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Port Charles Update Monday 12/10/01

By Dawn

Rafe is writing in his journal as Alison tries to sneak up behind him. Believing him for a moment when he stops her by telling her that he has eyes in the back of his head, Alison laughs and sits next to him. She informs Rafe that Jamal has invited Valerie to stay with them, and thanks to Rafe, she's not going ballistic about it. She calm about it, unless Valerie stays more then a week, then she's going to change the locks. In order to get her mind of Valerie, Rafe asks Alison to help with Eve and Ian. He doesn't know them very well, so he can't just show up at their door. Eager to help him, Alison comes up with an idea.

Eve and Ian are going through Xmas decoration. She wants to string cranberries and popcorn for Danny's first Xmas. Ian doesn't think a three month old will understand, and Eve's feelings are hurt. Dejected, Eve decides to go through the mail, and is furious to find Lucy and Kevin's invitation. Telling Ian to watch Danny for a few minutes, she has to go take care of something.

Lucy is still at the lighthouse, going over the seating arrangement for the party. At first she wants to put Mac next to Kevin because he's going to be the best man, but then she remembers that Kevin doesn't know she knows about the wedding. As she smiles and thinks about the wedding, the camera cuts to Kevin.

Kevin is seated across from the mystery woman, promising that he's not going anywhere. He can't believe she's there, and obviously under bad circumstances. He's glad to have this chance.

Ian opens the door to find Rafe and Alison. Alison wanted to drop by a baby gift for him. Inviting them in, Ian's confused. Rafe asks where Eve is, but Ian doesn't know. Alison hands Ian the bag containing the gift. He puts it on the table, ignoring it. Rafe asks about a tree, but Ian wants to ignore it. Alison and Rafe hound Ian to open the gift until he finally does. Inside the bag is a crystal angel ornament. A light shines on it, and instantly Ian decides that it's the most beautiful thing he's ever seen. Suddenly there is something he has to do, and he asks them to watch Danny. As he puts on his coat, he looks out the window and realizes that it looks like they might have a while Xmas. After he's gone, Alison wants to know what Rafe did to Ian. Swearing that he only gave Ian a push in a direction he wanted to go, Rafe hopes the spirit finds Eve.

Eve is at the lighthouse door and isn't surprised when Lucy opens it. Eve asks her if she's going to invite her in, since she does everybody else. As Eve storms past her, Lucy tries to ask her how she is. Eve wants to cut the crap, and Lucy admits that she knew they'd have to have this conversation. But Lucy was hoping they could just move past it. Wanting no part of forgiving or forgetting, Eve lays into Lucy for sleeping with her husband. Lucy tries to tell Eve that it meant nothing to either of them, and it only makes Eve angrier. While Lucy silently takes it, Eve calls Lucy a viper that can't wait to sink her claws into the next poor victim. Not attempting to fight back, Lucy urges her to continue. Eve continues, and Lucy says nothing until Eve compares her to Caleb. She doesn't like being compared to a vampire, and Eve makes it worse by telling Lucy that Caleb is better then she is. Eve can't imagine what Kevin sees in her, and figures that she must have cast a spell on him to get him to go along with the party. When Eve is finally done for the moment, Lucy begins. She and Ian have taken responsibility for what they've done, but now it's Eve turn to take responsibility for what she's done.

Kevin tells the mystery woman that the other woman told him that she didn't want to talk about things. He can tell by looking what she's been through, but she's still beautiful. There hasn't been a lot of happiness, but her coming there changes all that.

Alison is trying to get Danny to stop fussing. She tells him about the wives tale of an angel making a baby smile. Finally Rafe agrees to try. Alison puts Danny in his bassinette, and Rafe holds his hands out. The lights dim, and a collage of toys appear over Danny's bed. Good things just pop up when you least expect it. Alison watches Danny smile, and thinks Rafe is talking about Danny when he comments on a great smile. Rafe's eyes meet hers when he tells her he wasn't. Hearing the door, Rafe makes the collage disappear and the lights return as Ian walks in. Rafe and Alison assure him that Danny was no trouble.

Eve knows what's coming. Lucy is going to blame everyone else for her mistakes. Eve has already covered Lucy's mistakes, and it's Lucy's turn. Eve accused Ian of being a deranged murderer. She took his son away from him, and Lucy asks him what happened to the trust. The first sign of trouble, and Eve was out the door to her ex husband. Eve insists that Kevin was helping her, but Lucy can't understand the concept of friendship. In answer to Lucy's question, Eve informs Lucy that she and Ian are talking to get past what they both did. Lucy wants her to go home and continue talking, but Eve isn't finished. Eve asks Lucy if the party is an excuse for her to hit on someone else's husband. Stopping herself before she says too much, Lucy tells Eve that it's to make everyone feel better. Eve has no idea what Kevin sees in Lucy, anymore then Lucy can see what Ian sees in Eve. Leaning closer, Eve calls Lucy a bitch. Agreeing, Lucy decides that Eve is uninvited to the party. Too late, Eve's been invited, and she's not going to miss it. Sooner or later, Lucy is going to pay, and she wants to be there when it happens.

Kevin is still speaking to the mystery woman. Love has never been easy for him. At least he and Eve had an amicable divorce, but then he was going to marry Lucy. He wanted that, but they always seem to miss their time. The woman coming to town will complicate that, and Kevin stresses to not tell Lucy anything until the right time. The woman takes his hand, and Kevin thinks they need more time first.

Alison and Rafe are on the bridge. Alison is raving about how much Rafe likes to help people and how much he cares. How much Alison cares is the first thing he noticed about her. She wants to know what the light feels like, and Rafe agrees to show her. Taking her hands, Rafe stands behind her and tells her to feel the love flowing through her. Spreading her hands, Alison smiles when she realizes that the collage is back, and she's the one holding it. Her face turns to Rafe, and he leans closer to her for a moment. He looks as if he's about to kiss her. Suddenly he leans away and lets go of her. Stammering, he tells her that he has to go and almost runs away from her.

In the hallway, Eve swears that Lucy will not get to her, she's already taken too much from her. Eve enters the loft and is shocked to find Ian making a string of cranberries for the large Xmas tree in the living room. She's confused, but Ian asks her to help him. Admitting he was being a jerk, he asks her for her opinion. Eve is confused, but he tells her that someone gave him a gift that reminded him to count his blessings. They smile at each other and wish each other merry Xmas. Laughing, Eve sits down and begins to help Ian with the decorations.

Lucy is pacing the lighthouse, furious with Eve. It took everything she had to not tell Eve the party was going to be a wedding. But she can't because Kevin isn't supposed to know that she knows about it. It's a surprise, and she's not going to let anyone ruin it. Looking at the rings again, Lucy knows that she's going to marry the man she loves and live happily ever after. Then she wonders where Kevin is.

Standing, Kevin tells the woman how life can change in an instant. She silences him by touching his lips with her fingertips. Whispering for him to come see the surprise in the bedroom, she leads Kevin into the next room.


Chris asks Frank where his patient is.

Jamal wanted to take Alison out last night, but she wasn't home. He asks her where she was.

Jack wants to rent the house, and asks Livvie if she wants to make it their first home.