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Port Charles Update Wednesday 10/23/02

By Beth
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Alison and Elizabeth meet in the park. Elizabeth asks Alison about her cappuccino, proving yet again that she doesn't know anything about her daughter; Alison always has hot chocolate. She knows that Alison wants to talk. However, Elizabeth doesn't know what she's supposed to say. She knows that she was a lousy mother, but she doesn't know why Alison wanted to see her. Alison blurts out the question that Lucy urged her to ask. Why didn't her mother want her? They sit down to talk. Elizabeth explains that when she was seventeen, she was in love with Malcolm, but she knew that he didn't return her feelings. The Barringtons' tried to pay her to leave town, but it didn't work. She was pregnant with Malcolm's child, and she refused to go away. They got married, and Alison was born a few months later. Alison's eyes are moist with tears as she listens to her mother's story. Elizabeth really thought that the marriage was going to work out. However, Malcolm proved her wrong, when he started spending a lot of time in Europe. He claimed that it was for business, but the truth was that he was seeing another woman. Elizabeth was sure that she could forgive him for his infidelity, but one day he informed her that he wasn't coming home. She didn't know what to do, other than fight for him, so she followed him to Europe. She didn't take Alison because she thought that they'd both be returning to Port Charles. They did come back, for a while. Malcolm left again, and Elizabeth foolishly followed him again. She wanted to be what he wanted, and she didn't think that a baby was part of that. That's why she abandoned her little girl. She's ashamed of herself for that now. She's hated herself every day since she first left Alison all those years ago. Alison's lip quivers. She gets up, turns her back to her mother, and dabs at her tears. Elizabeth follows her to continue explaining. She was young and scared, and she just wanted Malcolm to love her. That was very selfish and wrong of her. She knows that now. If she could change it all, she would. She knows that she doesn't deserve it, but she would like the chance to actually be Alison's mother. Alison turns to face her, then stiffly lets Elizabeth hold her close. One tear streams down her face. Elizabeth seems relieved, but asks herself how she can do this to her daughter again.

After her surgery, Livvie sleeps. Jack sits by her bedside. Jamal peeks in, prompting Jack to go talk to him. Jamal came over as soon as he got Jack's message. He thinks that Jack's support for her right now is amazing, considering everything she's done to him. Jack explains that he made a promise. That doesn't mean that he'll get sucked in again. He's interested in someone else. In fact, that's why he called Jamal. He explains the situation as best he can. He wants Jamal to go to the cave with him, because he has no idea what to do with her. Jamal has a hard time believing any of this, but Jack urges him to accompany him to the cave and see for himself.

Jack takes Jamal to the cave to introduce him to Tess. He calls out, trying to assure Tess that his friend is harmless. He tells Jamal that she's unlike anyone he's ever met before. He calls out for Tess again, and apologizes for taking so long to return. Jamal isn't too sure about any of this. He thinks that Jack imagined her. Jack tries to figure out where she could be. Jamal still thinks that he imagined the whole thing. Jack gets his digital camera to prove her existence, but he discovers that the image of her has been deleted. More convinced than ever that Tess is a figment of Jack's imagination, Jamal decides it's time to leave. Jack isn't ready to go yet. He had a broken leg, and Tess fixed it. He doesn't know how, but he knows that it's true. He and Jamal argue. Jack insists that he has to find her. She's not used to the outside world, and he's worried about her. Since she looks like Livvie, something bad could happen to her.

Lucy asks Ian about Livvie's condition. Physically, Livvie's fine, but Ian's unsure about her emotional state. Lucy wishes that he had seen her last night. Livvie was so different--like a lost, scared little girl. She was holding an odd little doll. Ian thinks it's perfectly understandable, considering what she just went through. A grief counselor will be talking to Livvie after she's rested. Ian can tell that Lucy still isn't satisfied. Lucy tries to explain it. She gets the feeling that Livvie isn't Livvie. She thought at first that she was having a nervous breakdown, but she doesn't think that anymore. As Livvie's doctor, Ian gives Lucy permission to see his patient. Lucy is afraid to let Kevin know what happened, because it might make him worse. Ian advises her to tell Kevin about it when he's better. Lucy admits that she isn't too sure about her husband's doctor. He was way out of line to suggest that something's going on between the two of them. Ian reminds her that they don't have to like Dr. Fox as a man. He's a good doctor, and the hospital has a good reputation. Kate approaches them, and Lucy asks about Brennan's condition. There's no change, but Kate is still holding out for her miracle. Lucy is confident that "Mr. Magic Hands" will take good care of both Brennan and Kate. She goes to see Livvie, and Kate asks Ian what she meant by that nickname. Ian tries to explain about her bathtub fall in New York, and his subsequent attempt to help her injured back. Kate doesn't like the sound of this. She admits to overhearing what Kevin's doctor said about their relationship. Ian explains that they've always been close friends. Kate doesn't think it's in their best interest to be so close right now. Ian doesn't like what Kate is implying. Kate thinks that he and Lucy are both lonely and vulnerable. It would be too easy for them to find comfort in each other's arms. Ian insists that it's nothing like that. Angry and embarrassed, Kate apologizes and storms off.

Lucy goes to Livvie's room. Awake now, Livvie asks where Jack is. She's surprised that he's not there, because he never left her side after bringing her to the hospital. Lucy tells her that she's the one who brought her. Livvie contradicts her. Lucy asks whether she remembers standing by the side of the road, holding a doll. Livvie insists that she hasn't had a doll since she was nine years old. She is suddenly spooked when a chill goes right through her. She asks Lucy whether she felt it as well, but Lucy didn't feel anything. Livvie demands that Lucy go out to the hall to investigate, because she definitely felt something. To placate her, Lucy looks up and down the hall, but she doesn't see anything; Tess is hiding behind a chair.

After informing Livvie that nothing's in the hall, Lucy tracks down Ian. She wants to buy him lunch and talk about Livvie, but he's busy. She issues one invitation after another, and he declines them all. When he rushes off, Lucy is suspicious. She wonders what's going on.

Alone again, Livvie calls the hospital operator, hoping that Jack has left a message for her. She learns that there are no messages, which angers her. Jack promised not to leave her. Where is he?

After her argument with Ian, Kate visits her comatose boyfriend. She tells Brennan that she stuck her nose in Ian's business, where she clearly didn't belong. She misses Brennan so much. As she talks, Tess ducks into the room, having been frightened by the voice on the hospital loudspeaker. Unaware of her presence, Kate continues to talk to Brennan. Soon, she's overcome with emotion. She flees the room. Tess comes out of hiding, and slowly approaches the comatose man. She looks quizzically at the equipment, and she seems to hurt for him. She touches her heart, then his face, saying "better." When Brennan's finger begins to move, Tess smiles.