison doesn't want to hear it. She thought that she actually meant something to her mother. She thought that they were going to have a relationship. Elizabeth knows how bad this looks, and she wants to explain. Rafe orders her not to feed them any more lies. Elizabeth admits that her original plan was to contest the will, but everything changed. Alison informs her that she should have been honest and told her about the money. She finally realizes that she means nothing to her mother. On the other hand, Elizabeth's bank account means everything. Elizabeth begs her to just listen. She grabs the legal document and tears it up. She's dropping the lawsuit. It was a terrible mistake. Rafe is highly skeptical. Does she expect them to believe that? Elizabeth admits that she doesn't. After all, she did come to town with motives that were less than honest. When she arrived, Alison was just a face in a photograph. Elizabeth didn't know her. She was just someone her assistant sent a birthday card to every year. Alison can't believe that someone she hardly knows has the power to hurt her this much. Elizabeth claims that her own life hasn't been easy. Alison doesn't want to hear any sob stories about how hard it is to be a Barrington. The money, the mansion, and the clothes must make it so hard for her. Elizabeth defends her reasoning. She endured her husband's rejection, disinterest, and numerous infidelities. Because of that, she felt that she deserved all of Malcolm's money, not just half of it. "Yeah, like a two-bit whore earns her keep?" Alison asks bitterly. "Maybe," her mother replies softly. As far as Alison's concerned, Elizabeth is pathetic in thinking that money buys happiness. Rafe states that he and Alison don't have much, but they do have all they'll ever want or need. It's too bad that she'll never understand that. Elizabeth replies that she's starting to understand, but Rafe finds that hard to believe. Insistent on defending her actions, Elizabeth says that she didn't expect to fall in love with her daughter. Now that she knows what a wonderful person Alison is, she wants her in her life. She won't be contesting the will now. All she wants is to be Alison's mother. She begs Alison to let her.

Rafe goes to the door and tells her to leave. Elizabeth tells him that she's talking to her daughter. This infuriates Alison, who orders her to never call her that again. She's not going to give Elizabeth another chance to make a fool of her. Elizabeth had hoped that Alison would feel some compassion for her situation. Alison informs her that she actually feels sorry for her. She'll never know what a terrific daughter she has, and what an awesome son-in-law she's going to have. She'll never hold her grandchild in her arms. She won't do any baking with Alison, and she'll never attend her wedding. After all, she might have something better to do--like go off with another millionaire or go to another cool party. Elizabeth wants Rafe to talk to her. "Excuse me?" Rafe has had enough. Elizabeth abandoned Alison as a baby. She's just a coldhearted snake. Alison tells her that the sad thing is that she would have given her inheritance to her. She doesn't care about money, and she never has. Now, however, she wouldn't give Elizabeth the change in her pockets. If Elizabeth wants a fight, that's exactly what she'll get. Elizabeth doesn't want to fight. She's going to leave the will alone. Rafe informs her that it's a little too late for that. Elizabeth won't deal with him; she's speaking to her daughter. Alison informs her that she doesn't believe a word out of her mouth. She doesn't need Elizabeth. Rafe informs Elizabeth that he is Alison's family now, and he'll always be there for her. Alison doesn't care if she never sees her mother again. Her father isn't the only person who's dead to her. The doorbell rings, and Rafe opens to the door to Amanda and the attorney, Mr. Cutler. Amanda comments on the distinct chill in the air. Alison wants to get straight to the reading of the will. They all sit down. After the lawyer says that all of Malcolm's art goes to Amanda, Elizabeth interrupts him. She wants to address her portion of the will. The lawyer doesn't know what she's talking about. The estate is to be divided equally between the deceased's two children.

Livvie feels better, now that Jack is with her. Sitting down on the hospital bed, Jack says that they need to talk. Livvie tells him that she's been having a really weird, cold feeling. It's not a pain, though. She thinks it might be from losing the baby. Jack says that she needs rest, but Livvie disagrees. What she needs is to be back in the house with him. Does he remember how happy they were when they found it? It was the only real home either of them ever had. Jack pats her hand, trying to find a way to tell her what's on his mind. He wants to talk about where they go from here. Livvie is in complete agreement. She wants to do things right this time, and not move in together. Jack is pleasantly surprised by this, until Livvie adds a qualification to her statement. She doesn't want to live together until they get married. She know that's what Jack always wanted. She wasn't ready before, but now she is. Jack tells her to stop. She can't plan a future with him, because he can't be with her. Livvie won't listen. She tells Jack that he's talking crazy. Jack explains that he had to get her to the hospital. Otherwise, she could have died. Livvie insists that he loves her. Jack tells her that he felt sorry for her. He let her believe what she wanted. It was the only way to save her life. Livvie insists that she saw the love in his eyes. Jack says that's just not possible. Livvie thinks that his hurt pride won't let him admit his feelings. Jack is frustrated. He doesn't love her. He doesn't think that she loves him, either. He thinks that she's simply in love with the idea of what they used to have. Livvie asks why he's doing this. He was always there for her. Jack agrees; he always fixed things when she messed them up, but no more. Livvie is convinced that it's because of a new woman in his life. That's the only reason he would treat her this way. "Who's the slut you're sleeping with now, huh?" Livvie asks bitterly. Jack tells her that it's none of her business. Livvie asks whether the new girl is prettier than she is, or better in bed. Jack states that she's nothing like Livvie. She's a very uncomplicated person. Livvie is adamant that he won't be able to forget about her. Exasperated, Jack says that he should have known better than to try to reason with Livvie. Someone else needs him now, and he's going to go. Livvie says that she has no right to take him away from her. Jack informs her that she lost him long ago; she just never noticed. Angry, Livvie tells him to go and leave her alone. She doesn't need him. He leaves.

Tess ducks into a supply closet, eating a burger. An orderly follows her inside and bullies her. He manhandles Tess, roughly dragging her around by the arm. He demands to know where she came from. Did she come in off the streets? He's ready to take her to the psych ward. Tess screams out Jack's name. Colleen comes to the rescue. She heard the commotion from all the way down the hall. She tells Brad, the orderly, to let her handle this. Thinking that Tess is Livvie, she calms her down and takes her back to "her" room. Colleen is sorry that Brad scared her. He's new, and he thinks he runs the place. She tells Tess to go on inside "her" room. Colleen will try to find Jack for her. Tess opens the door. Believing it's Jack, Livvie throws something at her visitor. This frightens Tess, and she peeks out from around the doorway. Livvie looks at Tess in disbelief.

Turning off the music, Marissa reminds Joshua that she asked him a question. How did he get her lyrics? It's simple. What Stephen wants, Stephen gets. Marissa accuses him of bugging her home or using a hidden camera, because that's the only way he could have gotten her lyrics. Joshua accuses her of being paranoid, but Marissa turns it back on him. She's not the one creating secret identities. She knows that he's really Stephen Clay, and she's over all the cloak-and-dagger stuff. She tries to leave, but Joshua uses a remote to lock the door. He can't let her leave. They need to have an uninterrupted chat. Marissa warns him that Jamal is waiting for her at home. Joshua says that he's only trying to help her. She's in danger of losing the best thing that ever happened to her. Marissa scoffs. She's been bugged and held hostage, and she watched her friend get kicked to the curb. She's through with them. Joshua tells her not to be so foolish. She's not a dime-a-dozen musician like Ricky. She has a pure gift. She hasn't begun to realize her potential, but Stephen Clay has recognized it. He's the only one who can bring her to the heights. Marissa has a question for him. What if she only wants to write for herself? What if she doesn't want to be a songwriter? Joshua knows how music gets inside Marissa and lifts her up. He knows how words drop from her fingertips like gems. He knows the looks of sheer joy she gets on her face when she's caught in a thought or a lyric. It's the same look that Stephen Clay gets. It's the look of genius. Is she prepared to walk away from the kind of life that most people only dream about? Or will she stay and become what she's destined to be? It's quite simple. If she stays, she'll be given the whole world. They will make all her dreams come true. They have the power. Marissa's not interested; it's too weird for her. Joshua regrets that he was so wrong about her. Marissa has the same regret about him. "What a waste," Joshua says haughtily. Now that he knows that she prefers to be unexceptional, he won't bother her again. She should run along to her unexciting little life. A car is waiting for her. It will take her wherever she wants to go. Marissa leaves. Joshua chuckles. He hopes that she will enjoy the ride. It will certainly be a memorable one.

When Marissa gets in the limo, she is startled to find that someone is seated beside her. "So, Marissa, we meet at last. I'm Stephen Clay." The man turns to face her. He looks exactly like Caleb.