PC Update Friday 12/7/01



Port Charles Update Friday 12/7/01

By Kathy 

Lucy happens upon Rafe in the woods. She tells him she's going to Kevin's to talk to him about the party. She tells Rafe she doesn't know if it's just going to be a party or a wedding. She is considering just coming out and asking Kevin if he's indeed planning a wedding. Rafe advises her not to question Kevin about his intention in throwing the party.

Kevin is at the Light House talking to Victor on the phone about the party. He tells Victor he guesses Lucy wants to have the party after all since she sent out the invitations. As far as he knows, he tells Victor, it's just going to be a party. There is a knock on the door. It's Lucy. She comes in and tells Kevin, since they're having the party, she needs to start ordering stuff. Kevin tells her before they start planning they need to get something straight about the party.

Livvie and Jack both end up at the cottage for rent. They tell each other they had both noticed the cottage months ago and wanted to take a look. They both talk about dreaming about living there. Livvie asks Jack how he could try to leave Port Charles without saying goodbye. He tells her he thought it would be for the best. She tells him it wouldn't be the best for her.

Frank has brought Karen to her house. Karen asks to be returned to Chris'. Frank tells her he loves her and no matter what she tells him it won't change his feelings. She tells him she is not addicted to drugs. She tells him she is dying.

Chris is opening an envelope at his apartment. He tells himself that Karen will return to him because she has to. He is the only one who can come up with a cure. He looks at the contents of the envelope, smiles and says, "I'll be."

Livvie and Jack discuss what has happened. Each takes the blame. Each vehemently tells the other it's not their fault. Jack tells Livvie to stop. He wants to know, if she loves him, why she cut him out of her life.

Kevin and Lucy are still talking about the party. Kevin comments that when they were planning the party earlier it made them so happy. He says he thinks the party is exactly what the town needs. Everyone can heal and reconnect with each other. Lucy asks Kevin if that is the only reason he wants to have the party. Kevin tells her it is, isn't that why she wants to have it? Lucy says yes, of course that's why she wants to have the party and tears up (having wanted to hear that Kevin wants to marry her at the party) and excuses herself to the bathroom. Kevin gets a phone call and tells the person at the other end of the phone that he indeed does recognize the voice. Lucy reenters the room and overhears the rest of the conversation. Kevin tells the person he/she has not caught him at a bad time that he wasn't doing anything important and that he can meet them at any time. He tells the person he will be there as soon as he can. Kevin turns to find Lucy behind him. He tells her the call was an emergency. Lucy asks if she can stay and make sure the party is well planned. He tells her fine, gives her the RSVP's and asks her to lock up. Lucy turns her back and Rafe appears. She is surprised to see Rafe and tells him that it turns out that the party isn't about her, that Kevin just wants to have the party for the whole town. She tells him tearfully that there will be no wedding, ever.

Karen tells Frank about the vampire blood. She explains that she is quickly aging inside and all her organs are shutting down. She tells him she didn't want him to watch her die, it wasn't that stopped loving him. Frank tells her he loves her as well. He reminds her their love was strong enough to bring her back once and it will bring her back one more time. She tells Frank that Chris is her only chance.

Chris is looking under the microscope and sees that the cells are repairing themselves. He's figured out the antidote! He is VERY pleased with himself.

Livvie and Jack are still discussing what happened. Livvie tries to explain her actions, but Jack doesn't understand how she could have lied to him over and over again. She tells him she's been lied to all her life and asks what he expected. She says it didn't mean she didn't love him. He tells her he wanted to be the guy she turned to and she didn't. She asks if it's too late. He tells her it IS too late and leaves.

Rafe is trying to calm Lucy down. It doesn't work; she begins to look for what she needs for the party, while Rafe conjures up a wedding ring set. He shows it to her, telling her it was just delivered. She's in delighted shock.

Kevin knocks on a door that opens to reveal a woman with her head covered with a scarf. "Oh, my God it is you," he says, "I never thought I'd see you again."

Frank makes a visit to Chris. He apologizes, but that isn't enough for Chris. Chris tells Frank he just had a breakthrough. Frank tries to get him to go to Karen, but Chris tells him he is not obliged to help Karen. Chris tells Frank to get out of his house.

Livvie is by herself in the cottage weeping, Jack returns. He tells her he forgot his helmet. They look at each other and he tells her he loves her. He says he can't leave her and that he won't let her go. They kiss and the pretty red and fuschia lights surround them.

Lucy is very excited about the rings. She is now optimistic that Kevin is trying to surprise her and that there WILL be a wedding. She sprints for the door. Rafe asks her where she's going. She tells him she has to find Kevin. Rafe convinces her to let Kevin surprise her at the party. Lucy is very excited that she is finally going to marry the man of her dreams, the man she loves.

Kevin tells the mystery woman that he has a lot of questions for her and a lot he wants to tell her. But he says it doesn't matter now. She responds "it doesn't" and she embraces him.

Previews for Monday: Lucy by herself: "Doc I do want to marry you. I do, I do." Rafe and Alison are babysitting Danny. Rafe: "Let there be light." He opens his arms and there are animal lights hanging in the air. Alison: "Oh my gosh." Danny laughs.