PC Update Wednesday 12/26/01



Port Charles Update Wednesday 12/26/01

By Dawn

Still not quite ready to believe it's real, Lucy runs to Tina and picks her up. Mary, Victor, and Frank watch her. Alison whispers to Rafe how beautiful it is. Kevin approaches Lucy, and she goes to the front of the room to introduce her daughter to everyone. Everyone claps as Lucy questions Kevin. Kevin finally admits that the other woman was Julie, who is back in town to give Tina back to Lucy.

Chris can't believe it's Julie. He hugs her, thinking she's back. But Julie only came back to Port Charles to give Tina to Lucy. Then she's leaving for good.

Kevin promises to tell Lucy everything later, but right now they need to finish the ceremony. Lucy is holding Tina, Serena is next to her, and Lucy wants all three of their daughters with them. Smiling, Livvie joins them and the reverend picks up where he left off in the ceremony. Kevin and Lucy take each other's hands. As the reverend begins to ask, Lucy answers with "I do." The reverend makes her wait for him to finish asking the question. Then he asks the same of Kevin, who can't wait to say "I do." They exchange rings and finally they are pronounced husband and wife. Screaming "Finally," Lucy kisses her new husband.

Chris wants to go with Julie, and she tries to convince him that she can't. The other woman returns, and Julie introduces her as Tina's nanny. The nanny reports that everything is fine, and there were a lot of smiles in the room because of her. Julie remembers that there were a lot of tears from those same people because of her. Chris still doesn't understand. Julie promised him they could be a family. If she lost the money, he can take care of her. Beginning to cry, Julie tells him that it's over, and he's already lost her.

Holding Tina, Lucy stares at Kevin and still can't believe that they're finally married. Lucy informs Kevin that he has made all of her dreams come true, so Kevin decides that it's time for them to make new dreams for their family. Serena approaches and Lucy puts Tina on the ground with her. Everyone laughs when the two girls hug. Serena is thrilled to be the big sister. Lucy wants Livvie to meet her new sister, and Karen joins the crowd. Frank is watching from a distance until Kevin and Lucy approach him. Kevin knows he wants to go over there, and Frank knows it's a lot to ask. Taking Frank's hand, Lucy takes Frank to Tina and introduces him as someone very special.

Alison asks Rafe if he'll get a promotion. Angels only get new assignments. Alison knows that he'll be leaving soon, but the news that he's leaving at midnight shocks her.

Eve is still frantically searching for her bracelet. Ian wants her to calm down, but Eve thinks it's a sign that they're going to have their lives torn apart again. Pointing to Kevin and Lucy, Ian wants Eve to see it. When she doesn't get it, Ian takes her outside.

Gail notices a locket on Tina's neck, and Lucy looks at it. When Tina tells her that her two mommies gave it to her, Lucy opens it to find a picture of her and Julie in it. Crying, Lucy pulls Tina into her arms.

Kevin and Lucy are dancing and discussing how much in love they are. As they kiss, Ian drags Eve outside. Ian doesn't care about the bracelet, he cares about them. Eve admits to him that if it had been them up there, she wouldn't have had the faith the Kevin and Lucy have in each other. Eve doesn't believe that he'd catch her if she fell, and she doesn't want to feel that way. Ian promises to convince her that he'll be there.

Alison tries to get away from Rafe because she doesn't want to admit how much she'll miss him. Rafe tries to remind her how much Jamal loves her, but she feels so distant from Jamal. What's going on in his life is something that she has no part of, and she hates it. She's never felt this far apart. Rafe asks if he can do anything, and knowing she has a friend is more then enough. She wonders what she's going to do without him.

Chris is still confused. If Julie loves him as much as he loves her, he doesn't understand why they can't be together. Finally Julie is forced to admit to him that she loves him. Chris is adamant that her dying is the only thing that will make him let this go. Her face tells him that's exactly what's happening. As he begins to tell her about his research, she hands him her medical records. Knowing what he's going to find, Julie can't watch him read them. He still believes that he can help her. But all the money, all the specialists don't matter. She doesn't have much time left, and she wants Chris to accept it as she has. She came back to make sure Tina was happy and safe. And she wants Chris to know. She begs him to move on for her. He doesn't want to. Julie promises to always love him, and he needs to move on for both of them.

Rafe has to tell Lucy that he's leaving. When she tries to tell him who much she'll miss him, he wants her to know that he'll always be there. If Lucy wants to talk to him, or if she needs him, all she has to do is look up at the stars and talk. He'll get the message. Crying, they hug and promise to miss each other. Kevin cuts in, and Rafe grabs him in a big bear hug that almost knocks Kevin over. Unable to say another word, Rafe leaves. Calling Lucy "Mrs. Collins", Kevin pulls Lucy to him and they dance while everyone watches.

Upstairs, Chris and Julie hold each other.

Jack and Livvie dance.

Ian holds mistletoe over Eve's head and they kiss.

Serena spins Tina and holds her hand.

Rafe leads Alison outside.

Frank and Karen dance.

Sticking his finger into the icing, Kevin feeds Lucy. As she licks the icing off his finger he holds against him. He calls her Lucy Coe, and she reminds him that he name is Collins. Threatening her to not forget it, he kisses her again.

When they get outside, Rafe gives Alison his jacket. He's leaving any minute now, and he wants to talk to her. She has a lot of things that she wants to say to him, and he feels the same way. He tries to tell her what he wishes for, but he disappears before he can bring himself to say it. Saying goodbye to her angel, Alison runs back inside, crying.

Everyone is dancing while Alison watches from the side. She talks to Rafe, asking if he can see how happy everyone is.

Kevin finds Lucy at the doorway to the balcony. This is the happiest moment of her entire life. Kevin reaches for her face and they kiss.


Valerie listens to Jamal tell Alison that he can't stand being away from her and he loves her.

A guy tells Gabby that he's there, and Gabby calls him Frankie and asks him what he's doing there.

Kevin, holding Tina, stands with Lucy and Chris while Julie stares at them.