PC Update Monday 12/17/01



Port Charles Update Monday 12/17/01

By Kathy

Jamal walks in on Alison and Rafe kissing. He is not a happy camper.

Ian and Eve are embracing. Ian is so relieved she is alive. Eve quips that it took a bump on the head and a stolen car to get them back together. Ian says no, it took her stubborn husband to realize what the world would be like with out her. They decide to blow out of there and go home.

Lucy is lamenting what she sees: Kevin with Mystery Woman (MW) "touchy feely" on the bench. She vows to find out why he lied and why that woman is with him.

Alison and Rafe try to explain what happened to Jamal. Rafe starts to take the blame. Alison tells Rafe she has always been able to speak for herself, so he should leave her to Jamal. She tells Valerie to get lost as well. Outside, Valerie comments to Rafe about the situation; he tells her it's none of her business and leaves. Valerie replies after him that it is her business and he did her a big favor. Back in the apartment, Jamal wants an explanation. Alison tells him there IS something between her and Rafe and that he needs to know it.

Lucy has decided to walk up to Kevin and MW and demand an explanation, but before she can take a step, she hears someone fall and finds a boy with a cut on his cheek. She stops to help him. When she looks back at the bench Kevin and MW are gone.

Ian and Eve are drinking wine at the apartment. They toast to "the light going on in Ian's head." He tells her he's always loved her, but when he thought she was dead he realized they didn't have all the time in the world. They needed to work things out now. They drink to "not wasting any time." Ian tells her he's missed her and they begin kissing.

Alison tells Jamal that Rafe is a very special person. She tells him that she's gotten very close to Rafe and cares about him. She tells Jamal that Rafe is leaving and she'll miss him. The kiss was a goodbye kiss. Jamal is not convinced. She tells him she couldn't love Rafe because she loves him. She tells him all the stuff with Valerie has made her feel on the outside. Jamal says Rafe was working the situation. Alison tells him Rafe wouldn't do that. She asks him why he isn't in Chicago and Jamal tells her the whole airport story. Alison asks what she can do to make it better. Jamal tells her it's not all her fault. Alison tells him she guesses they should have learned to not take love for granted. They agree they ALMOST messed up. Jamal tells Alison he's not going to let her go. They embrace.

Rafe writes in his journal about his feelings for Alison. He feels he needs to talk to someone about her. Lucy walks in. They both tell each other they need to talk. Lucy tells Rafe she thinks Kevin is cheating on her because she saw him in the park with MW. Rafe has her sit down and tries to get her to listen to his troubles. He tells her to think about it another way. He comes up with different senerios, Lucy is not accepting any of them. Rafe doesn't get to ask her advice.

Kevin tells MW that he knows she was uncomfortable going out in public, but no one saw them, no one knows and it will stay that way until they're ready to break the news. He says he knows she's thinking about Lucy, but he tells her that they'll deal with her the right way this time. He tells MW he will spend the whole day with her.

Dr. Hartman walks up to Valerie just before she reenters the apartment. He tells her he's there on urgent business. Jamal tells Alison he will take care of the Hartman/Hope stuff and they will be back with each other again. Just as they begin kissing, there is a knock on the door. It's Valerie and Dr. Hartman. Dr. Hartman tells Jamal that Hope is very sick and he needs his help.

Ian and Eve are necking on the sofa. Eve tells Ian to wait because she wants to change into something more "comfortable," she wants the moment to be perfect. He says her everything they need is right there -- the two of them -- and continues to kiss her. All her protestations are for naught. They go for it.

Lucy and Rafe are continuing their conversation. Rafe tells her love is a mystery to him. They go into a discussion about love. Lucy decides to wait the whole thing with Kevin out and see what happens. She thanks Rafe for listening and leaves. Rafe laments, to himself, his mistake with Alison.

Lucy tells herself she won't push anything and bumps into Kevin. She tells Kevin they really need to talk. She's not sure she's going to like the answer but she has to ask him something.

Previews for Tuesday: Kevin to Lucy: "I think I owe you an apology." Livvie to Rafe: "Maybe you are in love. Rafe: "No that's not true, Alison and I are just friends." Livvie: "Alison?" Alison's Granny at the hospital desk: "I need some water." Chris walks up to her: "You don't need water. I got what you need," and he kisses her.