PC Update Thursday 12/20/01



Port Charles Update Thursday 12/20/01

by Dawn

Rafe is at Lucy's writing in his journal about the big night being his last chance. As battered and beaten as they all are, they have to be in each other's arms tonight or they will never be in each other's arms again. He wishes he could shake them and let them know how lucky they are to have love in their lives. The ones that don't pass it up are the ones that are blessed.

Val and Jamal are waiting for the doctors. His phone rings and he's glad to hear Alison's voice. They're still waiting to see if any of them are a match. Her flight is at 9, and they can't wait to see each other. Val is not happy to hear Jamal tell Alison how much he needs her. After they hang up, Alison has one more thing to do.

Kevin is still searching for Lucy, who is an hour late. Don thinks she is getting her hair done, he told her to go Brittany Spears for tonight. Don knows she would never miss her special day. This makes Kevin wonder what Don is talking about. Don covers by saying that she loves Christmas and parties. Kevin was hoping to talk to her alone before the party. Smiling, Don agrees that they have important things to talk about. Kevin is now very suspicious and asks Don why he's acting stranger then normal. Using the season as an excuse, Don escapes from Kevin.

Lucy promises the man next to her in the plane that she'll settle down. He's trying very hard to ignore her, but he can't. Lucy babbles on about Serena being with her father, and that she's going to get away from the people in PC that have sucked the life out of her for the last 52 weeks. She was supposed to go to a party with her fiancÚ, well, ex-fiance, and since it is her party, she doesn't have to show up if she doesn't want to.

Lucy's monologue is continuing. She wants to know how a man can say I love you madly one minute, then make eyes at another woman the next. She's a sucker, and wants the poor man to agree with her, then threatens him if he does. Her self argument continues with the fact that she slept with Ian, but she was still hoping that they were going to get married. When the man puts on headsets to get away from her, Lucy takes them off his head to continue her tirade. She's going to have a Merry Xmas.

Kevin is still looking for Lucy, but he finds Serena. He's glad she's there, Lucy is going to need her because she loves her. The woman from the hotel room comes to Kevin to tell him that she's waiting. Kevin is going to go right up. This isn't how he wanted to do this, but he still can't find Lucy.

Rafe lets Alison in and he's sorry she'll miss the grand finale. She had to tell him how much he caught her eye. So many horrible things happen that sometimes it's hard to look past them. If she ever forgets how wonderful a place the world is she'll think of him. This touches him, and she continues to tell him how special he is. Rafe believes she's more special then she gives herself credit for. Alison begins to tell him how she feels when she's with him, but she stops and tries to leave. Rafe wants to tell her what he is planning. She loves surprises, and she's going to really love this one.

Jamal is pacing, but Gabby promises that the doctors will let them know as soon as they have the results. Val wants to go see Hope. Gabby wants to help, but Jamal believes she already did just by agreeing to be tested. If she's a match, she'd donate a kidney to a baby she doesn't even know. All that matters to Gabby is that the baby is her niece, and Jamal is the only family that didn't give up on her when she gave up on herself. Val returns to tell them how small Hope looks. She begins to cry and Jamal hugs her.

Alison is thrilled with Rafe's plans. She doesn't believe anything can go wrong, and she has faith in him. They stare at each other, and Rafe asks her what's wrong. She wanted to get a big picture of him in her mind. Rafe promises that she'll see him again. She's sure that they've missed him where he came from, but he's not so sure. Her curiosity gets the better of her and she asks him what it's like. It's different for everyone, but he'll show her around when she gets there. She still has a lot of time, but Rafe knows that him being there has made her life harder. Alison wouldn't trade a minute of it for anything. They shake hands and Rafe tells her to have an amazing life. Crying, she rushes into his arms for a hug. Then she grabs her coat and leaves.

Lucy is still forcing the man next to her to listen to her. She's not going back. Even if they beg her, she won't. She has a dream about being at the party. Kevin looks pathetic, and he begs her to forgive him. He was a fool and that other woman meant nothing. She pities him, and he can't live without her. He reminds her how useless his is without her, and she still pities him. His punishment for being so cavalier about her deep feelings is to live without her. Getting on his knees, Kevin promises to do anything. She makes him kiss her foot and work his way up her leg. As he does, the plane bounces and she wakes up. There is a woman next to her, and Lucy asks where the man went. Confused, the woman answers that she's been there since they took off. Her answer confuses Lucy.

Alison is grabbing her bag to go to the airport. The phone rings, and she can't force herself to ignore it. It's the airport calling her to inform her that the weather is bad and her flight has been cancelled. Thanking them, she hangs up the phone.

Gabby, Jamal, and Val are still waiting. Gabby considers Val to be part of the family as well as Jamal. Whatever problems they've had don't matter now. Jamal agrees with that. Mr. Hartman returns to them with the results. Gabby is shocked to discover she's a match for Hope.

Gail, Lee, and Serena enter. Rafe knows that Lucy has no idea that Serena is coming. Rafe promises to let Serena know the minute Lucy arrives. Mary and Victor are next, and Rafe explains that Lucy and Kevin are fashionably late.

Eve and Ian are next. Ian hates being in the monkey suit, and Eve is amused by it. They go to the dance floor and begin to dance.

Frank and Karen are next, and since the festivities haven't started yet, Frank wants to have a few personal festivities with her.

Livvie, Jack and Chris enter. Chris believes that Rafe has the whole leprechaun thing going on with the goatee. Embarrassed, Jack drags him away, but Livvie has to tell Rafe how amused she is by the whole Chris/Truth thing. He tells her to go celebrate, and she playfully calls him an angel. Alone, Rafe is sure it's time for Kevin and Lucy to arrive.

Back in the hotel room, Kevin is kneeling in front of the mystery woman. He explains that he and Lucy were going to get married, but it didn't happen. Now is the time to tell her. It's not going to be easy, but in the end it will be all right.

Lucy realizes that everything around her is different. The woman informs Lucy that they're landing in Port Charles. Refusing to believe this, Lucy insists that she was sitting next to a man and she was flying to Hawaii for Xmas. The flight attendant confirms the other passenger's story, and Lucy pulls her ticket out to prove them wrong. She's shocked to see Port Charles as the destination on her ticket, and she begins to wonder if she's losing her mind.


Kevin tells Rafe that Lucy is late. Rafe is convinced that she's making a grand entrance.

Ed, disguised as a cab driver, takes Lucy to the hotel.