PC Update Friday 12/28/01



Port Charles Update Friday 12/28/01

By Kathy 

Alison is getting ready to catch a bus to Chicago. Jack and Livvie arrive to take her to the station. They leave, but Alison has forgotten a bear she wanted to bring to Hope. As she turns to go back inside, she slips on a patch of ice, falls, and hits her head.

Jamal and Ricky are incredulous that each is Gabby's brother. Gabby tries to hold the brothers apart. Ricky threatens Jamal.

Chris is on the phone getting false identification and a fast car to get Julie, Christina, and himself, out of town. Julie enters and tells him she loved sleeping in his arms the night before. There is a knock on the door; it's Lucy. Kevin comes in after Lucy, bearing muffins. Julie tells them that today's the day Christina goes home with her mother, Lucy.

Jack runs to Alison's side while Livvie calls an ambulance. Alison complains she needs to catch the bus, not go to a hospital.

Dr. Williams threatens to call security. Ricky insists Gabby not give up her kidney. Gabby tells Ricky she is donating her kidney, and that's that. Dr. Hartman tells them all to get out of Gabby's room. Jamal snaps back at the good doctor that he doesn't have to like Hope's family, but he has to deal with it. Ricky tells Jamal he thinks he's treating his sister like a spare part.

Julie asks Lucy and Kevin if they are ready to take Christina back home with them. Julie asks Chris to give her some time alone with L&K. She asks Lucy to retrieve a small suitcase she has packed. Julie goes through the contents of the suitcase with Lucy. She has packed all of her favorite things so that Christina will not forget her. Included in the suitcase are love letters written to her from Chris, a tape, jewelry, perfume, a yearbook, and her favorite comfort sweater. Lucy promises she will not let Christina forget Julie. Lucy and Julie embrace.

Karen is taking care of Alison in the emergency room. Alison has a neck brace on. Karen tells Alison she will not be making the trip to Chicago; she will have to stay in the hospital overnight for observation.

Jamal and Ricky are still arguing over Gabby out in the hallway. Gabby gets between them yet again.

The car and ID's are delivered to Chris. He goes back into Julie's hotel room and finds Julie telling Christina goodbye. Julie tells Christina that even though she has to go away, she will always be with her and that she loves her. She gives her a kiss and hands her over to Lucy. Lucy tearfully tells Julie she doesn't know what to say. Kevin promises Julie that they will take care of Christina. Kevin kisses Julie goodbye and they leave. Julie breaks down and Chris takes her into his arms.

Back in the hospital hallway, Gabby tells Jamal that if anything goes wrong, he is to remember that this operation is what she wanted. She leaves to get prepped. Ricky warns Jamal if anything happens to Gabby, he is a dead man. Alison rings Jamal. He tells her he can't talk right now and hangs up.

Rafe breaks into Ed's office. He tells Ed he has to go back down because Alison and Jamal are in trouble. Ed tells Rafe he's done. Rafe disagrees.

Chris and Julie are talking. Chris tells her he wants to go away with her and take care of her. Julie tells him that she doesn't want him to watch her die. She wants him to remember her being full of life. Chris tells her he just wants to be with her. She tells him he doesn't want to have to run away from him again. She tells him to promise her that he'll find someone who will love him the way she does, and that he will search until he finds this love. She tells him she always loved him, even though she left him. She tells him that she will never stop loving him. She wants him to find a love that will last forever. He tells her that loving her was the best thing he ever did. Julie's nurse comes into the room and tells her it's time to leave. She tells Chris she loves him and that he will always be her "prince." She leaves. Chris wants to follow her, but doesn't.

Kevin and Lucy bring Christina to the lighthouse. They start settling her in. There is a knock on the door. Kevin opens it. It's Scotty. He's furious that no on has told him his daughter has been returned.

Previews for Monday: Rafe: "Please, you gotta let me go back." Livvie and Jack with Alison - Livvie: "When is Jamal coming home?" Alison: "I don't know beats me." Lucy and Kevin with Scotty -- Lucy to Scotty: "There is someone you need to see first okay?"