PC Update Friday 12/21/01



Port Charles Update Friday 12/21/01

By Kathy 

The Christmas party is in full swing. Rafe looks out over his handiwork, then goes outside to write the last entry in his journal. He writes that, before coming to Port Charles, he didn't know much about love, but after being with all the PC citizens he now does.

Kevin sees Rafe and asks about Lucy. Rafe assures him she'll be there.

Lucy doesn't understand how she got to Port Charles. Ed is driving the cab and drops her off at Port Charles Hotel. She tells Ed she doesn't want to be there and he should take her where she wants to go. Ed asks her if she isn't one of those people that believe in the Universe. She's a bit puzzled but he gets her out of the cab. As Ed leaves he calls "Ta." Lucy turns around more confused than ever, wondering how he knew she uses that word for goodbye.

Alison calls Jamal and he tells her the good news that Gabrielle is a match for Hope. She tells him the flight was cancelled because of bad weather, so she won't get there for Christmas. Alison tells Jamal she loves him and wishes him a Merry Christmas.

Lucy sees Rafe at the party and she tells him about her weird flight. Rafe tells her it's a good thing she showed up. She tells him it's not a good thing because Kevin is planning to dump her at the party so that she won't make a big scene. Kevin spots her, comes over and tells her that they have to talk. She tells him she has a million things to do and runs off, leaving him with Rafe.

Chris confronts Mac and tells him someone is stalking him. Mac tells him he's imagining it. Chris says he doesn't know why he's telling Mac, since it's been so long since the police of Port Charles have solved a crime. Jack tries to calm him down. Chris brings up the Helena and Stavros Cassidine debacle as an example.

Lucy bumps into Livvie and Livvie tells her how beautiful the party is. Lucy says sure, but she didn't order a white décor, she ordered traditional red and green. Livvie tells her it's like a winter wonderland, or a beautiful wedding. Lucy doesn't look pleased.

Don finds Lucy. She lets him have it for signing for the wrong flowers. Then she spies Chris and asks Don who invited him. Chris responds, "Oh, I SO heard that." Jack holds him back. Lucy tells Don "This is a bad night. It's a disaster of an evening. I'm not dressed..." Don tells her it's okay because he brought her dress. Kevin sneaks up again and tells her they have to talk. Lucy avoids him by spying Mary. Reverend Giovanni accompanies her and is introduced to Kevin.

Victor tells Kevin to look around at the place. Kevin agrees it's something, and then realizes it's exactly what he and Lucy discussed as perfect for their wedding. The Baldwins, Rhonda, and Serena come upon Frank and Karen kissing. They tell the couple how happy they look. Rhonda asks how they do it? Karen responds "Just good old fashioned love."

Chris and Jack pass Amanda Barrington. She tells Chris she had no choice that she had to dismiss him. He tells her he would sleep with her to get his job back. Insulted Amanda walks away. Jack and Livvie tell him to stop what he's been doing. He tells them someone has been following him, watching him. He says he needs air and leaves.

Alison enters the party and finds Rafe. She tells him her flight was cancelled and she decided to come to the party. Rafe makes a ring box appear in her hand. He then makes it disappear and reappear in Kevin's coat pocket. The red light shines on Kevin when he discovers it. He tells Victor he doesn't know how they got there. Victor asks if he's ever seen the rings before. He tells him, yes in a store window. He almost bought them. Kevin then decides it's a sign. He's going to ask Lucy to marry him at the party.

Lucy is in the hotel room with Don, taking her dress out of the bag. She's appalled to find it's not the right dress (green), but a white creation that she thinks is inappropriate. Don tells her all brides supposed to wear white on their wedding day. Lucy sets him straight about there not being a wedding. He goes out in search of her green dress.

Serena, Alison and Rafe go to Lucy's hotel room door. Serena asks if Lucy is inside. Don tells her Lucy is inside, but that she's in a bad mood. Rafe tells Serena to go in, that her daughter is all Lucy needs. He pulls a white rose out of an arrangement for Serena to give to Lucy.

Serena knocks on the door and enters. Lucy is happy to see her. Serena tells Lucy she'll be beautiful in the white dress. Lucy agrees to put it on. Serena tells Lucy she has something for her, pulls the rose from behind her back and in her hand is a wedding bouquet.

Lucy has put on her make up and is weeping. She tries to pull herself together. She tells herself she'll stay 50 feet away from Kevin, so he can't dump her.

Chris' cell rings. He answers it, but no one speaks, just breathing. It's driving him crazy.

Mac asks Kevin if he's sure about marrying Lucy this time. Kevin says he's sure. He loves Lucy with all his heart. He's determined to marry Lucy that night and it just feels right. Victor and Mac congratulate him. Kevin says all he has to do now is ask. Lucy walks into the room. He calls to her and she tries to duck away.

Ian and Eve are under the mistletoe. They begin to kiss, when the diamonds on her bracelet distract Eve. Ian tells her the gift may be extravagant, but he wanted to show her how much he loved her. She tells him there are other ways. He tells her he knows there is still something missing between them, but they will get it back. She tells him she knows they will. He kisses her hand.

Rafe asks Alison to dance. Alison tells him she feels as if she's dancing on air. She IS.

Kevin grabs Lucy as she tries to escape. He tells her to stop running away from him because there is something he wants to say. Lucy gets upset and tells him to go ahead. She tells him she knows what he's going to say and he might as well say it in front of all their friends. He tells her to look around the room at all their friends. He says it's like the wedding they dreamed of. He tells her it feels right, so they should do it. She asks him what they should do. He says get married. She tells him she knows he's been sneaking around seeing another woman. He tells her she's right. There is another woman, but it's not what she thinks. He asks her if she can trust him, if she has enough faith despite what she thinks she knows to marry him, now. He asks Lucy if she trusts him enough to believe he loves her and always will. He asks her again to marry him.

Preview for Monday: Ian to Eve "Whatever we lost, we'll get it back. I promise you we'll get it back." Kevin to Lucy "Don't think Lucy. Feel it. What is the universe telling you. What are your heart and your soul telling you?"