PC Update Monday 12/10/01



Port Charles Update Monday 12/10/01

By Kathy

Rafe is writing in his journal. Alison sneaks up behind him, but his sixth sense busts her surprise. She tells Rafe about Jamal inviting Valerie to stay with them and tells him she will give her two weeks. Rafe tells Alison he has to think up a way to get Ian and Eve back together. He asks her for ideas.

Eve is going through boxes. Ian asks her if she's lost something. She tells him since it's Danny's first Christmas, she is going through boxes of Xmas decorations. She suggests they string cranberries and popcorn. Ian tells her Danny is three months old he won't know the difference. He's being scrooge-like. But Eve tells him Danny will know if his parents are getting along or not. Eve sits down to go through the mail. She finds the Lucy/Kevin Christmas invitation, tells Ian she has to go on an errand and goes out the door.

Lucy is making out place cards and a seating chart for the party. She begins practicing her "I do's."

Kevin is comforting the mystery woman (MW). He tells her he's glad she's there. He says wishes the circumstances were different, but he's glad to have this chance with her.

Ian opens the door to Alison and Rafe. Alison gives Ian a baby gift. Rafe asks Ian where he's planning to put the Christmas tree. Ian says he hasn't even thought about Christmas with everything that's going on. Raft tells him to open the gift. Ian doesn't open it, and tells Alison that Eve likes doing that kind of stuff. Alison again encourages him to open it. He does and it's a glass angel. The red light shines down upon him and he has a change of heart. He asks the two to watch Danny while he runs an errand. He looks out at the sky and speculates it might snow and adds that a white Christmas would be nice. He grabs his coat and leaves.

Alison asks Rafe what he did to Ian. Rafe tells her he just gave Ian a push in the right direction. They agree it's too bad Eve wasn't there as well. Rafe just hopes the spirit finds Eve wherever she is.

Lucy opens the door to Eve. Eve walks in to Lucy's home and tells her off for sleeping with Ian. Lucy apologizes, and takes responsibility for what happened, but Eve continues to insult her, pushing Lucy to her limit. Lucy doesn't totally blow, but is pushed to tell Eve she has to take responsibility for what she has done as well.

Kevin tells MW that he was told she didn't want to talk about things, but though he can see on her face some of what she's been through, to him she's still as beautiful as ever. He tells her there hasn't been much happiness lately, but her arrival has changed everything. The woman takes hold of Kevin's hand.

Alison is trying to comfort the baby. She suggests Rafe try something because babies are supposed to see and recognize angels. They put the baby in his seat. Rafe puts his hands together, then opens them while saying "Let there be light." Baby lights bob in the air over the baby's head. Rafe turns to Alison and says "Great smile .... I love to make you smile." Ian comes in and interrupts the two.

Lucy reads off a list of things Eve has done to drive Ian away. Again Lucy apologizes and takes responsibility for her actions. Eve says something snide about Lucy's party. The argument escalates name calling, Lucy rips up Eve's place card and tells her she's uninvited. Eve tells her she wouldn't miss the party for the world because one day Lucy is going to get hers and she hopes she's there to see it. She flounces out of Lucy's house.

Kevin is telling MW he's always had a hard time in the love department. He tells her about his failed marriage with Eve and describes the ups and downs with Lucy. He tells her that he and Lucy always seem to miss their moment. He tells MW that her arrival in PC will complicate matters with Lucy further, but that they won't tell Lucy anything until the right time. He feels that he and MW need time to themselves.

Alison and Rafe are walking in the woods. Alison is impressed with what Rafe did for Danny. She asks Rafe if he thinks Ian and Eve will get back together. He says it's up to them, he's just trying to put a little light back in their lives. Alison tells him he put a little light in her life as well tonight. She wants to know what that's like. He asks her if she would like to experience it. Of course she says. He gets behind her, holds on to her hands and tells her to picture all the love in her life and all the love she has to give, because it's all light. He opens her hands and the baby lights appear in the air. Alison is delighted and looks at Rafe, he leans in. He wants to kiss her, but knows he can't. He breaks away, and tells her he has to go.

Eve enters the apartment and finds Ian stringing popcorn and cranberries to the light of a large Christmas tree. She asks what happened. He tells her he was being a jerk, that someone gave him a gift and opened his eyes. He tells her they should count their blessings. Eve happily sits down to help him make the garland.

Lucy is still steamed from Eve's visit. But she's pleased that she didn't tell Eve about Kevin's plans to marry her at the party. She picks up the rings (wouldn't Kevin be missing these? Oh, well, no matter). She tells herself she's getting married to the man of her dreams and will live happily ever after. Then she wonders where Kevin is.

Kevin tells MW it's amazing how one's life can change in an instant. One moment you're going in one directions and the next you take a sharp turn and you're going someplace completely different. MW puts her hand to Kevin's mouth and tells him to come with her to the bedroom. She has a surprise for him.

Tuesday's Preview: Chris to Frank: "Where's my patient?" Jamal to Alison: "I was hoping to actually take you last night, but you came home so late. Where were you at baby girl? Jack and Livvie in cottage: "What do you say we rent this place out. Huh? Make it our first home."