PC Update Tuesday 12/18/01



Port Charles Update Tuesday 12/18/01

By Dawn

Rafe is lecturing himself about kissing Alison. He's angry at himself for thinking about her and he needs to move on to do his job. At least Kevin and Lucy are on the right path. Until Lucy saw Kevin with another woman, and Rafe has no idea what that is about. He's running out of time and he's screwing everything up instead of making it right for everyone.

Hope's father tells Jamal, Valerie, and Alison that Hope is sick. They called in a specialist and her kidneys are failing. They want to test Jamal and Valerie because she needs a transplant. If either of them are a match, she has a chance to be okay. But the surgery has to be immediate. Alison offers to go with them and do anything to help. Hope's father only bought two tickets.

As Livvie decorates the tree, Jack kisses her. They're really making a home together. Livvie wants to have their friends and family over for a dinner party. Agreeing, Jack mentions that he'd like to have Chris over. Livvie noticed that he's been saying strange things, but Jack thinks it's cool. When Livvie asks him about what Chris said about leaving Jack with Social Services because he loved him, Jack admits that he'd never considered that. Livvie thinks the timing is right for him and Chris, and Jack thinks the timing is right for all of them. Things really seem to be falling into place, and Jack suggests that it's Fate. And Rafe, who led Jack there. Livvie is interested in this, and she admits that Rafe led her in that direction, too. Jack wonders why Rafe would be so interested in them, but Livvie has a feeling she knows.

Kevin asks Lucy what's up. She needs to think about where to start. Her first instinct is to ask him about the woman and the scarf. As she's arguing with herself in her mind, Kevin thinks he knows what she's upset about. Lucy is stunned when Kevin admits that for once he has to explain and he owes her an apology.

Still on his honesty binge, Chris tells a nurse that dropping 50 lbs and getting a nose job does wonders. As the offended nurse storms away, he sees Victor dressed as Santa leading Gabby with a child in a wheelchair. Pulling Victor's beard off, he informs the child that there is no Santa and Xmas is a scam. Amanda Barrington approaches Chris and is very upset that everyone is complaining about him. He actually told one of her friends that she'd lived long enough. Chris's only defense is that the woman is 90 years old. Amanda orders him to stop, but Chris knows that he's one of the most brilliant doctors there and all she can do is throw meaningless threats at him. Furious, Amanda proves how meaningless her threats are by suspending him. Then she turns to the Nurses' Station and asks the nurse on duty to get her some water. Jack exits the elevator in time to see Chris tell Amanda that he has what she needs, grab her, and kiss her.

Livvie approaches Rafe on the bridge. She hasn't forgotten he's an angel, and she knows that he helped her and Jack. Her guess is that part of his mission is to help pick up the pieces Caleb left lying around. It seems to be working on everyone, and when Livvie tells him that he's getting the job done, Rafe isn't so sure. He's having trouble focusing, and he can't concentrate on anything. When Livvie asks him if he's depressed, he replies that it's more like being on a high. If Livvie didn't know better, she would accuse him of being in love. Suddenly screaming, Rafe insists that he and Alison are just friends. Shocked, Livvie realizes that he's in love with Alison.

Kevin stammers for a moment, but he knows that he hasn't been any help for the party. He promises her that he'll be around to help her right after work. Lucy isn't upset, but it is a lot of work. She knows he's busy, and asks him if he has time for a break. After telling her that he's picking up dinner and going right back to work, he says he'll call her and goes inside the Recovery Room. Lucy follows him to the door and hears him pick up an order for two sandwiches and brownies. This makes Lucy furious. Kevin hates brownies, and she knows that he's ordering dinner for HER. At first she decides to follow him. Then she realizes that she's been there, done that and she's not going to do it. But in the end she follows him.

Calling Amanda by her first name, Chris asks her how long it's been since she's been kissed. Jack tries to help Chris by pulling him back. Chris doesn't care if he's suspended, he'll be back in a week. Amanda fires him on the spot and promises that he'll never work again. She leaves a very quiet Jack and a shocked Chris.

Rafe insist to Livvie that he's not falling for anyone. He's just been hanging out with Alison. Livvie is shocked to hear that Alison figured out Rafe is an angel. Rafe has been confiding in Alison and she's been helping him make them all remember their love for each other. Rafe admits to Livvie that he's been having fun by cursing Chris with the truth. Laughing, Livvie enjoyed that as well. When Rafe says that Alison enjoyed it, too, Livvie reminds him that Alison is in love with Jamal. Rafe knows all about it, and he's not going to mess things up again. He admits that he kissed Alison and Jamal saw it. Livvie can't believe this happened. Alison was being her friendly, bubbly self, and it didn't mean anything more. Rafe knows that, but before he left Earth before, he'd never fallen in love before. Livvie understands Rafe, but Alison is off limits. But she also realizes that he can't let go of her, and if he can't, Alison probably can't, either. Livvie advises Rafe to go to Alison and clear the air. It's the only way for both of them to get past it.

Jamal offers to buy Alison a plane ticket so she can go with him. She doesn't need to go with him now, but if he's a match, she'll be there. Kissing her goodbye, he apologizes about Rafe. Alison is past it, and all that matters is Hope, and helping her. They kiss again and he leaves.

With Lucy still following him, Kevin buys flowers from a street vendor. Now Lucy's more furious at him for brownies, flowers, and heading away from the hospital. Threatening fireworks, Lucy continues to chase him.

Jack brings Chris to the house. They agree that something's not right with him, and he needs to keep his mouth shut. Everything something happens, Chris can't help blurting out what he's thinking. Jack wants him to stay with them until they figure out what's going on. Chris's first response is that he is supposed to stay in that dump, which offends Jack. But Chris is grateful to Jack because he's the only one that cares about Chris. Livvie enters and she's happy to see him there. Chris accuses her of pretending to like him. Jack tells her about Amanda, and when Livvie laughs, Jack stops her. Livvie knows Chris will be back to himself shortly. Jack wants Chris to stay there, and Livvie is all for it. She asks Chris if he wants to help decorate the tree. Chris would like it, it's the first time he's had family to share Xmas. It's his first family Xmas. Livvie and Jack smile at each other.

Jamal and Valerie are on the plane, both hoping that Hope will be fine. One of them has to be a match. Valerie asks him if he's okay, or if he's still worried about the Rafe thing. Jamal is adamant about not being worried about Alison.

Alison is pulling out Xmas stuff for decorating. It's almost Xmas, and she'll be busy. When Rafe knocks on the door, they stare at each other for a moment before Alison finally invites him inside. He apologizes for kissing her and causing problems. As he rants about it, Alison finally stops him. Everything is okay. They're just friends, and Jamal is fine about it. Rafe is glad to hear that, but they are still staring at each other. He decides to leave, but Alison asks him if he can help her decorate and cook. Rafe thinks Jamal should help with that, but Alison tells him about Hope. Rafe promises to say a few extra prayers for her. As he says goodbye, he back towards the door. After he walks into it, Alison opens it for him. Alone on the sofa, Alison wonders what's the matter with her.

Kevin goes into the hotel room, and smiles at who opens it before he goes inside. Lucy is hurt and angry to be sure that it's not a patient. When she knocks on the door, a woman opens it. Lucy pretends to be at the wrong room and goes away. It's true, Kevin has another woman and she's gorgeous. As Lucy walks away crying, the woman closes the door and tells Kevin that the other woman has been waiting for him. He brought them dinner.


Lucy tells Rafe that Kevin is taking another woman's temperature.

Kevin tells the mystery woman that he want to tell Lucy at the party. He's not waiting another minute.