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Port Charles Update Tuesday 10/22/02

By Beth
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Alison can't sleep despite Rafe's efforts to keep her from being disturbed. She notices that he even unplugged the phone. Rafe rubs her back, trying to work through all the knots that tension has caused. Alison apologizes for being so difficult. She knows that she hasn't been making it easy for him to help her, and she's sorry for shutting him out. What she really wants to do is shut out the bad stuff, and focus on the two of them. Rafe likes this idea. As they start to get intimate, they hear someone knocking on the door. They're not happy about it, but they decide to answer the door anyway. It's Lucy. Alison turns down the radio. Lucy apologizes for coming over so late, but she did try to call first. She wanted to let them know that Livvie lost her baby. Seeing Alison in her nightie, Lucy assumes that she interrupted something very important. Rafe and Alison insist that she sit down and visit for a few minutes. It's Lucy's house, after all. Rafe thanks her for letting them stay there. Alison turns the radio volume back up, and The Stephen Clay Experience fills the airwaves. Rafe and Lucy both yell, "Turn off that song!"

As "Naked Eyes" continues to play, Lucy screams at Rafe to pull the plug on it. He does. Bewildered, Alison wants to know what in the world just happened. She saw the looks on their faces when the song came on. Do they really hate it that much? Rafe explains that he doesn't hate it, but it does bother him a lot. Lucy feels the same way. Alison thinks it's weird, because she likes the song. When she goes to put on a robe, Lucy asks Rafe what just happened. Rafe doesn't know, but it's not the first time that the song made him feel that way. Again, Lucy agrees with her cousin. Rafe asks when she first felt it. Lucy replies that it was in Kevin's hospital in Canada. When she heard it, the strangest feeling suddenly came over her. She had to come home to Port Charles right away. Rafe understands completely. That's exactly how he felt when he first heard the song on the train. The cousins try to figure out what this means. Rafe admits that he's starting to get some of his old magic back, but he doesn't know why. He was supposed to just be a normal guy this time around. As far as he's concerned, everything in town feels a little "off" lately. Lucy knows exactly what he means. She begins to tell him about what happened with Livvie. After Livvie sneaked out of the hospital, Lucy found her. Livvie was wandering along the side of the road, totally disoriented. She wasn't at all like herself, and she was clutching a little doll. Lucy thought for a minute that she was having a nervous breakdown, but that's not what it is. She can feel it. Livvie was not Livvie. She was, but it didn't feel like her. Lucy doesn't understand it, but something is definitely going on. Something out there is messing with them again.

Rafe tells his cousin that she's not the only one. He's starting to feel as if he's going nuts. Alison tells him that she's starting to feel the same way, and she knows why. It's obviously because of her mother. Every time that woman tells more lies, Alison grows to hate her even more. Rafe cautions that "hate" is a strong word, but Alison points out that all their time since his return has been consumed by her mother's chaos. Lucy agrees with Alison, which confuses Rafe. The last he heard, Lucy thought he was overly suspicious of her. Alison is surprised to hear that they've talked about her mother. Rafe explains that he wanted to find out more about her, and Lucy thought that he should give her the benefit of the doubt. Alison is appalled. Lucy admits that she could have been wrong. However, Lucy spent all her life without her parents. She had all these burning questions, but she couldn't get any answers because her parents were dead. Alison's mother is alive. Lucy thinks that she should demand to know why her parents left her. She doesn't have to like her mother, or be around her, but she does have to ask that question. Alison's not sure that she wants to know the reason for her abandonment. Lucy insists that she needs to do this. Maybe it will give her some sort of closure. It won't be easy, but it's harder to go through life never knowing. Taking Lucy's advice, Alison calls her mother to set up a meeting for tomorrow. Rafe admits that Lucy may be right, but he doesn't want Alison to be hurt any more than she already has been. He knows that he can't protect her from her own life, but he wishes that he knew Elizabeth's true motive for coming to town. He's going to try to find out. In any case, he doesn't think that she's the reason for the strange feelings that he and Lucy get when they hear that song. Lucy doesn't think so either. She believes that the two of them can find out.

Ricky goes to see Joshua, but Reese informs him that the manager is very busy at the moment. However, Reese herself is willing to spend some time with Ricky. Ricky turns down her advances. He really wants to talk to Joshua. Joshua dismisses Reese. He thanks Ricky for meeting with him. Ricky is glad to have received his call. Since Marissa is so psyched about her new lyrics, Ricky has been working on some new tracks to go with them. He's hoping to get the band to listen to them. Joshua informs him that they no longer require Ricky's services. Ricky can't believe it. They're firing him? Joshua confirms this. Effective immediately, Ricky is no longer needed. Ricky doesn't understand this at all. The band loved the song that he and Marissa wrote. Joshua explains that Ricky's work is pedestrian. Angry, Ricky refuses to leave. He wants to be there when Joshua tells Marissa that they're history. Joshua realizes that there's been a misunderstanding. It's Ricky that they don't want. The band doesn't need another musician. Marissa's fine, though. They're never going to let her go. This angers Ricky even more. He should have known that they wouldn't show him any loyalty. Instead, they used him and kicked him to the curb. He wants to hear this from the great Stephen Clay himself. Joshua informs him that it's not possible. Ricky goads him to stop hiding behind his invisible boss. Everyone knows that Joshua is really Stephen Clay. Joshua warns him not to cause another scene. He slams the door in his face. Reese is disappointed by Ricky's complete dismissal. "You could've at least given him a --" Joshua's hiss stops her cold. Reese apologizes. She's just disappointed, because Ricky was kind of cute. Joshua informs her that "cute" is a waste of time and energy. Marissa, on the other hand, is sensational. She's perfect.

Marissa is excited about the lyrics that she wrote for Stephen Clay's new song. Kissing Jamal to wake him up, she tells him that he's really going to love this. Jamal gets the wrong idea, assuming that she's in the mood for love. He's unhappy to hear that this is about new lyrics for Stephen Clay. Marissa tells him to trust her. She guarantees that he'll love this song. She hasn't stopped writing since they left the meeting with Joshua. Jamal reminds her that she means Stephen Clay, since she's convinced that he and Joshua are one and the same. Marissa wants Jamal to honor his promise not to reveal that to anyone. She also wants him to hear her lyrics. She's not quite finished with them yet, but she truly believes that her words have captured Stephen Clay. She wants Jamal's opinion on her new song, "The Gift."

"Looking in the mirror
Through a newborn's eyes
I found my ticket back here
With brand-new wings to fly
Here to finish what I started
And take my curtain call
To cash in all my favors
And knock down all the walls
Because I'm the man you build your dreams on
Your savior on the stage
The object of your passion
The fire that strokes your rage
I'm the gift that keeps on giving
And all I ask for me
Is your love and adulation

Jamal thinks that she's amazing. The problem is that she's too caught up in this. He wants to makes sure it's all legit before she gets in any deeper. Marissa doesn't need any more proof about the band. She knows that it's all right. This is the chance of a lifetime, and she didn't even know that she wanted it. She accuses Jamal of being jealous. Jamal protests, but Marissa reassures him. He will always come first with her, and she can prove it. They make love.

Jamal reiterates that Marissa's song is amazing. Is she sure that she wants to keep tweaking it? Marissa explains that she just needs to make sure that it's perfect before giving it to the band. She reminds him that this is a secret.

Joshua watches Marissa and Jamal through a hidden camera. He's copied down the lyrics that Marissa read aloud. There will be no secrets--not from Stephen Clay.