PC Update Thursday 12/13/01



Port Charles Update Thursday 12/13/01

by Dawn

Rafe is writing in his journal at the Recovery Room. All the couples are beginning to come together. The icing on the cake was Chris, but he still has work to do. As he's busy planning his next move, Alison sits next to him. Trying to sound nonchalant, he tells her that he's been around, but he's been busy. When Alison asks him if he's angry at her, he tells her that he's not, but she has a life, and he has things to do. She needs to go spend more time with her life, namely, Jamal. Agreeing, she stands and leaves him. Rafe sighs, but he thinks it's for the best.

Jamal is cooking and Val asks him about going to Chicago. He's still planning to go alone. Val has changed her mind about his decision, but she wants to go with him. Telling her no, Jamal also asks her to make herself scarce for a while so he can be alone with Alison. Alison enters in time for Valerie to tell her that she's been given the order to disappear. At first Alison is confused, but all that really matters to her is that she and Jamal are alone.

Lucy is checking the rsvp's for the party while Kevin paces. She's worried about the seating arrangements, and irked that Scott hasn't even bothered to respond. Lucy goes on about Scott wanting to sit with Serena, but that means he'll be sitting with her, Kevin, Victor, and Mary. She asks him if that's okay, but he's preoccupied. She begins to discuss the menu with him, and he's still ignoring her. When she asks his opinion between cake and cookies, he finally snaps to the conversation and votes for cookies. Standing, Lucy moves to him and thanks him for the input. When Lucy approaches him, he returns her hug. The door opens and Livvie is shocked to see them holding each other. Kevin and Lucy try to interrupt her, but she's too happy that they're back together, and she wants to know if the wedding is on as well.

Dinner was so good that Alison decides that Jamal will do all the cooking from now on. Jamal wants to spoil her, he can't tell her how much it meant to him that she stood by him through all the Valerie and Hope stuff. He just wants to get this over so he can get back to just them. When he laughs and tells her that she won't have as much free time to spend with Rafe, Alison gets defensive. She doesn't spend that much time with him, but Jamal thinks he has the hots for her. Ranting at him, Alison insists that she doesn't have a thing for Rafe, they've been over this before, and Rafe isn't like that. He's an angel. As Alison panics at what she said, Jamal wants to know what that means.

Mary and Jack ask Ian about Daniel. Danny's fine, but Eve went to a conference. He tries to call her, but her cell is off, which is strange since he told her he was going to call her. Chris enters the room. Smiling, Rafe decides that he's going to be entertained by Chris. Jack offers to buy Chris a drink and Chris wants to know why Jack is being nice to him after all the terrible things Chris has done to him. Against his will, and completely shocking Jack, Chris begins to list all the terrible things he's done. He tried to take Livvie away from him, he did live experiments on him for money, and finally Chris manages to get out that he thinks he has some miserable form of Tourette's syndrome. It's like the Jim Carey movie where he can't lie. When Jack accuses him of being on drugs, Chris wishes that were the case. But there's no explanation, and he's a piece of crap. More confused, Jack asks him why. Still laughing at the situation, Rafe tries to remind himself that he's not there for laughter. He's there to help romance. But when he thinks about it, he decides that love is love, and he's helping.

The light shines on Chris, and he realizes that he's jealous of Jack for a lot of reasons. Everybody likes Jack and respects him. And Chris hates that. Jack has a relationship with Livvie that Chris couldn't have, and hasn't had since Julie. Chris can't believe Jack is back in his life after he told him to stay out of it. Jack wants to know why Chris left him with Social Services, and dumped him with strangers. Chris did it to protect him. Jack was his little brother and he loved him. Jack has no idea what to say, but Chris begins to cry. Rafe smiles.

Livvie is still going on about how happy she is. She and Jack got back together, too, and she's glad that everyone is happy. Finally Kevin stops her. It's just a party, not a wedding. He and Lucy have a lot to talk about, and Lucy does want to spend time with Serena as much as he wants to be with Livvie. Apologizing to them, Livvie tries to gently break it to Kevin that she's not going to be around. She and Jack are moving into a house together. Lucy's beyond happy to hear it, but Kevin is stunned. Livvie explains how they were both dreaming about it and they both showed up at the same time. Lucy tells Livvie that love is grand and full of surprises. Kevin agrees that he can always count on surprises as the phone rings. Running to it, Kevin gets the mystery woman, who informs him that she's waiting for him.

Jamal is not happy with Alison's description of Rafe. Helpful, kind, and considerate sound more like a boy scout than an angel. Jamal wants to hear Alison say that Rafe is not perfect. She agrees that Rafe isn't, but Jamal is perfect for her. She and Rafe are just friends. Smiling, Jamal has to catch his flight, but he wants her to remember that. She promises as she kisses him goodbye. After he's gone, Alison can't believe how close she came to blowing Rafe's secret. Jamal is right, she spends way too much time with Rafe and talking about him. She's going to focus on more important things. Like shopping or taking a hot shower.

Chris wants to get drunk so he'll stop blubbering. Jack still doesn't understand. Chris left him with strangers because he loved him. Chris figured strangers were better then getting beaten by the old man twice a day. He did anything he could to get Jack away from Henry. Chris slams the drink Mary gives him. Jack is still stunned and wants to know why Chris is telling him all of this. The only thing Chris knows is that all this honestly is making him sick. As he goes to the door, he runs into a woman, who he can't resist telling that she's hot, but he hates her hat. Turning, Ian tells her that he kind of likes the hat. Rafe asks Jack if he's okay. He is, but he's wondering about his brother. Something suddenly made him human. Rafe suggest the holidays might be the culprit.

After Kevin goes upstairs to take his phone call, Livvie apologizes to Lucy again about being wrong about the wedding. Lucy asks her if she can keep a secret. Lucy can't and she proves this by showing Livvie the rings. The wedding is on, and Kevin is working very hard to keep it a secret. Shocked, Livvie hugs Lucy and promises to not say a word. Livvie has to go meet Jack, but she knew from the look on Kevin's face that he was hiding something. After she's gone, Lucy tells herself that the call is the wedding planner. She's the woman Kevin loves, and that all that matters.

Upstairs, Kevin is apologizing for taking so long. He can't get away, but he also can't wait to see her.

Ian finally decides to try to find out what's going on with Eve.

Livvie sees Chris outside the Recovery Room and Chris's truth is still going. Asking Livvie if she remembers that he told her she was a fool for picking Jack, but now he tells her that she got the right brother. Livvie's shocked and Chris can't believe he did it again. After he literally runs away, Livvie goes inside and kisses Jack. Mary asks Rafe to take a package to Alison. He agrees, but he's not happy about seeing Alison again. First he tries to call her to tell her it's there, but there's no answer. Deciding there's nothing wrong with him being there when she's not, he takes it into the apartment. As he puts the box down, Alison enters the room wet and naked from the shower and wants to know what Rafe is doing there.

Lucy is making herself crazy thinking about who Kevin is talking to on the phone. Finally she talks herself into picking it up and listening. When she hears Kevin telling someone that they're more beautiful then he remembered, and that he'll be there as soon as he can get rid of Lucy, Lucy has mixed feelings about having listened.


Kevin knows that Lucy is fishing. She knows better then to ask him about his patients, so why is she asking.

Rafe kisses Alison