PC Update Wednesday 12/19/01



Port Charles Update Wednesday 12/19/01

By Dawn

Rafe is on the bridge, lamenting love. He can't breath, he can't focus, and if this is love, who needs it? But he has to admit that being with Alison is better then any magic. Alison loves Jamal, Rafe has to leave soon, and he's an angel. He never lived long enough to understand love, and he wished he had more time to learn.

Alison is headed to Jamal for Xmas because Hope is really sick. She's looking forward to spending Xmas somewhere new. She feels helpless, and she wants to go. Livvie asks her why she's in a rush to leave, and finally she asks her if it has anything to do with Rafe.

Rafe is still talking to himself as the preparations for the party continue at the Versailles room. Furious, Lucy threatens to deck someone's halls on the other end of a phone call and hangs up. Kevin is upstairs and she's down there. Telling Don to go because she's dangerous, she informs Rafe that his instincts stink. Kevin is checking some woman's pulse upstairs in her hotel room.

Kevin tells the mystery woman that everything is ready. Telling Lucy about them at the party is perfect, and he doesn't want to wait another minute.

Frank, Karen, Eve and Ian are in the On Call room. Telling Frank that she's been naughty, Karen asks Eve and Ian what they have planned for Danny. Ian says out to see lights, and Eve says quiet evening at home. Eve decides to do both. Karen and Eve exchange gifts as Frank reminds them about Chris. Eve tells Ian about him kissing Amanda. Karen tells them about Chris experiments with vampire serum, and when it wasn't going to make him a ton of money, he must have snapped. Eve and Karen are amused that they bought each other the same sweater. When Frank wonders who will take Chris's job, Eve admits that Alan wants to see her. Ian wants to know when she was going to tell him. Chris exits his office with a box and his phone rings. No one is on the other end. Eve asks Chris what he's going to do with no job. He admits that he's going to Jack's because no one else cares and he's lonely. He tells the shocked crowd that he loves Jack and he cried when he put the star on the top of their tree. As he leaves, they all laugh. Chris calls back that he can hear them and it hurts.

Livvie admits to Alison that she knows about Rafe being an angel. Alison has been dying to talk to someone, but she's not happy to find out that Livvie also knows about the kiss. Livvie admits to dragging it out of him, and he feels really bad about it. Alison tried to tell him it was no big deal, but she thinks he's lost. Livvie understands how special Rafe is and that Alison is drawn to him. Smiling, Alison tells her about the magic when they were babysitting Danny. Livvie tells her that it's not real.

Rafe wants to know if Lucy asked Kevin about the mystery woman. Lucy admits that she followed him. Lucy saw him order take out for two, buy flowers, and then he went to a hotel. A gorgeous woman opened the door holding the flowers he'd bought. Kevin's in love with someone else. Rafe doesn't think it makes sense, but Lucy is crying. Kevin proposed to her, and now.... She's angry, but Rafe backs up, afraid of her. Rafe is cute, but he doesn't know diddly about love. She tried to talk to Kevin, and he lied to her face. She's going through with the party, but as far as her and Kevin are concerned, they're finished. Rafe asks her if everything worked out, would she take Kevin back. Quietly, Lucy tells him that there isn't a miracle big enough. As she leaves, Rafe says that's what she thinks.

Frank gives Karen a snow globe with a couple in it. Her gift to him is a copy of The Time Machine. Frank and Karen push Eve and Ian to exchange their gifts. Eve's is a diamond bracelet. Ian's is a first edition of Yates. They both have to admit that they went overboard on the gift department.

Alison can't help feeling bad about what it means with Rafe. He wants what he can't have with her. The reason he kissed her, and the reason isn't about her, it's about life. Alison knows it can't be easy. They're all having fun and in love. Livvie reminds her that Rafe was on a mission and he knew what he was getting into. But all Alison can think of is that Rafe doesn't have anyone. He really got to Alison, but she knows that he's leaving forever. She can't say goodbye to him.

Lucy is furious again. Hanging up the phone, she tells Rafe that Scott had last minute plans, and she can't have Serena at the party. She won't have her man or her daughter. Rafe tries to be positive, but the positive attitude is really beginning to annoy Lucy. Her phone rings again, and it's Kevin. Sarcastic, she reminds him that she's in the middle of a pre party hell. He promises to be right there. She asks him what's going on with him, and he tells her that he's on his way. He hangs up the phone, but misses the receiver and Lucy hears him say that Lucy is suspicious, he thinks telling her at the party is not a good idea, and he wants to tell her now. She begins to cry, and Rafe asks her what she heard. It was nothing, just the sound of her world being shattered.

Karen, Frank, Eve, and Ian promise to see each other next year. After Karen and Frank are gone, they decide to finish their shifts and go home. Eve thinks she'll leave the bracelet at home. Chris comes back and sees it. He asks Ian if he's trying to impress anyone since he already has the girl.

Livvie asks Alison if Jamal gave her the rose, and she's shocked to hear that Rafe did. He gave her a rose, he kissed her and she's going to leave without saying goodbye. Alison asks Livvie if she should face him, and Livvie's answer is for her to figure it out.

Kevin finally appears and is not happy to hear Rafe tell him that Lucy is in the triple digits on the anger scale. But Rafe is still convinced that Lucy will be happy after the party, and nothing else will matter. Kevin asks if she's in the kitchen fist fighting with Don over the seating arrangements. Rafe says that happened an hour ago, and Lucy's outside trying to calm down. He's sure she'll be back.

Lucy is on a plane. She decided to not wait around for Kevin to tell her that he's in love with another woman. She's always wanted to spend Xmas in Hawaii, and she intends to do it this year.


Lucy is forcibly removing headsets from the passenger next to her to discuss Kevin.

Rafe wants to give Alison her going away gift. She loves surprises, and she'll love this one.