PC Update Monday 12/24/01



Port Charles Update Monday 12/24/01

By Kathy

Kevin asks Lucy if she trusts him enough to marry him. She tells him she saw him go into room 1215. He asks again if she can trust him enough to marry him. He says he believes all the magic has happened at the party was to lead them into getting married. They agree the wedding is meant to be and Lucy tells him she knows he loves her and she loves him. She says yes.

Alison asks Rafe if he thinks Lucy has any idea that what is going to happen will be more than a wedding. He tells her she doesn't, but she's about to find out.

Lucy leaves to gussy herself up. Livvie and Serena help her. Victor offers to walk her down the isle for something "Old." And they call out for Reverend Giovanni to marry them. Lucy goes off. Eve congratulates Kevin. Mac is happy to finally be Kevin's best man.

Chris has another call. He checks his caller ID and sees that it's the Port Charles Hotel.

Livvie and Serena are helping Lucy get ready for the wedding. Livvie finds a box with a train, veil and tiara. Livvie comments that she now has something new. She still needs something borrowed and something blue.

The girls leave to look for the other two items. Ian steps out from behind the mirror. Lucy asks him if he's surprised. He says yes he is. He tells her she's an incredible woman who trusts in the one she loves, which makes Kevin a lucky guy. Lucy tells Ian she knows that he and Eve can find each other again also.

Serena tells Alison she can't find anything blue. Rafe tells Alison to lift up her dress and a blue garter appears. He tells her to sit down and he removes it.

Livvie takes off the bracelet that her father gave her for Lucy's something "borrowed."

Eve is distraught. She can't find the bracelet that Ian gave her. Ian tells her they will find EVERYTHING they lost.

Alison congratulates Rafe on the events, and comments that the best is yet to come.

Lucy leaves the room on Victor's arm and the wedding begins.

Chris is at the PC hotel. Chris bullies the man at the front desk to let him see all of the calls that have originated from the hotel. He finds the number and the hotel room.

The wedding continues. Lucy and Kevin recite their own vows extemporaneously. They reconfirm their love. The minister asks for the rings. Kevin calls a temporary halt to the proceedings. He tells Lucy there is something missing, that not everyone is there. She says she doesn't need anyone else. He asks if she's sure. They don't have a flower girl he says. Lucy turns around and Christina appears.

Chris is pounding on the hotel room door. The door opens and it's Julie.

Wednesday's Preview: Alison to Rafe: "You'll be leaving soon." Rafe: "I am at midnight." Alison: "Yeah." Lucy to Kevin: "Julie is back in town? Kevin: "She came here to give Christina to you. Christina's yours again." Chris to Julie: "Julie!"