PC Update Monday 12/31/01



Port Charles Update Monday 12/31/01

By Kathy

Eve and Colleen are pulling all nighters for New Years Eve. Ian arrives to spend the evening with her. They embrace as Chris walks by. Chris observes "Haven't you learned anything? Let me tell you a little something about love. It's for suckers.

Jack and Livvie enter Alison's hospital room. They ask about the tests and how she's doing. She tells them she's fine. Jack says Jamal should be pleased. By the way she responds they can tell something is wrong. They ask her what is going on. Livvie wants to know when Jamal is coming home. Alison responds, "beats me." Livvie and Jack want to call Jamal, but Alison dissuades them.

Rafe blames himself for the problems between Jamal and Alison. He demands he be allowed to return to set things right.

Scott is arguing with Lucy and Kevin because no one told him Julie and Christina were back. Lucy tells him to talk to Christina first. Scott is a bit aggressive and it overwhelms Christina. Lucy distracts Christina by getting her to color so that she and Kevin can talk to Scott. He demands an explanation.

Ian asks what Chris is doing, giving them lessons on love? Eve sends Ian away to talk to Chris. He tells her Julie is gone. Eve says some snarky things about Julie. Chris tells her Julie is dying. Eve says she's sorry. Chris says he's sad and pathetic, but that's just his personal life, he says, so he's fine. He tells Eve if she loves Ian not to screw it up. He goes off for martini's.

Lucy and Kevin are explaining Christina's arrival. Scott says he thinks Julie should have been thrown into Sing Sing. Kevin tells Scott, he was trying not to scare Julie off, so they could get Christina. Scott notices Lucy's wedding ring. He's not pleased. She explains it was a spur-of-the-moment wedding, which is why he wasn't told. The doorbell rings and it is Serena, Karen and Frank. Frank has come to see his daughter. Christina now has three fathers, who agree they have to work something out.

Ian brings Eve her coffee. Ian asks about Chris. She tells him Julie left Chris again and that she is dying. She tells Ian that at one point Chris' life was parallel to her life. Then her life went one way and his went the other. She tells Ian what Chris said about their relationship and not screwing it up the way he did with Julie. Ian reassures Eve about the two of them. He tells her sometimes things that are lost are found again and presents her with her lost bracelet. A waitress at the party found it. Eve tells him the only time she is truly happy is when she is with him and Danny.

Alison tells Livvie and Jack that Jamal is busy and she understands why he's not there for her. But she's fine. The two want to spend New Year's with her, but she convinces them to leave and have a good time. She whispers "Happy New Year. Jamal, please call me."

Rafe tells Ed he doesn't want to abandon Alison. Ed says everyone has a good reason for wanting to go back to earth, but the "big guy" makes the rules and they have to accept them. Rafe tells him Alison is special. Ed tells Rafe to read his handbook again. On his next assignment, he tells him, he needs to learn not to get too close to the living. Rafe asks to make a deal.

Lucy takes Serena and Christina to hang up Christina's picture on the refrigerator and take her to her new room, leaving the three fathers to talk. Frank says he knows he gave up legal rights to Christina, but he wants to be part of her life. Scotty is upset because he's the adoptive father, but Christina will know Kevin as her father. Kevin says he thinks they all need to back off and allow Christina to bond with Lucy. He believes that's the most important thing for Christina. Kevin asks if they're all agreed on this. Everyone agrees. Kevin will be the father of the house. If anything goes wrong, Scotty and Frank will step in. Lucy is thrilled.

Jamal is phoning Alison, but gets her answering machine. He apologizes for being short with her, tells her the operation went well, and that both Gabby and Hope are fine. He tells her he misses her and Happy New Year. He rings off.

Alison hears fireworks and gets up out of her hospital bed to watch at the window. It begins to snow. Myra sings in what looks like a PC music video interspersed with all the couples kissing. Myra is everywhere but no one seems to notice her -- too busy kissing. A bright light blinds all the couples, Chris, and Alison, one after the other. All of a sudden Rafe appears behind Alison. She's shocked but glad to see him. She asks if he caused the light, he tells her no, but it's pretty bright. She embraces him.

Previews for Wednesday, January 2: Kevin and Lucy kissing -- Kevin: "We have the place all to ourselves. It's just you and me." Alison and Rafe -- Alison: "So let's get started" Rafe: "On what?" Alison: "On whatever you missed out the first time around."