PC Update Friday 12/14/01



Port Charles Update Friday 12/14/01

By Kathy 

Rafe and Alison try to pull it together after Rafe catches Alison naked. Alison goes to dress as Rafe tries to talk himself out of his attraction/feelings for Alison.

Jamal is at the airport ready for his flight to Chicago and finds Valerie waiting for him. He is not pleased.

Lucy listens in to Kevin's conversation with Mystery Woman (MW). She overhears him telling the woman that he will go to her after he gets rid of Lucy. Kevin comes back into the room and Lucy asks questions about his patient, referring to her as a "she." Kevin questions how she knows his patient is a woman. She swears she just intuited it, but tells him she knows he'll come back to her to continue party planning as soon as he gets rid of the patient. Kevin's radar goes up, and Lucy tries to smooth things over, but Kevin is on to her and asks what all the questioning is about.

Ian nervously asks Colleen at the hospital desk if Eve has called in. He tries not to worry. The phone rings. The call is for him. It's the police telling him something has happened to Eve. He asks Colleen to check on Daniel in daycare, as he runs to find out what happened.

Lucy is evasive. Kevin drops the questioning. Lucy asks him when he'll return. He tells her he doesn't know. She tries to pin him down, but is unsuccessful. Kevin leaves and Lucy walks over to the rings, as if they are lifelines, to convince herself there will still be a wedding. She can't stand the not knowing what Kevin is up to, so she grabs her things to follow him.

Jamal is not happy that Valerie is planning to go with him to see Hope's parents. He's afraid they will feel threatened by her. He tells her he wants to sign over his parental rights so the family will stop running. Valerie tells not to do it. She tells him she will go with him to stop him. Jamal misses the flight because of the argument.

Rafe has dropped Alison's package and broken what is inside. It seems to be something sticky and sweet, which he tastes. Alison comes out dressed and he is transfixed. He apologizes again. Alison says she's not upset. But they're still awkward together. They start to clean up the mess. Alison tells him to forget about it. We see that Rafe knows he can't.

Ian is at the police station. He calls for Andy, who wants to take him to a back room to talk, but Ian wants the information right away. Andy tells him they found her car at the bottom of a ravine, but that they haven't found Eve. He tells Ian the car is so far down from the road that they haven't made it down there yet. He tells Ian he sorry, but that no one could have survived the wreck.

Valerie and Jamal are back at the Recovery Room. Jamal has had it with Valerie, he tells her he's tired of her flirting with him, and he's angry about missing the plane. He tells her he wants nothing to do with her. He offers her money to go away. Valerie tries to pull the "Hope Card." She tells him they can get Hope and raise her together. He tells her Alison was right about her all along, that she thought she, Jamal and Hope were a family. He tells Valerie it's not going to happen (that they become a family). He tells her it will never happen, so she can forget it.

Rafe asks Alison what the stuff was that he dropped (syrup and jams and molasses for her holiday muffins). Rafe tells her he'll replace it all. She tells him that's okay, he can just help her with the baking. They start having a food fight. She asks him why he's been blowing her off. Rafe tells her she distracts him from his job, that he starts having fun when he's with her. She tells him his plans are working, that people seem to be getting back together. She gets sad because she remembers he will be leaving at Christmas and she tells him she will miss him a lot. He tells her he will miss her too.

Lucy arrives at the hospital and knows she shouldn't have followed Kevin there. She asks Colleen when Kevin will be finished with his patient. Colleen tells her he's not there, that he signed himself out.

Ian and Andy are waiting at the police station and still know nothing. Ian sits to wait it out. He reflects on convincing Eve to speak at the conference. He worries that it's all over and she's gone. Ian starts pacing, but there is still no word. He tries to convince Andy to take him to the car. Eve comes in yelling about her lost car. Ian embraces her and tells her he was worried. She smiles and tells him she's fine, they're fine.

Lucy is walking in the woods wondering where Kevin is. She sees Kevin with MW hugging. MW is wearing the scarf Lucy thought was for Livvie. Lucy is very hurt.

Valerie just keeps it up with Jamal. He tells her he doesn't love her, but she won't let it go.

Rafe tells Alison she has a bright future ahead of her. He tells her he will be looking out for her. She starts laughing at the syrup on his face. She begins to wipe it off. Rafe stays her hand.

Jamal and Valerie are outside of the house. Jamal tells Valerie he wants her to go in there, get her stuff and get out.

Rafe leans down and kisses Alison just as Jamal and Valerie enter.

Previews: Lucy in the woods looking at Kevin and MW: "Why did you lie to me? Well, I'm going to find out why you lied. Why that woman is with the man I'm supposed to marry. Alison to Jamal: "There is something between me and Rafe and I think you should know the truth." Eve to Ian: "Let get out of here." Ian to Eve: "Nothing I'd like better"