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Port Charles Update Thursday 10/24/02

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Rafe gets some unsettling news about Elizabeth. He hangs up the phone when he hears Alison coming in the door. Her mother is with her. Rafe gives Elizabeth a very cool reception. Alison apologizes for getting back so late and worrying Rafe, but she and her mother got caught up talking. They had a very nice day, and she got to know her mother a little better. Elizabeth adds that spending time with Alison meant the world to her. His dislike of Elizabeth obvious, Rafe informs her that wants some time alone with Alison now. He's displaced to hear that Alison has already asked her to stay. The reading of the will is tonight, and Alison wants her mother's help getting ready. Rafe insists that they can take care of things themselves, but Alison insists that she wants her mother there. They're going to bake some refreshments for this evening. It won't take long.

Alison and Elizabeth come back to the living room with a plate of cookies. Rafe has a hard time believing that Elizabeth knows her way around a kitchen. Elizabeth tells him that he obviously doesn't know much about her yet; that may take a little time. "Maybe not as much time as you think," Rafe retorts. Alison wants to know what's wrong. She's just trying to make things easier for tonight. Elizabeth takes the blame. She realizes that Rafe just wants to spend some time with the woman he loves. However, Elizabeth really wants to discuss an issue with the will. "Finally," Rafe exclaims. Elizabeth admits that she already knows the terms of the will. Malcolm split his estate equally between her and Alison. Alison doesn't want to talk about that now. She'd rather talk about something pleasant. Rafe takes the opportunity to suggest postponing the reading, an idea that Elizabeth supports wholeheartedly. She wants to call Amanda and invite her to dinner instead. Rafe again tries to get Alison alone, but a knock at the door prevents that. Elizabeth tells Alison not to answer the door. She's visibly upset when Alison opens the door anyway. A man hands Alison an envelope, then leaves. Alison removes the contents and reads the document, against her mother's wishes. As she reads, Elizabeth apologizes. Alison is furious. How could her mother do this to her? Rafe tells Alison that he just found out. That's what he was trying to tell her, but she never gave him a chance to talk to her alone. Alison is very hurt by her mother's actions. The only reason Elizabeth came to town was to contest the will. She wants to steal her own daughter's inheritance. She claimed to want to get to know Alison, and be the mother she never was, but it was all just a huge lie. How could Alison have been so stupid? Elizabeth only came back to steal her inheritance. "You make me sick," Alison says bitterly.

Jack and Jamal are back at the hospital, where Chris has ordered x-rays of Jack's leg. Jamal tries to reason with Jack. He explains exactly why Tess must be a figment of Jack's imagination. Jack is through arguing about it. He knows what he knows. The x-rays will prove that his leg was broken two weeks ago. Chris returns with the results, which he considers good news. There's no evidence that Jack's leg was ever broken. Jack tells his brother to check the x-rays again, because he's wrong. Chris insists that there's really no chance of that. It's nearly impossible to misread a fracture x-ray. There's no sign that Jack's leg has ever been broken. Chris doesn't understand why his brother is acting this way. He should be grateful and happy about it. Chris asks what happened out in the woods. Did Jack eat those magic mushrooms or something? Jack doesn't think that's even remotely funny. The family crisis now over, Chris has to see to the patients who really do need his golden touch.

Before Jamal can say anything, Jack warns him that he doesn't want to hear it. Surprisingly, Jamal tells him that he believes him now. As crazy as it sounds, he knows that Jack doesn't have a good enough imagination to make all this up. That settled, Jack wants to find Tess. He wants to find out who she is, and whether she's somehow connected to Livvie. Jamal suggests having Chris run some more tests, to determine exactly what Tess did to his leg. Jack doesn't want to do that. For now, he doesn't want to tell anyone else about her. Jamal thinks that Jack has a bigger problem than keeping her a secret. What's he going to do about Livvie? She wants him back "in a big, bad, ugly way." She thinks that Jack's cool with everything that happened, and that they're going to get back together now. Jack explains that he never told her that; he just didn't respond when she said that they belonged together. He's admits that he's in pretty deep. He needs to talk to her and set her straight. Jamal wishes him luck. He doesn't want to be anywhere in the vicinity when Jack gives her the news.

Still in Brennan's room, Tess continues to gently touch the comatose man, saying, "better" and "happily ever after," as well as his name. When she backs away from him, she accidentally hits the medical equipment and makes a lot of noise. The sudden beeping of one of the monitors frightens her, and she runs from the room.

In her own hospital room, Livvie is alone and angry. When a nurse comes in to check on her, Livvie expresses the wish that Jack were there with her. The nurse understands; Jack is cute and sweet. She saw him in x-ray a little while ago. After she leaves, Livvie wonders why Jack was in x-ray. Something must have happened to him. She gets out of bed, certain that this explains why he's not here with her. She puts on a robe, opens the door, and sneaks out of her room. She searches the hospital for Jack. He's not in x-ray. She just misses seeing Tess, who is also looking for Jack and repeating his name.

Chris emerges from a patient's room, and assumes that Tess is Livvie. He wants to know what she's doing out of bed, and why she's dressed that way. What's with her hair? Curious, she touches him, and he ushers her "back" to Livvie's room. He'll tell Jack that she's looking for him, but for now, she needs to rest and stay put. In Livvie's room, Tess looks through her lookalike's purse. She finds some makeup and ponders its purpose, then puts it back. Intent on finding Jack, she slips back out.

Livvie finds Chris, who demands to know how many times he has to tell her to stay in bed. Livvie has no idea what he's talking about. She's just looking for Jack. Is he all right? Chris informs her that Jack is fine, and that she should go back to bed now. When Chris steps away, Livvie decides to go through his medical files to look for information about Jack. From a hiding place around the corner, Tess watches. A chill comes over her. Livvie also gets a chill. It's such a weird feeling. Where is it coming from? Livvie is freaked out by the chill. Tess drops her doll. She picks it back up, then goes around the corner to make the doll better. Livvie passes by, unnoticed. Tess still wants to find Jack. A crash scares her, and she ducks into a supply room.

Livvie returns to her room and finds Jack waiting for her. Delighted, she hugs him. She's so glad to see him. She tells him to never leave her again.

Missing Jack, Tess slowly slides to the floor.

Wallowing in self-pity, Ricky has a few drinks. Marissa tracks him down at the Recovery Room. She's excited about their new venture. She couldn't stop writing all night. She's too excited to realize that Ricky is mocking her. She wants him to go back to see the band with her, but he declines. Instead, he asks for another drink. She tugs at his arm. Ricky informs her that he's not in the band. She'll have to play rock star with somebody else. Marissa doesn't understand that at all. The band loved the song. Ricky clarifies that they loved her lyrics. As for his music, it was deemed "pedestrian." Marissa doesn't agree with them. She knows that Ricky's a very good musician. She's going to force them to give him another chance. If they don't want him, they won't have her either. Ricky won't let her blow this. It's the chance of a lifetime, and she has to go for it. He'll be furious if she blows it because of him. He's not giving up on his dream. He'll just have to figure out another way to make it happen. He excuses himself. Determined, Marissa vows not to let the band get away with this.

Jamal finds Ricky, who fills him in on what happened with the band. Ricky says that they really want Marissa. In fact, they said that they'd do anything to keep her in the band--anything. Jamal already had a bad feeling about them, but now it's settled. He doesn't like this development one bit.

Marissa barges into Joshua's office. What he did to Ricky is not acceptable. Ricky is a great musician, and he doesn't deserve to be treated this way. If he's out, then so is she. She suddenly realizes that the music playing is set to her words--the words she read to Jamal last night. She hasn't given them to Joshua yet. How did he get them? Joshua closes the door, and turns up the volume.