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Port Charles Update Tuesday 12/11/01

By Dawn

Rafe is showing Alison the bright circle and she's smiling. Rafe agrees how good it feels and before he kisses her he stops. Rafe is actually writing in his journal about how much he was showing off. He can't offer Alison anything. He's a ghost, and he only has a short time left to finish his mission. He needs to stop thinking about Alison.

Jack can't believe that the house brought them back together. Livvie wonders about the two of them happening to end up there at the same time. Jack suggests renting the place and making it their first home. As Livvie agrees, they hug. A man enters, informing them that he owns the house, and he wants to know who they are.

Frank wants to take Karen to GH, but Karen insists that only Chris can help. Frank informs Karen that he begged Chris to help, but he refused. Promising to drag Chris there, Frank is interrupted by Chris knocking on the door. Chris asks him where the patient is.

Alison is also remembering Rafe on the bridge, and she's smiling. Jamal interrupts her thoughts and asks where Valerie is. Valerie went to get breakfast, and Alison's glad because she wants to spend time alone. Jamal wanted to take her out last night, but she came home too late. He asks her where she was.

Jumping to their feet, Jack and Livvie apologize. The owner is going to report squatters if they don't leave. Jack wants to ask him about renting the place, but it's too late. The newest burger barn has already bought the place

A woman orders a OJ with vodka next to Rafe. The look on her face makes Rafe try to tell her that things are not that bad. But she has no children, and a husband that doesn't know she's alive. As far as she's concerned, happily ever after only exists in fairytales. At Rafe's suggestion that she try to work it out with her husband, she blames the holidays for her mood. When she was first married, she looked forward to them. Now it's gone, and she hates the season. Victor places her drink in front of her and Rafe hands her a napkin for her eyes. Rafe's light shines on her, and she spills the drink. Victor offers to replace it, but suddenly she's smiling and feels fine. A weight has been lifted off her shoulders and the knot in her stomach is gone. She tells Rafe that he did it for her. She sees thing a lot clearer now. Rafe just helped her find the switch to turn the light on. She wishes him merry Xmas and leaves. Victor is impressed, but Rafe wishes he could take his own advice. When Victor guesses that it's a girl causing this mood, Rafe almost laughs.

Jamal is not happy that Alison was with Rafe, but Alison tries to convince him that Rafe is committed. Wanting to know where Rafe's mystery woman is, Jamal is afraid that she's out of sight, out of mind. As Alison tries to convince Jamal that Rafe isn't like that, Valerie interrupts the argument by bringing in donuts. Alison is happy to see her, but Jamal won't let her change the subject. As he tries to ask her more questions, the phone rings. After a brief conversation, Jamal hangs up and turns to the women. Dara found the Hartmans in Chicago. Running to him, Valerie hugs him and wants to leave right away to see them. Jamal has decided that he's going alone to see them. His intention is to give them the papers Dara drew up for him relinquishing his parental rights. Furious, Valerie blames Alison for convincing him to give up his rights to their baby.

Jack begs the owner to not let them turn it into a burger joint. The owner doesn't want to hear it, but they intend to match the offer. Jack and Livvie look at the number and agree to talk to the bank. The owner remembers this was their first house and now they're getting a divorce. Jack asks him to give them the chance to be as happy as they were once there. The owner appreciates it, but he says no. His wife enters, the same one that was with Rafe. Jack and Livvie remind both of them of a time they were young and in love. After reminiscing a bit, the wife convinces the husband to give Livvie and Jack the house.

Rafe denies the problem is a woman, but Victor doesn't buy it. Rafe starts to talk about a friend who is attracted to a beautiful girl that already has a boyfriend. Victor, pretending to buy it, guesses that the girl is happy, but likes to spend time with Rafe's friend. Rafe tries to explain to Victor that the guy is a magician that likes to dazzle her with tricks, and Victor accuses the friend of being a showoff. Rafe instantly denies showing off, it's the girl who brings the magic out of him, but the friend has to leave town soon. Victor sums up the situation that this girl is in a happy relationship, and this guy is about to get in the middle of it only to turn around and leave town. Victor's advice is for Rafe to tell his friend to stay away. It's not fair to break them up if he can't offer the girl anything.

Valerie is furious. Jamal being Hope's father is the only leverage they have, and if Jamal signs the papers, they'll never see Hope again. Jamal argues that this isn't about leverage, this is about a little girl having a normal life. When Valerie tries to convince him that they could give her a normal life, Jamal disagrees. Once again, Valerie blames Alison for Jamal's decision. When Valerie accuses Alison of thinking Hope would tear her and Jamal apart, Jamal wants to talk alone. Thinking Jamal was talking about her, Alison asks Valerie to leave them alone. Jamal wasn't talking about him and Alison, he was talking about a moment alone with Valerie. Hurt and angry, Alison goes out the door wondering to herself what Jamal really wants.

Chris gives Karen a shot that he promises should make her feel better. He admits to Karen that he was upset when Frank kicked in the door and punched him, but it wasn't Karen's fault and he can't take Frank's anger management problem out on her. Frank tries to apologize to him again, and Chris does agree with him that they'd both do whatever it takes to save Karen. Standing, he promises Karen that he'll be in touch. Frank follows him out the door and demands to know what Chris's price is going to be. Reminding him that he doesn't have that kind of money, Chris advises him that the price of treating Karen is much steeper then that, and Chris wants to know if Frank will pay it.

Reminiscing and Rafe's light are still working on the owner's of the house. After all this blame and anger, it's time for them to have a merry Xmas. The wife noticed that Sal's is still open, and the husband remembers that he proposed to her there. Agreeing to go see if it's like they remember it, they head for the door. When Livvie calls them back to ask them about the house, they agree to sell it to Livvie and Jack. As the couple leaves, Jack and Livvie run into each other's arms. They are both ecstatic to have a house. Livvie tells Jack that this is her home, where she feels save and content. Smiling at each other, they begin to kiss.

Valerie doesn't want Jamal to sign away his rights. Jamal is more afraid of what will happen to Hope if he doesn't. It's not about them, it's about a little girl. She has a family that she loves, and he doesn't want to confuse her. There's nothing Valerie can say to change it. Jamal is sorry, but after he leaves, Valerie vows to not let him get away with it.

Alison flops into a chair across from Rafe and begins to tell him all about Jamal deciding to give up his parental rights and how Valerie fought with him about it. Being very short with her, Rafe tries to blow her off. When she doesn't get it, he stands and tells her that he has to go. Thinking he has something to do, Alison offers to help him. Finally he almost yells at her that he has a job to do, he doesn't need her help, and she has her own life. He leaves a very hurt and confused Alison inside and stops outside to think about what he just did to her.

Frank knew there was a price for Chris's help. Arrogant, Chris admits that he gave Karen enough medicine to make her feel better, but not enough to save her. The price for Chris to save Karen is for Frank to walk away from her. Frank is furious, but Chris knows that Frank won't risk the chance of losing the only drug that can save her life. Frank leaves, Karen will live. He doesn't, Karen will die. Smiling, Chris informs Frank that it's his choice and asks him what it's going to be.


Karen knows something else is going on she wants to know what.

Ian wants to take Danny on his first sleigh ride.