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As the band wraps up a rehearsal, Ricky and Jamal charge in, demanding to see Marissa. Joshua Temple informs them that she's working, and that she's absolutely fine. The guys don't believe him. When they last spoke to her, she was screaming. Reese tells them that screaming can sometimes be good for the soul. "Maybe on your planet," Ricky retorts. Joshua orders them to leave quietly like good little boys, but Jamal isn't going anywhere. He gives the band manager a choice. Joshua can either tell them where Marissa is, or he can watch Jamal tear the place apart. When his threat is brushed off, he threatens to tear Joshua apart.

In the darkness of unfamiliar surroundings, Marissa bangs on a door and yells to be let out. This isn't the Stephen Clay "experience" she had in mind. She wants Stephen to show himself, because his shy artist act is getting old. The lights come on, and Marissa sees that she's in an office. She finds some of her favorite things, including gardenias and chocolate cake. She wonders how Stephen could know what she likes. Music begins to play, and she immediately gets caught up in it. As she listens, she finds a note on the desk. It's addressed to her, from Stephen Clay. Marissa is awestruck. Stephen Clay wrote that he's glad to have finally found her. She's the one to put words to his music, and give voice to the stories in his soul. Marissa can't believe he chose her! She takes in the scent of one of the gardenias, and the smell is almost intoxicating. She picks up a pad and pen and starts writing.

Jamal and Ricky are tied up, their hands behind their backs. They're seated back to back, and they're arguing. Ricky's angry that Jamal didn't just let him handle it. He's just as worried about Marissa as Jamal is, but he could have found another way to deal with this. As he struggles to untie his friend, he says bitterly that this was supposed to be his big break. Jamal asks whether he's crazy. Joshua and the band members return. Joshua apologizes for having to restrain them, but they gave him no choice. Ricky apologizes for both of them, and Jamal repeats that he's worried about his girlfriend. Joshua gives the order to have them untied. Now free, Jamal asks about Marissa's whereabouts again. Joshua points out that if he'd asked nicely in the first place, they could have avoided all the unpleasantness. He opens a door to reveal Marissa, who is sitting at a desk with a pen and writing pad, oblivious to being watched. When Jamal goes to her and grabs her arm, she's startled at first, then excited. She tells him that something great happened to her. When reminded of the reason they came looking for her, she apologizes for scaring them. She informs them that she heard a new song by Stephen Clay, and it's awesome. She understood every beat and every single amazing note. She knew exactly what the music was trying to say, so she started putting it into words. Jamal wants to hear all about it--at home. Marissa's not ready to go yet; she's on a roll. Jamal informs her that Joshua really wants them all to leave. Reluctantly, she starts to leave with him and Ricky. Joshua wants to give what she's written to Stephen Clay, but she's not ready for that yet. She wants to take the lyrics home and polish them. Smiling, Joshua gives her the gardenia. Marissa leaves with her friends, telling Joshua to thank Stephen for her.

Jamal escorts Marissa out, scolding her for scaring him out of his mind. Ricky wants a favor. Now that she's so close to Stephen Clay, he thinks they should meet him. Marissa has some news for him. She thinks that they've already met. She's convinced that Joshua is really Stephen Clay, hiding behind another identity. It all fits. Ricky laughs at this, but Marissa thinks it's obvious. Jamal tells them to stop arguing, because he doesn't care one way or the other. He doesn't like the guy's music, and something stinks about the whole deal. Marissa insists that the band leader is a genius. Jamal, on the other hand, thinks that he's a control freak. Marissa admits to the possibility, but she understands Stephen and his need for mystery. Jamal wants to settle this. If Stephen is really hiding behind the identity of the band manager, Jamal wants to call him on it. Marissa refuses. She has guessed his most private secret, and she's going to keep it. She wants Jamal and Ricky to promise to do the same.

After finding Livvie in the woods, Jack tries to comfort her. She's crying and suffering a great deal of pain from the miscarriage. Livvie tells him that he's always protected her. She knows that he'll take care of her and the baby. She just wants him to take her home. Jack would much rather take her to the hospital, but she pleads with him not to do that. She thinks that her baby will be taken away, and "she" is all Livvie has. Jack tries to explain that her baby's gone, but Livvie accuses him of repeating the lies he was told to say. Jack insists that he has never lied to Livvie. He wishes that he could make this better, but he can't. It's too late. Her baby is gone. Finally believing the truth, Livvie breaks down crying in Jack's arms. She feels that she failed her baby girl, after promising not to let anything happen to her. Jack assures Livvie that it's not her fault, but she continues to blame herself. She had one chance to make things right again, and now it's gone. She was just too full of hatred, and too determined to hurt others the way she's been hurt. She should have just counted her blessings instead. If she had, her baby girl would still be alive. Jack tries to pick Livvie up, but she resists. She just wants to die. She's lost everything, and her life doesn't matter anymore. Jack tells her that it matters to him. He won't let her die. Livvie looks at him with gratitude and love. She marvels that he's still here for her, just as he always was in the past whenever she needed him. He still loves her. Unwillingly to reply to that, Jack simply picks her up and carries her away.

Believing that she's found Livvie, Lucy asks Tess why she's wandering by the side of the road. She tries to take her to the hospital, but Tess pulls away, frightened. Tess tries to make her understand who she is--and isn't. She shows Lucy the doll, but Lucy misunderstands, believing that Livvie had already named her unborn baby. Crying, Tess asks for Jack. Lucy promises to call him as soon as they get to the hospital. She calls Ian to let him know that she's found Livvie. Tess is terrified as Lucy grabs her arm. She collapses.

Jack brings Livvie into the hospital and turns her over to Ian, who asks where Lucy is. This confuses Jack, who hasn't seen her. He warns Ian that Livvie is confused and very scared. They all rush to surgery mere seconds before Lucy gets off the elevator with Tess. She informs Tess that she's going to find Ian and come right back. Tess thanks her. Still believing that she's Livvie, Lucy promises to help her through this. When Lucy leaves, Tess starts looking around at her new, confusing surroundings. She gets up and wanders off in search of Jack.

Jack holds Livvie's hand as she's prepped for surgery. Livvie apologizes for the awful things she's done to Jack. He was so good to her, and she hurt him so much. Jack tells her that it doesn't matter now. As she succumbs to the anesthesia, he promises to stay with her. As soon as she's under, he leaves the operating room. Deneice catches him and urges him to stay; she thinks it's important. Jack reluctantly agrees, but he wants to get some coffee first.

Lucy returns, but Tess is gone. As Lucy calls for Livvie, Ian informs her that she's in the ER. Lucy doesn't get it; she just left her. In any case, Livvie was very different--so sweet and unlike herself. Ian explains that she's very sick. When Lucy mentions having a vibe, Ian makes her sit down. He wants Lucy to stay right where she is, so that he doesn't have to worry about both her and Livvie. Before he rushes off to surgery, Lucy promises, but she doesn't like it. She has a spooky little feeling going up and down her spine. The strange music and Livvie's personality change are causing it.

Tess wanders the hospital, quietly calling out for Jack. From the other side of a door, Jack hears his name, but when he looks through the glass, he doesn't see anyone. Tess has sunk to the floor, unconscious.